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Thu, Nov 04, 2010

The Quest For The Flying Car Continues

Recent Concept Could Be Airplane, Helicopter, Or Boat

For almost as long as people have been driving, designers have been looking for a way to make cars fly. But for a British concept designer named Philip Pauley, just making it fly wasn't enough. He has drawn up what he calls the Halo Intersceptor car, which has vehicle attachments to turn it into an airplane, helicopter, and sea going motor cruiser.

The Halo Intersceptor private "road legal airplane, helicopter and motor cruiser" would have 3+ interchangeable connecting housings, which he says defines the standard for the logical move towards the multi faceted transportation of the future. A candidate for concept design awards and featured by CNN and GQ Magazine, it has been described as being "sexy enough on its own just being a car" by 100 Cute. Top Speed described the Halo as "straight out of a sci-fi movie."

The Halo Intersceptor would not be for the everyday LSA pilot. A video on Pauley's website shows an animation of the car being converted into a multi-engine jet by backing into a module containing the wings, tail, and engines. The helicopter and motor yacht options are equally James Bond-ish.

While it's certainly not clear whether the Halo Intersceptor will ever make it beyond the "sci-fi movie" CGI stage, this isn't Pauley's first project thinking out of the box. He devised the "Urban Tree Planter" modular system he says would standardize urban tree installation and replacement by containing root growth virtually anywhere from the top of buildings to cruise liners and superyachts. As a college student in 1997 Pauley wrote a dissertation piece outlining a self sufficient sub marine habitat called Sub Biosphere 2.



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