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Wed, Oct 21, 2009

Flight Display Systems Debuts New 6 Channel MP3 Player, CMS

Music Player Holds 90 Hours Of Tunes In A Single Unit

Flight Display Systems introduced a new MP3 player for in-flight entertainment systems on Tuesday. The 6-Genre Music Player provides up to 90 hours of music in one compact unit. Six independent memory cards each hold up to 15 hours of music. Each card can be programmed by the user for six different genres of music simultaneously broadcast throughout the cabin.

"Our goal was to make it as easy as possible for someone to have additional channels of audio entertainment," said David Gray, President of Flight Display Systems. "Many operators are still flying with multiple Compact Disc players. This was designed to be a straightforward replacement."

The device weighs just 10.6 oz and features ultimate simplicity. There are no buttons or switches to play, pause, or control the music. When power is applied, the music immediately begins playing the files in a continuous loop of crisp stereo sound. It is expected to cost about $3,000, which includes six 1 gig memory cards.

A second new product, a new Cabin Management System called the Select CMS, was also introduced at NBAA 2009. Passengers can manage High-Definition video sources, audio, window shades, lighting, temperature, and many more cabin amenities with an easy touchscreen interface. Most importantly, the Select CMS is the industry's first retrofit CMS with a High-Definition video backbone, giving passengers amazing video quality to enjoy popular Blu-ray movies during flight. It is currently available with a 60-day lead time.

"The Flight Display Systems Select CMS offers more control, easier configuration, and higher quality video at a better price than any other CMS on the market today," said David Gray, President of Flight Display Systems. "The result is a quantum increase in quality for the passengers."
Flight Display Systems worked with a variety of completion and OEM service centers to define the system requirements for this new CMS. It can support retrofit projects of all sizes, from smaller turboprop aircraft and helicopters up to wide body airliners.

This new cabin management system is the first in the industry to include true High-Definition video interfacing. HD source equipment such as the Flight Display Systems Blu-ray DVD player or the Flight Display Systems Jet Jukebox can be displayed throughout the cabin at up to 1080p resolution.

The Select CMS is composed of several components. Each system requires an Audio Crosspoint Switch, a Video Crosspoint Switch, and an Accessory Interface Node. Passengers control the system through multiple Cabin Control Modules (touchscreen and button displays) placed throughout the cabin in popular places such as arm rests and side walls.

Each configuration is highly customized by a dedicated Project Manager at Flight Display Systems. Pricing is determined after a detailed mapping of the aircraft and configuration of the components has been specified by the installation center.

FMI: www.FlightDisplay.com


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