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Sat, Sep 24, 2016

ANN FAQ: Here's How YOU Can Support The 'Let Bob Fly!' Documentary Project

Bob Has Asked ANN To Help Him Tell A Story That Could Transform The Fight For Airmen Rights... YOU Can Help!

Just a few days ago, ANN dropped the first hints (of many to come) of what has become an all-involving endeavor... to undertake an inspiring, exacting, professional, long-form documentary covering the tumultuous FAA v Bob Hoover debacle.

'Let Bob Fly!' is the working title for an aggressive and somewhat controversial new documentary. Some 20 years ago, one of the greatest living aviators was grounded by two FAA inspectors based on hearsay, innuendo and suspicious conjecture. The resulting fight cost Hoover three years of his life, untold amounts of money, and embarrassed the American aviation community to the core. At events like Lakeland, ICAS, Oshkosh, dozens of airshows all over the world, and the AOPA Conventions; people gathered, protested, made themselves heard and made it abundantly clear that the FAA had gone too far -- and that support for Hoover was pretty much an industry mandate.

Never before had we seen aviation behave so united over a single purpose… and never since have we been able to recapture that unanimity of purpose, thought, and spirit.

Worse, while Bob won the battle for his right to fly, we've regrettably 'lost' the war... in that every Airman and aviation professional is still subject to the unconstitutional, erratic, subjective judgement of the FAA. Because of that, and in an effort to rekindle the aviation community's support and interest in making changes for our futures, we are introducing 'Let Bob Fly!'

Bob Hoover asked Aero-News Network's Jim Campbell to document his ordeal with the FAA in the 1999 book "Air of Injustice", and now Bob is asking Jim to produce a game-changing documentary (approx. 90") about his medical ordeal in order to spread the word of the fixes needed to his beloved aviation community.

'Let Bob Fly!' is a long-form documentary, to be produced along with other supporting efforts. We will address what happened as a historical narrative, what went wrong via expert analysis, and what needs to be done to start the aviation world onto a road to better times and conditions in which this industry might set itself right once again.

BUt... we can't do this alone. We're in the midst of developing the final elements of a massive plan to take this project to EVERYONE in the Aero-Verse... not just to gather the necessary support and resources to accomplish this immense undertaking... but to fully demonstrate to the powers-that-be that Bob STILL has the industry's support and a fervent desire for justice -- for Bob -- and for all of us from here on out.

While we have many ideas for how YOU can be an instrumental asset in 'Let Bob Fly!' efforts... but first, here are some simple introductory steps we'd REALLY appreciate that YOU undertake for Bob, for aviation, for the Aero-Verse and for every kid that someday steps up to the airport fence and dreams big.

PLEASE, If you haven't already... please watch our introductory video feature detailing the 'Let Bob Fly!' program... and, of course, PLEASE Tell ALL YOUR FRIENDS to do likewise...

PLEASE send an email to to place yourself on the 'Let Bob Fly' mailing list
Tell ALL YOUR FRIENDS to do likewise...
PLEASE visit our twitter page at and 'Follow' our twitter feeds!
Tell ALL YOUR FRIENDS to do likewise...
PLEASE visit our Facebook site at and 'Favorite' the site!
Tell ALL YOUR FRIENDS to do likewise...
PLEASE visit our YouTube Presentation of the 'Let Bob Fly' Intro video and subscribe to the AeroTVNetwork channel as well as 'favoriting' the video, itself.
Tell ALL YOUR FRIENDS to do likewise...
PLEASE visit for updates on the latest in the on-going processes and news detailing our efforts to make sure that the 'Let Bob Fly!' documentary helps, in part, to transform aviation's future

Finally... Get Involved!

Send us your thoughts about how you might help, send us your suggestions for how we might meet our goals, help us build a community of support and help us tell the aero-companies, organizations, communities, and businesses you support, that their involvement in the 'Let Bob Fly!' campaign is something that they should seriously consider so that our efforts allow us all more freedom, more flying and eventually allow us to build an aero-future that keeps aviation free -- for everyone!




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