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Sun, Dec 06, 2009

Famed Astronaut Bar Prepares Final Splashdown

30 Years of Tradition To End in 2010

Owner Stephanie Foster left no room for uncertainty in her December 1 note on the tavern's website: "The Outpost is closing. . .and this time, it is for good."  The location is the home of a unique collection of space memorabilia that has been donated by patrons over the years--many of whom have been to space or helped to get people up there.

The location was given international exposure in 2000 by the film "Space Cowboys."  The movie included a scene where astronauts played by Clint Eastwood and Tommy Lee Jones have a drink at The Outpost.

Fans have helped tavern recover from deterioration and fire over the past 30 years, but this time the end of the road is clearly marked. Foster acknowledged this in her letter, writing "Most everyone who has been around here for any length of time has known for years that eventually, this day would come.  I hate it.  You hate it.  But, here we are."

Starting out housing WWII airmen as barracks for nearly Ellington Field (then Ellington Air Force Base), the building was moved to its current location in Webster, TX, in 1965.  The location saw several uses and names until it officially emerged as The Outpost in 1980.

Foster explained in her note that the property on which the tavern resides "has been sold to another party". Rather than waiting for new owners to evict the bar, she is closing now "to save what we can."

FMI: http://www.outpost-tavern.net


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