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Wed, Mar 10, 2010

Aero-TV: Aerobatic Racing – The Next Generation of Air Shows

The ARC Racing Series Adds Thrilling Addition to Air Show Circuit

In 2009, the International Federation of Aerobatic Racing developed a new revolution in aerobatic performance.  Imagining as an entirely unique addition to the air show circuit, the Federation started the Aerobatic Racing Challenge Series.  The Aerobatic Racing Challenge Series (ARC Series) consists of high-performance aerobatic duals, featuring pilots competing against one another in a jaw-dropping race to the finish.

Two pilots, flying side-by-side about 500 feet apart, race through a series of 8 to 10 aerobatic maneuvers. Rule infractions or incomplete maneuvers result in penalties added to the pilot’s overall clocked time. The pilot that completes the aerobatic sequence in the least amount of time wins the race!

Presently, there are two categories of race planes accepted: high-performance aerobatic aircraft (including the Pitts S-2B/C, the Edge-540, the Extra-300/300, the Staudacher S-300, etc.) and warbirds (including the T-28, the T-6/SNJ, or Harvard.) Both similar and dissimilar aircraft compete against one another so pilots must strategically harness each aircraft’s unique handling advantages to win.

Hoping to bring mainstream appeal to the air show industry, ARC Series Racing developed unique incentive-based marketing as well. Attendees can sign up for prizes at corporate sponsor booths. If their particular pilot wins, spectators can go back to claim their prize! In the 2009 air show season, the ARC Series held 5 races throughout the country. On March 13th, the ARC Series will kick off its 2010 season at the El Centro NAF Air Show in El Centro, California. The organization expects to hold approximately 10 races throughout the year. Check their website for locations near you!



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