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Airborne Unlimited--02.24.21 Airborne Special Edition--02.11.21 Airborne-Flight Training--02.25.20

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Tue, Feb 23, 2021

Shannon Rote Earns Elite Balloon Instructor Accreditation

Rote Has Been Around Ballooning Since 1983

The Elite Balloon Instructor Committee is proud to announce Ms. Shannon Rote as an Elite Balloon Instructor.

Rote, from Doylestown, OH, has been around ballooning since 1983 and obtained her pilot certificate in 2003. As an instructor, Rote is welcoming and encouraging to all those interested in learning about ballooning. She often takes new student pilots under her wing and encourages them to obtain their pilot certificate and continuously improve afterwards.

One of Shannon’s former students, Jeremy Cowgar says, “Shannon has been instrumental in my life as a balloonist and I am not special, Shannon treats all of her students the same as me.”

As an educator, Rote has developed pre-solo written exams, lesson plans, and study guides. She also organized a ground school for interested students in Ohio and presented safety topics at the Northeast Ohio Balloon Pilots Association (NOBPA) Safety Seminar.

Rote has provided great service to the aviation community and has kept her own professional education up to date. Rote has attended numerous safety seminars, and webinars. She has served four terms on the NOBPA board, served two terms as secretary of NOBPA, and served two terms as president of NOBPA. Rote has also served as scoring officer of many balloon events and assistant to the safety officer at the US nationals.

The Elite Balloon Instructor Program was created to differentiate between commercial balloon pilots. In the ballooning community, all commercial pilots are considered flight instructors. The Elite Balloon Instructor Program will separate those who provide flight instruction and are raising and maintaining the professional standing of the flight instructor in the ballooning community.



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