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Mon, Dec 19, 2011

Certified: Avidyne DFC90/DFC100 For PA-46 Aircraft

DFC90 Certified For Entegra-Equipped Matrix & Mirage; DFC100 Certified For R9-Equipped Matrix

The Avidyne revolution marches on... ANN has learned that company has received TSO and STC approval of the DFC90 autopilot for Entegra-equipped Piper PA-46 Matrix and Mirage aircraft, as well as TSO and STC approval of the DFC100 autopilot for Release 9 (R9)-equipped Piper PA-46 Matrix aircraft.

The attitude-based DFC90 is a plug-and-play replacement for the existing rate-based STEC55X autopilot currently used in Entegra-equipped PA-46 Matrix and Mirage aircraft.  The Mirage certification is the first in which the DFC90 is using dual Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Air Data & Attitude Heading Reference System (ADAHRS) inputs. The Matrix has a single-PFD/ADAHRS configuration. 

The DFC100 is a plug-and-play replacement for the existing STEC55X autopilot currently used Piper Matrix aircraft that have been upgraded to Avidyne's Release 9 integrated flight deck system. The attitude-based DFC100 utilizes both ADAHRS inputs from the R9 system's dual Integrated Flight Displays (IFDs) for an even higher level of redundancy and safety.

"With thousands of hours on Entegra- and R9-equipped Cirrus aircraft, the DFC90 and DFC100 are already well proven, and customers have continued to be delighted with their performance," said Patrick Herguth, Avidyne's Chief Operating Officer. "Now we are expanding the market for these safety-enhancing DFC-Series autopilots to include our PA-46 Matrix and Mirage customers."

"Matrix and Mirage owners will appreciate the performance and safety improvements that our DFC-Series autopilots bring to their airplane," said Avidyne President and CEO, Dan Schwinn. "Avidyne is committed to enhancing safety for all of our customers and with providing our loyal Entegra owners with access to this next generation in autopilot technology."

If you've been reading ANN's comments about our experience with our DFC100-equipped SR22 Turbo, you'd know that the DFC90 and DFC100 autopilots are based on attitude-based flight control systems, by taking advantage of the single or dual ADAHRS in the Entegra and Release 9 systems. Both autopilots add Indicated Airspeed Hold (IAS Hold) capability, which is a preferred method for climbing and descending in these higher-performing aircraft. In addition, the DFC90 and DFC100 provide the safety enhancements of the 'Straight & Level' mode, providing one-button unusual attitude recovery, Flight Envelope Protection (EP) and full-time Envelope Alerting (EA). EP virtually eliminates autopilot-induced stalls (underspeed) and overspeeds, while EA protects against flight envelope exceedences by providing aural warnings to the pilot, even when the autopilot is not engaged.

The DFC100 is now approved for R9-equipped the Cirrus SR20/SR22 and Piper PA-46 Matrix.

The DFC90 is now approved for Entegra-equipped the Cirrus SR20/22 and Piper PA-46 Matrix and Mirage. Avidyne has previously announced plans to interface the DFC90 with the Aspen EFD1000 Pro Series flight displays, with initial certifications in Cessna 182 and Beech Baron/Bonanza aircraft expected in 2012.

Pricing is aggressive... For Piper PA-46 Matrix owners (with single Entegra PFD), the DFC90 is $9,995, plus $3,895 to upgrade the Entegra PFD to Release 8.0.5 software via Avidyne's standard exchange service. For Piper PA-46 Mirage owners (with dual Entegra PFDs), the DFC90 is $9,995, plus $6,895 to upgrade the two PFDs to Release 8.0.5 software via Avidyne's standard exchange service. For existing R9 Matrix owners, the DFC100 price is $14,995 including v9.2.4 software upgrades for the dual IFD5000s. The IFD5000s can be updated via the front-mounted USB ports with field-loadable software. Pricing does not include cost of shipping or the cost of any parts or labor for software upgrade and to add required relay and Flap Sensing input. STEC55X unit must be returned to Avidyne.

FMI: www.avidyne.com


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