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Fri, Jan 04, 2008

'That Others May Live...' Aero-TV Flies With The 920th Rescue Wing

USAFR's 920th Rescue Wing Flies To The Rescue

At the recently concluded 2007 World Space Expo, ANN's Aero-TV crews were invited to get the "bird's eye view" of one of our nation's most intriguing millitary missions.

Commanded by Col. Steve W. Kirkpatrick, the 920th Rescue Wing at Patrick Air Force Base, Fla. is an Air Force Reserve Command combat search and rescue unit that trains and equips approximately 1200 personnel to search for, locate and recover U.S. Armed Forces personnel during military operations.

The reason they were such a big deal at the World Space Expo, is the fact that the secondary mission of the 920th RQW is to provide rescue support for astronauts on NASA space shuttle missions as part of the DoD Manned Spaceflight Team. The 920th provides safety and security surveillance of the Eastern Range during all launches from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Kennedy Space Center, as well as search and rescue support for civilians who are lost or in distress, and also provides humanitarian and disaster relief operations. 

The 920th Rescue Wing is comprised of 23 subordinate groups and squadrons, including two geographically separated units at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz. and Portland, Ore. Upon mobilization, the unit is assigned to US Air Force Air Combat Command. The ability to overcome adversity and quickly adapt to formidable environmental challenges have become a 920th tradition. That tradition was put to the test in September 2005 after Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Rescue wing crews were first responders to the disaster and flew around the clock utilizing their extended range refueling capacity to rescue the victims of the tragedy. In the first day of rescue operations, 920th crews pulled 475 people from the devastation. 

After 21 days of continued search and rescue efforts, 920th members had saved 1043 lives. Throughout its 50 year history the wing is credited with saving 1,916 lives. That's a record that they, and the nation, can be quite proud of...

So... Join Aero-TV On A Flight With The USAFR's 920th Rescue Wing

About Aero-TV: It's DEFINITELY Show Time!!!!

OK, folks, here we go... we are NOW initiating the first feature programming series for Aero-TV... we're going to take it slow, but we're also going to try and be steady about this. DO UNDERSTAND that this is the most complex media program we've ever undertaken and what you're seeing is just the tip of the iceberg... but from here on out, we will be doing our best to educate, inform, and entertain YOU about all aspects of the exciting worlds of aviation and aerospace. 

If you've been an observer of the media and associated media industries over the last few years, it's not hard to mistake the fact that a massive revolution is taking place. Old sources for news and information are falling by the wayside, having to change their modus operandi or risk obsolescence (or extinction). Electronic media and print media are both under the assault of progress, and the online world has been a cornerstone for revolutionary change.

We've been ready to go for a while, but to be honest, there's so much more to this program than we've alluded to, and so we've been building and planning a massive new organization within ANN. That said, we're hiring talented new people as fast as we can find them (a far more difficult task than we had imagined -- REALLY good people are hard to find), and we're brainstorming at speeds that would make a deorbiting Space Shuttle feel like a slug. Suffice it to say that we wanted to do this right, rather than right-now, and that the development of this program has been the most carefully pursued undertaking we've ever undertaken. 

E-I-C Note: The complete USAFR 920th Rescue Wing feature (above) is embedded in this story, with most of the slick and useful functionality otherwise available on the main Aero-TV site (which will be upgraded aggressively over the next few weeks. The ability to embed a video on another web page is but one of the hundreds of amazing little features that we've worked hard on, for many months now, to implement in different phases of the initial release of Aero-TV. It is, BY NO MEANS, the only way to enjoy unaltered Aero-TV programming on other parts of the web... as we have extensive plans for future functionality, but this feature allows those with an interest in a specific Aero-TV News or Feature program to embed it on a different web site, though we must note that we reserve the right to forbid such use for those sites or purposes that we do not feel fit in with the proper mission of the Aero-News Network, Inc.  

Webmasters or Administrators of well-trafficked aviation or aerospace related sites, are welcome to contact the Publisher to start conversations on how they may be able to leverage some of the immense power of Aero-TV programming for their sites and constituency by clicking the I Want Aero-TV For MY Website! link.

Coming Soon!

Aero-TV Shows You How To Build A Glasair Sportsman 2+2 in RECORD TIME, Files A SpaceX Update With Elon Musk, Gets A Sobering Briefing From P.A.S.S., Flies The Piper Matrix, Offers Thielert Diesel Talk From "The Man", Spills Some Juicy Cirrus G3 Details, Shoots A Clarity Aloft Headset Profile, Shows You What "Flying The Vestimumax" Is All About, Scores A BUNCH of LSA reports, and SO MUCH MORE!!!!! Do NOT miss them!

FMI: www.920rqw.afrc.af.milwww.aero-tv.netI Want My Aero-TV!, I'd Like To Join The ANN/Aero-TV Team!!!, www.youtube.com/aerotvnetwork


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