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Tue, Jan 10, 2012

Avidyne Updates DFC90, DFC100 Software

Optional Upgrades Improve Envelope Protection And Alerting

The FAA has granted a pair of STCs to Avidyne for software upgrades to their DFC90 and DFC100 autopilots.

For the DFC90, the Release 2 software works in conjunction with R8.0.5 software for the Entegra EXP5000 (R8.0.5) PFD.  This upgrade adds full-time Envelope Alerting (EA) and also gives DFC90 owners the option of wiring the aircraft for dynamic Envelope Protection (EP) with Flap Sensing.

With this upgrade, the DFC90 will have full-time EA, which protects against flight envelope exceedences by providing aural warnings to the pilot, even when the autopilot is not engaged. This feature is especially beneficial in protecting against traffic pattern stall scenarios. This upgrade also adds an option for “Dynamic Envelope Protection” which allows the DFC90 to use knowledge of flap position to dynamically compute true stall speed and provide even better underspeed protection & alerting. Enabling the “Dynamic Envelope Protection” option will require additional wiring on the airplane for flap position sensing.  The “Dynamic Envelope Protection” feature is optional, but is recommended by Avidyne.
Avidyne’s price for this upgrade is $500, which includes the factory update of the DFC90 flight computer and field-loadable software to update your EXP5000 PFD. This price includes the cost of shipping the software update kit This price does not include the cost of shipping the DFC90 unit to/from Avidyne, nor does it include the cost for additional parts or dealer labor for performing the software upgrade or for any additional wiring should you choose to add it. Please contact your dealer for a quote.

Dealers will need to return the DFC90 unit to the Avidyne factory in Melbourne, FL for upgrade.  Once received, Avidyne will upgrade the unit within one business day and return it via the shipping method specified. The upgrade also includes field-loadable software for your Entegra PFD to bring it to R8.0.5 software level.  Your dealer will need to have the appropriate PFD Data Cable for the EXP5000 in order to perform this update.
Enabling the optional “Dynamic Envelope Protection” feature will require additional wiring on the airplane in order to add the connections for flap position sensing.

The upgrade for the DFC100 is available free of charge, but does require a factory update of the DFC100 flight computer, plus a field-loadable software update to both R9 IFDs via USB. The Release 2 software is for the DFC100 autopilot and for R9.2.4 software for the Entegra Release 9 (R9) IFD5000s. This is an optional upgrade that is now available for R9/DFC100 owners, but it is recommended by Avidyne, as it provides performance and operational improvements to the system. 

This R9/DFC100 performance upgrade includes the following changes:

  • Improves accuracy of aural alert for under-speed during approaches, and minimizes nuisance alerts.
  • Adds aural alert if Flaps are being oversped.
  • Fixes a blinking issue with the EVS software.
  • Improves robustness of Aural Alert data card.
  • No longer disconnects the AP in single-AHRS systems during AHRS-TC miscompares
  • Provides desired reversionary capability on ILS or WAAS approaches.
  • Fixes an issue when loading a long flight plan of user waypoints.
  • Fixes an issue related to the map pop-up that can cause a map timing failure.

There is no charge from Avidyne for the DFC100 & IFD upgrade. The DFC100 unit must be returned to the Avidyne factory in Melbourne, FL for upgrade. Avidyne will pay shipping both ways. Please note that the cost of any dealer labor associated with this installation/upgrade is not included. Please contact your dealer for a quote.

FMI: www.avidyne.com


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