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Mon, Jan 28, 2013

We're Accepting Resumes! ANN Puts Out 'Help Wanted' Sign

ANN Is Seeking EXCEPTIONAL New Staffers

The 2010-2012 time-frame has been about as challenging a time as we can recall... but we survive and look forward to 2013 and what we see as a very rewarding (and yes, still challenging) year for ANN. ANN continues to expand slowly but surely and we have some truly intriguing upgrades coming up in just a few months. In other words, we're about to grow again -- and in some novel directions. The much-appreciated debut of "AIRBORNE"  and our announcement about the upcoming THIRD EDITION of the SportPlane Resource Guide is but the tip of the iceberg.

We're about as excited about our future, as we've ever been, but we're concerned about finding good people -- the RIGHT people -- for a number of jobs we need to fill now and in the near future.

We have major staff positions to fill in the near future. So... we're looking for a few (actually, not so few) good aviation professionals.

Might one of them be YOU?

Searching For ANN's Next Associate Editor

We've added some new folks to the roster lately, but we will need a fair amount of additional editorial staff. These are pretty flexible gigs... needing several hours each day, on assigned duty days, on an adaptable schedule. You can work from anywhere so long as you have a good high-speed net connection and the appropriate tools to pursue the day's stories.

The qualified respondent needs the following… SOLID aviation/aerospace writing and journalism credentials/abilities, SOLID photographic/graphic web smarts, proper working disciplines, Good basic web skills (light HTML know-how and some grasp of photo-editing) and E-Mail skills, a strong work/journalism ethic, and an ability to meet and adhere to tight deadlines;as well as RELIABLE full-time access to a fairly speedy Internet connection (DSL, ADSL, T1, T3, Pipeline to the Almighty, etc...), a computer with the ability to keep up with a number of graphic chores and editorial efforts, and the ability to work with a very strange crew of ANN weirdos. Since this job is computer based, it does not matter where you live and we are, of course, unconcerned about your workspace so long as the job gets done (and the less info we have about someone working in pink shorts and fuzzy bunny slippers, the better).

We Need Web-Geeks!

We’re also looking for the following… an experienced Web Designer/Programmer to help us with a great number of new projects. We're going to be dumping a huge amount of work on our normal web-geeks over the next few months, and it's high-time that we developed a solid gig for someone else with the skills to help us with a number of projects that are getting left by the wayside for lack of the staffing necessary to pursue them. We need someone with EXTENSIVE ColdFusion/SQL/Win2K/IMail/CMS experience and the ability to do a little bit of everything when the electrons hit the fan. Strong experience in NewMedia and Multi-Media applications is absolutely a must. Solid graphic design skills would also be a BIG plus. Work may be offered on a contract/fee basis OR term contract, depending on the qualifications and availability of the appropriate applicant. To the right person, this is an on-going gig as we have a LOT of projects in the offing and there is enough to provide a competent web-geek a long-term scenario.

We’re also looking for the following… an experienced web/print-conversant graphic artist to help us with a number of small projects ranging from print ads and marketing documents, to book layout and cover designs. Experience with motion-graphics, animated GIFs and Flash formats are particularly valuable. Work will be offered on a contract/fee basis and requires no on-site work (which, of course, means you have to have all the requisite computer assets at your disposal).



We're looking for several bright, hard-working, disciplined and technically adept persons to help produce Aero-TV (and affiliated programming for our content partners) newscasts and features, webcast over a variety of broadband networks and outlets, under the ANN or Aero-TV banner (or that of our syndication partners).

Applicant should be able to bring extensive expertise in Apple's Final Cut Studio 2, Adobe After Effects and related CS3-CS5.5 software to the mix. Strong knowledge of web production techniques (online compression technologies as well as Flash/QT/WMV conversions), and chromakey techniques, studio operations, and field operations, are a huge benefit to this position as is some experience as a camera operator (Canon XH-A1, XF305, XF105 HDV) for either studio or occasional field assignments.

Of particular interest is another staffer willing to relocate to Northern Florida to augment the "Home-Team" here in Green Cove Springs, FL, but we will also be looking for personnel who prefer to stay where they are currently located. We're looking for someone with solid reporting or journalistic credentials -- while a strong technical aptitude, especially in aerospace or aviation is preferred. Some on-location travel, will be necessary on a regular basis. Reply with resume, clips, pix, etc...


ANN/Aero-TV Marketing Department

Since ANN started, we have enjoyed the amazing support of a group of sponsors who have, by and large, been generous and visionary. As a matter of fact, most of the sponsors you see on ANN called us first -- leaving us little to do but to finish some paperwork, and get them started. You have no idea how wonderful that has been for us... leaving us (mostly) to work on the editorial end of ANN and build it into what is generally recognized as the Aviation World's Most Widely Read Daily News Service.

Thanks to them, we have served the aviation world aggressively and comprehensively for a decade... and our second decade is already well under way.

We're looking for someone to take on the job of guiding and managing the marketing and promotional growth of ANN and Aero-TV. We're looking for a Marketing Professional... an aggressive, detail-oriented, ethical, honest, well-spoken, smart, web-savvy, marketing and promotions-oriented person who can help ANN introduce a whole new generation of aviation businesses as our partners in growing the Aviation World's Daily News Service, as well as to brainstorm and manage a number of promotional and industry programs.

This is going to be a busy job and it requires a marketing professional who will do the job without shortcuts or any hint of less than proper conduct. It's going to require excellent sales skills, solid marketing smarts, a consistent work ethic, tremendous ingenuity, a keen insight into the aviation world, a great imagination and a TRUE communicator... someone who also GETS just how important ANN is becoming to the aviation world, and can be counted on to help us grow our services and abilities so that we can do EVEN MORE than we do already.

But most of all, we need a TEAM player... ANN has never been about one person... it's been about an amazing team of people with great goals and (truly) amazing skills doing extraordinary things for the aviation world. If you think you have what it takes, get in touch with us...


Got Audio Skills?

Our Aero-Casting operations have gone over VERY well. So well, in fact, that we're looking for some additional staffers for new projects. If you have skills in the podcasting/radio genre, have the appropriate announcing/scripting skills, the ability to edit and produce audio files and work without a whole lot of supervision, we need to talk. Part-time opportunities are available now and full-time slots may become available very quickly.


Please send your resume, an intro letter, and contact information to ANN right away... as these positions are ready and waiting for the right person, right now.

And that's all you have to do! We'll be in touch!

FMI: ANN Opportunities 2013



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