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Thu, Jan 21, 2010

FAA Authorizes Additional UAV Flights At Crisis City

Site Is An Emergency Response Training Center In Kansas

The FAA has issued a Certificate of Authorization (COA) for the FH 500 UAV which is operated and built by Flint Hills Solutions of Augusta, KS.  The COA allows for safe operations at Crisis City, an emergency response training area in the NAS located in Kansas. AirStar is a major contributor to the FH 500 UAV production as the FH 500 is built on one of AirStar's gas helicopter platforms.

Flint Hills Solutions uses AirStar International's state of the art gas RC helicopters as the platform to host FHS's UAS technology for autonomous navigation. In addition to integrating an autopilot system onto AirStar's helicopters, fully stabilized gimbal cameras and video transmitters are also integrated allowing for remote live video feeds to emergency responders. The ability to fly the FH 500 UAV over Crisis City allows it to be integrated into extensive training conducted there for search and rescue operations.

Training includes hovering over simulated disaster sites such as rubble piles and transmitting geo-referenced video to the emergency response team on the ground. Roger Powers, founder and CEO of Flint Hills Solutions said, "The COA is a huge step in opening up the market for the utilization of AirStar platforms and FHSs UAVs in Emergency Response scenarios. The fact that the FAA has granted us this COA is proof that AirStar's helicopters are a solid addition to our autonomous UAV systems by providing a reliable, safe, and long endurance platform for our systems." Having successfully received a COA, Flint Hills Solutions and expects to be able to obtain an Emergency COA allowing them to fly in different locations across the state or U.S., including tornado disaster sites within a matter of hours.

The FAA had previously authorized the use of the Aerosonde UAS, also manufactured by Flint Hills Solutions, at the facility by Kansas State University. Crisis City is an emergency response training area that is part of Great Plains Joint Regional Training Center, and is adjacent to the Air National Guard's Smoky Hill Weapons Range near Salina.

FMI: www.crisiscitykansas.com


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