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Tue, Feb 22, 2005

Cirrus Intro's Flight Director To SR22

Cirrus/Avidyne PFD Goes "Pro"

Cirrus Design Corporation has begun delivery of Primary Flight Display (PFD) equipped aircraft with Flight Director. The advanced technology remains true to Cirrus’ commitment to provide pilots with the most comprehensive situational awareness tools for ease-of-operation, performance and safety.

Attitude indicators on new Cirrus aircraft will have the traditional “flying W” aircraft representation replaced by a yellow “flying wedge” graphic on the PFD. Cirrus aircraft equipped with the optional Flight Director and 55X autopilot will also have command bars appear on the PFD when in Flight Director mode. Pilots flying a Flight Director-equipped aircraft can select the desired method to maneuver the aircraft – to hand-fly with or without Flight Director, or autopilot.

"This key feature helps pilots fly their route smoothly and more precisely when hand-flying the aircraft,” commented Dale Klapmeier, Cirrus executive vice president and co-founder.

“Flight Director can enhance both the precision of flying approaches and programmed routes while also increasing the fun of hand flying.”

Below is a table outlining what the pilot will see in each mode.


PFD Visual Cues

Action Required by Pilot


Flt Director OFF;
Autopilot OFF;
Hand-flying the aircraft

Flying wedge–yellow Pilot must maneuver the aircraft manually


Flt Director ON;
Autopilot OFF (uncoupled);
Hand-flying the aircraft
Flying wedge–yellow
Command bars-green

Pilot must maneuver the aircraft manually; flight director command bars will appear and will indicate the desired flight maneuver but the pilot must manually maneuver the aircraft to keep the flying wedge seated in the inverted “V” of the command bars


Flt Director ON
Autopilot ON (coupled)
Flying wedge–yellow
Command bars-magenta
Autopilot will maneuver the aircraft in accordance with the pilot selected inputs; the flying wedge will appear seated in (coupled with) the inverted “V” of the magenta command bars


The system is activated by simple push buttons, located left of the PFD, for uncoupling and recoupling the autopilot. For further safety, the system defaults to autopilot function when Flight Director is not specifically activated.

Along with Flight Director, Cirrus has updated the PFD with the addition of an Autopilot Mode Annunciator. Located across the top of the PFD screen, the Autopilot Mode Annunciator repeats the autopilot faceplate annunciations in the pilot’s primary field of view. Flight Director is currently available as an option for SR22 and information regarding retrofits will be announced at a later date.



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