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Wed, Nov 18, 2020

Classic Aero-TV: Re-Inventing A Classic -- CubCrafters Super SportCub

From 2009: The Oldies Can Be Newbies...

There's something about a Cub... a something that has remained alluring over the course of the better part of a century. But then again, there are Cubs and there are SUPER Cubs... hence our fascination with the CubCrafters Super SportCub.

CubCrafters tells ANN that the SUPER SportCub shares many airframe parts with the Sport Cub S2 and the Carbon Cub Kit. By eliminating virtually all airframe components that don’t carry flight or landing loads, this modern design is simpler, lighter and stronger than the Piper Super Cub designed in 1949. 60 years of technology has enabled CubCrafters engineers to maximize material design and incorporate modern manufacturing processes that maximize strength and minimize weight.

With a 180 HP engine, the airframe design has been tested to well beyond the requirements for Light Sport Aircraft. Flight and landing loads were increased by 40% to 5.65Gs for the design loads, and to 8.5Gs for ultimate tests. Piper Super Cubs were tested to 3.8Gs as required by the Standard Category. Struts, spars, landing gear, control surfaces, engine mount, and the fuselage were all tested by CubCrafters with lead weights and hydraulic pressure, not just analyzed by computer as allowed under LSA rules. This modern offspring of the Cub lineage is comprised of 50% fewer parts and is 250 pounds lighter than a similarly equipped Super Cub. With a power to weight ratio of 7.33 pounds per horsepower, the SUPER SportCub hauls the mail... 

The SUPER SportCub is available in both one and two place configurations, and can be certified as either an S-LSA aircraft, or as an Experimental LSA aircraft if the customer so desires.


Aero-TV Renews Its Love Affair With A Cub... The CubCrafters Super SportCub




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