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Thu, Jul 29, 2010

Mountains At Aspen Avionics

Geo-Referenced Charts, Optional Warranty And Mechanical Back Up Alternatives

By Chris Batcheller

Aspen has introduced a whole bag of goodies at Oshkosh, including geo-referenced charts, a new optional warranty and an alternative to mechanical back up instruments in aircraft with glass cockpits.  In a Wednesday news conference, the company also mentioned that for the second year they have a tent on the North 40 to offer another opportunity for pilots to become familiar with their products. 

Aspen Avionics MFD's now offers  the full Seattle Avionics ChartDataTM library developed from the AeroNav U.S. Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP) charts, Departure Procedure charts, Standard Terminal Arrival Route charts, and airport diagrams. Seattle Avionics transforms the government charts using proprietary algorithms to produce the geo-referenced chart database. Aspen partnered with Seattle Avionics to bring this geo-referenced ChartData to the certified Evolution Flight Display System, giving pilots another tool for enhanced situational awareness while in the air. Unique to the Evolution system is the ability to simultaneously view the approach chart and GPS flight plan data without needing to switch between different MFD pages, further improving pilot situational awareness and reducing cockpit workload.

Geo-Referenced Airport Diagram

Aspen Avionics also said that the upgrade to geo-referenced charts can be done via a database update to the MDF.   Aspen Avionics claims to their knowledge this is the first time an update of this nature has been pushed out via a regular database update and that this is the future of updating avionics. 

Evolution Flight Display owners have the option to purchase a one-year extended product warranty any time before their factory warranty expires. For those customers whose flight displays are already out of factory warranty, Aspen is extending an introductory signup period until November 30th, 2010.
The extended product warranty is purchased for each individual Evolution Flight Display installed, with discounted pricing available for those customers who have multiple flight displays installed in their panels. Single-display extended warranties list at $695 annually, and customers can purchase coverage for two displays in the same panel at a discounted price of $995. Evolution 2500 Package customers who purchase annual extended warranties for their EFD1000 Primary Flight Display and EFD1000 Multi-function Flight Display (MFD) will receive extended coverage for their EFD500 MFD free of charge.

The Aspen extended product warranty covers repair of the entire Evolution Flight Display System, including the Evolution Flight Display, the Analog Converter Unit, the Configuration Module and the Remote Sensor Module, for the term of the extended warranty period. Shipping to and from the Aspen Avionics factory is covered under the warranty. Labor costs associated with the removal and the replacement of the Evolution Flight Display and/or the associated components are not covered under the extended product warranty program.


The FAA granted TSO Authorization for the Evolution EFD1000C3 Pro Primary Flight Display (PFD) for Class III aircraft.  The Evolution EFD1000C3 Pro Primary Flight Display (PFD) available to operators of piston and turbine aircraft weighing between 6,000 and 12,500 pounds. Aircraft owners can install the newly certified EFD1000C3 Pro PFD independently, or in combination with the popular Evolution Multi- function Flight Displays (MFDs) to fit their particular flight mission needs and budgets. Built on a solid-state technology platform, the EFD1000C3 Pro PFD features integrated GPS Steering, digital HSI with dual bearing pointers and moving map.

Aspen CEO John Uczekaj

Aspen's President and CEO, John Uczekaj said 'A key benefit that the Aspen system [ EFD1000C3 Pro PFD ] offers is freedom from the recurring costs of overhauling aging mechanical gyros, reducing overall operating expenses. Obviously, Class III aircraft owners and fleet operators will find this aspect of our display products very appealing.'  One application of the EFD1000C3 Pro PFD is to replace the mechanical back up instruments in a glass cockpit. 



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