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Sun, Jul 29, 2018

Pipistrel Aircraft Electrifies Oshkosh 2018!

Pipistrel Displaying Extensive Aircraft Line… Including Production Electric Training Aircraft

International aircraft designer/manufacturer, Pipistrel Aircraft, is set to truly electrify the annual EAA AirVenture Fly-In and Tradeshow in Oshkosh, WI, July 23rd through the 29th.

The company will not only be displaying an extensive group of aircraft offerings, but showing off its electrically powered training aircraft, the Pipistrel ALPHA Electro LSA – which is currently in production. The company will also have its Pipistrel Taurus Electro, one of the first two seat electric aircraft put in serial production.

In addition to the electric line, Pipistrel will be displaying:  

Conventional Aircraft

  • Pipistrel Virus SW
  • Pipistrel Taurus
  • Pipistrel Sinus FLEX

Solar Trailer Unveiling

Pipistrel Solar Trailer – capable of recharging your electric aircraft allowing you to “Fly for Free” via its zero cost/zero emission propulsion system.

X-Alpha Virtual Reality Trainer

The X-Alpha VR Trainer is the world’s first full-size, immersive VR trainer for LSA category aircraft. The simulator accurately emulates the flight characteristics and performance of several of Pipistrel’s most popular aircraft models

2018 Pipistrel Magazine

Not content to leave interested flyers with inadequate details, Pipistrel has produced, for the first time, a new four-color magazine style format brochure. Greatly detailed, the 32 page publication will be available in print format at the Pipisterel display area at AirVenture, as well as selected Oshkosh locations, and also available online in digital formats.

Did You Know--Cool Facts About Pipistrel Aircraft!

  • Pipistrel USA is a small but dedicated team of industry professionals with experience and a passion for LSA (light sport aircraft) and glider flying.
  • Pipistrel is considered the leading light aircraft manufacturer in Europe for almost 30 years, winner of the world air games, and winner of the NASA CAFE challenge 3 times in a row (including winner of $1.375 Million NASA Prize, the largest prize ever awarded in aviation for efficiency in flight). 

  • Pipistrel is proud to announce the release of our new aircraft, the Pipistrel ALPHA TRAINER. The name “Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer” describes the exact purpose of this exciting new aircraft designed for Light Sport Aircraft Flying Schools in markets and countries which have the FAA-LSA (or adaptation of ASTM rules) categories.

  • The Pipistrel ALPHA TRAINER is capable of doing circuits all day long in all conditions including excessive heat well above 100°F.

  • Performance of the ALPHA Electro 2-seat electric trainer is tailored to the needs of flight schools. Short take-off distance, powerful 1000+ fpm climb, and endurance of one hour plus reserve.

  • The new Pipistrel ALPHA Electro, with its frugal operating costs, can be operated in most areas for as little as $3/hour for the electricity to operate the aircraft.

  • Powered by the modern, yet proven and reliable Lycoming IO-540 engine, Panthera is the statement of efficiency – cruising at 200 kts with a fuel consumption of only 10 US gallons per hour instead of the »usual« 17 gallons of the competition.

  • Coming soon is the Panthera Electro. With its pure-electric 145 kW powertrain it’s a treat for the high-tech enthusiasts and those to whom the environment matters. The goal is to demonstrate the ability of covering 400 km (215 NM), quietly, efficiently, with absolutely zero emissions and for a fraction of cost of a gas-powered, polluting aircraft.

  • The Virus is a very capable touring aircraft. With long range tanks it has 7 hours endurance at 120 knots and with a higher wing loading it cuts through heavy turbulence with ease.

  • The Sinus Flex model is identical to the standard Sinus, with the added bonus of interchangeable wing-tips. The outer 5-foot portions of each wing can be easily removed so the aircraft can fit into a standard hanger or you can replace the long wingtips with the short wingtips of a Virus model !  Now that’s smart, 2 aircraft in one.


Pipistrel Aircraft Keeps Making News In The Aviation World!


FMI: www.pipistrel-usa.com, Oshkosh Display Area #86-87




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