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Sat, Jan 15, 2022

SuperBowl Flight Requirements Released

Los Angeles Area Set for Peak Demand in February

General aviation pilots hoping to fly into Los Angeles, California from February 6th to the 14th will be required to follow special air traffic procedures put into action with the Super Bowl sporting event occurring in the vicinity. 

The new NOTAM's publication was accompanied by familiarization aids from the FAA, showing a few LA-area airports on video. Pilots can see the actual runway approach, taxi procedures, and more with on-screen graphics and visuals to identify hot spots and other safety-sensitive issues ahead of their trip. A reservation program for aircraft parking will be in effect as well, according to the agency. Pilots interested in leaving their plane at a number of local airports should contact their FBO to ensure space is reserved for them. 

The FAA has a number of instructions, variations, and preparations to know prior to flight into the area. Pilots are told to expect traffic management initiatives including "reroutes, miles-in-trail, altitude restrictions, ground stops, and ground delay programs," as well as 5-minute windows for Expect Departure Clearance Times prior to departure. VFR arrivals should expect lengthy delays and potential holding during peak traffic periods, with advisory services limited due to controller workload. Flight plans will be due at least 6 hours prior to departure, but not more than 22 hours. Air filing and IFR pick-ups will not be accepted from flights in the area, aside from genuine emergency needs. Training operations are discouraged in the area for the duration of the NOTAM.

Additional rules will be in effect on February 13 for the game itself, as a TFR will be in place with a 10-mile inner core, and 30 nm outer ring. ATC contact will be required for entry for non-commercial unscheduled flights, and drone operation will be prohibited. 



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