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Airborne Unlimited--12.02.19

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Airborne Unlimited--12.04.19

AMA Drone Report--12.05.19

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Sat, Jul 27, 2019

The Airplane Factory/Sling Pilot Academy Dazzle Oshkosh 2019!

The Sling NGT Makes For A REALLY Modern Trainer While The TSi Proves That NO 4-Place SportPlane Has EVER Been This Capable!

At the typical ‘Joe’s flight school’ seen at many an American airport, the average flight training aircraft often doesn’t look so much different than the one your father might have flown… or your grandfather, for that matter.

‘Battle-weary’, dated, poorly equipped, and out of touch with the times, the average flight school Cessna (or its equivalent) is a less than perfect option for a flight student looking to ready themselves for tomorrow’s aviation job.

The Airplane Factory, of Torrance California, has an alternative to yesterday’s battered trainers with the new Sling NGT (Next-Generation Trainer), a sporty, modern, FADEC-equipped, training aircraft with a glass panel that is already racking up hundreds of hours at the Sling Pilot Academy—an innovative new flight training establishment that is proving the aircraft’s value and efficiency on a daily basis.

First; the Sling NGT looks like what a modern trainer should look like… with a big, high-visibility sliding bubble canopy, the latest Rotax engine technology, and a brand-spanking new Garmin G3X glass panel -- it has a space-age look while offering outstanding  economics, and yes… solid performance.

With wide side-by-side adjustable leather seating, sporty control sticks, and plenty of baggage area; the fully IFR-equipped NGT utilizes the Rotax 912iS powerplant with FADEC and the option of a ballistic airframe parachute. The Garmin panel is paired with a dual-axis autopilot system that also offers inflight envelope protection.

Add to that… a 120kt cruise, nearly 1000 fpm climb rate, and an economy cruise fuel of under 4 GPH, and the airplane’s energetic, even exotic, looks quickly appear downright thrifty.


The Sling TSi --The Uncommon Four-Place SportPlane!

The Airplane Factory Announces The Eagerly Anticipated Sling TSi -- The first new production (kit) Sling TSi aircraft is being unveiled at the EAA AirVenture at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

The Sling TSi, like its predecessors, has received critical acclaim for its capabilities, effortless handling, and all-round functionality. The name 'TSi' is an homage to its Rotax 915 iS engine and marks a new chapter in TAF's vision to build the world's most loved (and versatile!) light aircraft.
Mike Blyth, founder of The Airplane Factory says that, "The brand-new Sling TSi stands out as the new standard for 4-seat experimental aircraft. It outperforms most others in every way. Compared to previous models, it has increased speed, increased rate of climb, longer range, increased carrying capacity, more space and greater comfort  -- all while flying the best handling aircraft in its class!"

The Sling TSi is powered by a 141hp Rotax 915 iS Fuel Injected Turbo Charged and Intercooled Engine burning just 8 GPH in cruise. During testing, the prototype aircraft reached a maximum straight and level speed of 155 KTAS and has a range of approximately 800 nautical miles. Fast cruise performance is targeted at 145 KTAS @ 9,000' MSL with a fuel burn of approximately 8.4 GPH. Economy cruise is targeted at 135 KTAS @ 9,000' MSL on a fuel burn of 7.2 GPH.

This aircraft will typically be equipped with a bespoke 3 blade Airmaster constant speed propeller, Garmin 10 inch G3X touch EFIS, Garmin G5 backup EFIS, Garmin GTR 200 COM radio, Garmin GTX 35R remote transponder, Garmin autopilot system with GMC 307 autopilot controller and PM 1000 II 4-place intercom.

With a maximum Gross Weight of 2,095 lbs. and a typical Empty Weight of just 1,080 lbs. (without parachute), the Sling TSi will have a Useful Load of 1,015 lbs. With a fuel capacity of 45.5 US gallons, this translates to a full-fuel Useful Load of 740 lbs.

The redesigned exterior features high quality materials and design integrity, as well as great practicality with a range of technologies to improve comfort, convenience and safety.
Enhancements include:

  • New wing design with flush riveted leading edge.
  • New flush riveted forward fuselage and empennage.
  • New canopy design with improved doors, bonded windscreen and redesigned larger rear windows.
  • New dash with larger instrument panel.
  • New low drag airfoil-shaped main gear leg.
  • New larger low drag wheel pants.
  • New cowling design.
  • New interior upholstery and seat design.
  • New ventilation and heating system design.
  • New vertical stabilizer fairing design.

The result is an aircraft with an uncompromising mission: To offer unrivalled performance, safety and reliability in the hands of all pilots no matter the mission.


AND... Introducing the Sling Pilot Academy!

While many aviation schools have a number of missions to undertake, the start of the aggressive new Sling Pilot Academy program started with a simple quest from one father looking for a flight school program worthy of his own son.

SPA Co-Founder Wayne Toddun proudly notes that the Sling Pilot Academy is the product of an unsuccessful search for a proper flight school… and in finding that what he wanted did not quite exist, he created his own, along with experienced aviation professionals and partners Jean D'Assonville and Matt Liknaitzky.

Complete Professional Flight Training programs that may be undertaken in under 9 months, from first flight to course completion, are available now at the Sling Pilot Academy for under $63,000. A student working the entire program completes the curriculum with more than a basic Commercial Pilot’s license with an Instrument rating, but is equipped to go right to work in today’s challenging aviation industry.

They also leave SPA with a multi-engine rating as well as the three Primary Instructor ratings -- Certified Flight Instructor/Airplane, CFI/Instrument-Airplane and CFI/Multi-Engine. The next class dates are now being scheduled, and expansion of the SPA program from its foundations in Torrance, CA, are already being considered with attention being given to other potential locales across the country.

Did You Know--Cool Facts About The Airplane Factory, SLING NGT and SLING TSi!

  • The Sling LSA can go anywhere and do anything -- from landing on small Backcountry Airstrips to flying long cross-country flights with its 800+ nautical mile range.
  • Depending on fuel prices, the Sling LSA can be operated for well under $30/hour.
  • The Sling LSA was conceived in 2006 as a result of Mike Blyth’s desire for a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) that had better performance and handling characteristics than anything on the market.
  • The Sling uses all traditional AN Hardware in its construction, meaning it lives up to the US Air Force/Navy Standards.
  • The Rotax 912 ULS is a 100hp, 4 cylinder, 4 stroke engine that burns around 5 Gallons Per Hour making it not only reliable, but highly affordable.

  • Each aircraft after final assembly goes through rigorous testing performed to the fullest extent of ASTM and EASA VLA Standards and under the guidance of a fully-qualified test engineer.
  • The Sling's wings have been overloaded by more than 100% on a 2009 Around the World journey for over 200 hours of flying and not once had any issues.
  • The Airplane Factory uses MGL Avionics exclusively in the Sling LSA. MGL Avionics has been a supplier of high-quality avionics to the experimental and Light Sport aircraft communities for 12 years.
  • MGL was the first company on the non-certified market with a full-color EFIS which integrated all of your flying needs including Primary Flight Data, Engine Monitoring, GPS moving map, as well as full autopilot and communications integration.
  • The Airplane Factory, Inc. in the United States is the main distributor of Sling aircraft in the Western Hemisphere. We are located at Torrance Airport (KTOA) in Southern Los Angeles County.
  • This year, The Airplane factory is introducing the Sling TSi... a Rotax 915 powered version of the Sling 4--faster, more range, more capability... this is THE SportPlane of the future!


The Airplane Factory Makes NEWS!!! (Lots of It!)


FMI:,, Oshkosh Display Areas #648-650, EAA Education & Career Center C35B



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