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Thu, Jun 02, 2016

AeroSports Update: Another LSA Amphibian In The Marketplace

Atol Avion Joins With Sharpland Investments To Bring Their Amphibious LSA To Market

Finland-based Atol Avion has actually been in the light plane amphibious aircraft market for some time with their kit aircraft. Now, with the funding provided by the China-based Sharpland Investments Limited, Atol is taking their well proven kit-built aircraft into production as a factory produced aircraft with significant upgrades and improvements.

Atol says the all new Atol 650 LSA is based on the original Atol Amphibian’s structure which has been updated to today’s standards. The airframe has been lengthened by 3′ 4″ for better handling and increased Maximum Take-off Weight, which for an Atol 650 classified as a Light Sport Aircraft is 1430 pounds. The two-seat Atol has a conventional landing gear and the main gear retracts for flight and water operations.

New Rotax 912 iS engine was chosen for fuel efficiency and its multitude of fuel choices. The company claims the aircraft has an endurance of five hours with fuel left for reserves. With full fuel, the company claims a payload of 604 pounds…that’s a lot for an LSA!

The company also says their Atol 650 requires only cleaning and daily inspection in normal operations. Their airframe warranty program is unique in that it is for 2000 hours of flying or 10 years. After a 2000 hour/10 year airframe overhaul is performed, the same warranty is reapplied. To remain in warranty, they require annual and/or 100 hour inspections. In other words, Atol says they have an unlimited airframe warranty excluding normal wear and tear. The engine and avionics stand alone with their own warranty programs.

Atol says the aircraft’s main structure is modern wood composite (birch with PVC foam in between) which they say is one of its strengths. Pine, fabric, and composites are also used in structures. Their unique service program and warranty seems to indicate that the company has great faith in the product design and structure.

It will be interesting to see how this aircraft fares in the U.S. market.

(Image provided by Atol Avion)



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