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Mon, Jan 01, 2007

ANN Puts Out The Call For Additional Editorial Staffing

More Helped Needed As We Prepare For ANN 10.0

Before long, Aero-News will announce a number of new staffers joining our organization. That doesn't mean we've ended our call for still more people with a unique blend of creativity, dedication, a love for all-things aviation, and a touch of sheer lunacy (grin) to join our ranks, however.

In fact, as we ramp up to what, for now, we'll only refer to as ANN 10.0... we will need several people, in both full-and-part-time capacities, who have strong writing and editing skills. If you also have experience in producing audio-visual media...we're DEFINITELY interested in talking with you.

As journalists and pilots, we have to tell you there is no better marriage of vocation and avocation than working as a member of the aviation media. Seriously. The late musician Harry Chapin once told ANN's Pete Combs that his biggest fear was that someday, someone would walk up to him and say, "Harry, the jig is up. It's time to get a real job."

Now that we do what we love, we can understand. The truth is, if you love your work, it's hardly like working at all -- at least that's Jim's pitch, and he's sticking to it.

Truth is, though... this job is A LOT more fun than it is "work," and that's what working at ANN is all about. Now the time has come to add (yet another) soul to our growing family.

If you're looking for an entry point into the growing field of REAL TIME aviation reporting, this might just be the job for you -- as an Associate Editor for ANN!

It's a part-time gig... needing several hours each day, for a few days per week, on a flexible schedule. You can work from anywhere, as long as you have a good high-speed internet connection and the appropriate tools to pursue the day's stories.

Don't get us wrong -- it's a busy job. It also requires a solid work ethic, tremendous ingenuity, a keen insight into the aviation world, a great imagination and a TRUE communicator... someone who also GETS just how important ANN is becoming to the aviation world, and can be counted on to help us grow our services and abilities so that we can do EVEN MORE than we do already.

But most of all, we need a TEAM player. ANN has never been about one person -- it's been about an amazing team of people with great goals and (truly) amazing skills doing extraordinary things for the aviation world.

It also bears mentioning the Associate Editor position has been the gateway to bigger and better (read, full-time) things for several members of the ANN staff. Most recently, Managing Editor Rob Finfrock began as an Associate Editor (then called Weekend Editor) in August 2005, right after Oshkosh.

If you think you have what it takes, get in touch with us. The qualified respondent needs the following:

  • SOLID aviation/aerospace writing and journalism credentials/abilities;
  • SOLID photographic/graphic web smarts;
  • Basic web skills (light HTML know-how and some grasp of photo-editing) and E-Mail skills;
  • A strong work/journalism ethic (we're not kidding around here) and an ability to meet and adhere to tight deadlines;
  • RELIABLE full-time access to a fairly speedy Internet connection (DSL, ADSL, T1, T3, Pipeline to the Almighty, etc...);
  • Computer with the ability to keep up with a number of graphic chores and editorial efforts;
  • And the ability to work with a very strange crew of ANN weirdoes. 

Since this job is computer based, it does not matter where you live and we are, of course, unconcerned about your workspace so long as the job gets done (and the less info we have about someone working in pink shorts and fuzzy bunny slippers, the better).


Please send your resume, an intro letter, and contact information to ANN right away... as this position is ready and waiting for the right person, right now.

And that's all you have to do! We'll be in touch!

FMI: Submit Your Resume Today


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