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Mon, Oct 25, 2021

Airborne 10.20.21: Mooney 4 Sale, Ruddervator Bounty, United Backs Off

Also: Private Airport Under Fire, Soyuz Returns, Volocopter’s VoloDrone, Nat’l Av Hall of Fame

An interesting rumor has made its way through the inboxes of aviation enthusiasts this week.

A business for sale, labeled “Legendary Aircraft Manufacturer”, with an asking price of $15 million, accompanied by a short video of the Mooney factory. The unusual listing includes the owners’ 2020 overview and strategy document, now nearly a year out of date. The price may seem somewhat small in an industry that regularly headlines hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions, but some fans of the troubled marque worry that there isn’t much meat left on the bones. Interviews with the new president last year sounded pragmatic and realistic. CEO Jonny Pollack was clear in his interview with us that “we have to walk before we fly.” The American Bonanza Society/Air Safety Foundation (ABS/ASF) has increased its prize for the development and certification of parts vital to vintage V-Tail Bonanzas. The infamous ruddervator, now increasingly difficult to service and maintain, is a source of stress for operators keeping otherwise good birds running. The prize is good for $500,000 to the first enterprise that certifies and markets kits to replace the combination rudder/elevator skins on V-tail bonanzas, with the ASF requesting ABS members to match the amount for a $1 million total. A Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) has been issued, preventing United Airlines from denying certain requests for religious and medical accommodations from its COVID-19 vaccination mandate, until October 26. It disallows denial specifically for applications received after August 31st, preventing "hundreds of workers" from being placed on indefinite unpaid leave. The TRO is a continuation of an agreement last month to maintain the status quo, until outstanding legal action reaches a verdict. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

Airborne 10.20.21 is chock full of info in this Daily News Episode, Wednesday, October 20th, 2021... Presented by Aero-TV veteran videographer and Airborne Host Kimberly Kay. Kimberly is supported by ANN Chief Videographer Nathan Cremisino, as well as ANN CEO/Editor-In-Chief Jim Campbell. This episode covers:

  • Mooney On The Block... Again: Classic Aircraft Factory Up for Grabs
  • Bounty For Bonanza Ruddervator Skins Reaches New Heights
  • United Ordered Not to Deny Exemptions... For Now
  • City of Afton, MN, Charges Private Airport Owner
  • Russian Station Veteran, Filmmakers Back on Earth
  • Volocopter’s VoloDrone Takes Flight 
  • Nat’l Av Hall of Fame Names 2021 ‘Teacher of the Year’

Get Comprehensive, Real-Time, 24/7 coverage of the latest aviation and aerospace stories anytime, at And be sure to join us again tomorrow, for the next edition of "Airborne Unlimited" here on Aero-TV. Thanks for watching. See you, again, tomorrow!

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