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Thu, Feb 04, 2016

Another ADS-B Receiver Company Turns To Kickstarter

FlightBox Has Already Surpassed Its Initial Goal

It seems very few days go by before we're seeing another aviation product turning to crowdfunding for a boost. The most recent that we've come across is an ADS-B receiver that its creators say will cost about the equivalent of a tank of avgas.

The receiver is FlightBox, and the company says its "ADS-B for Everyone". The device will sit on the glareshield of an airplane and interact with many of the most popular tablet- and smartphone-based flight planning and navigation apps. So far, FlightBox says they have confirmed compatibility with:

  • ForeFlight (iOS)
  • WingX Pro (iOS, Android)
  • FlyQ EFB (iOS)
  • DroidEFB (Android)
  • iFlyGPS (iOS, Android) 
  • Avare (Android)
  • Naviator (Android)
  • AvNav (Android)

According to the Kickstarter page, FlightBox is an ADS-B receiver based on the incredibly popular Stratux open source project. FlightBox is built from off-the-shelf hardware and free software, making it much less expensive than proprietary ADS-B receivers. FlightBox costs as little as $150 and offers the same features as competing products costing as much as $1000.

FlightBox is offered as a “quick-build” kit. The kit can be assembled in less than five minutes using nothing more than a phillips screwdriver and a pair of pliers. The software comes pre-loaded - no computer required. All that is required is to make a few connections, put the cover on, and "you’re ready to fly," the company says.

FlightBox receives continuous, free weather updates from ADS-B ground stations. It also displays TFRs, NOTAMs, and Special Use Airspace (SUA) activity.

FlightBox is available as either a single-band or dual-band system. The single-band version is able to receive traffic data directly from aircraft equipped with 978 MHz (UAT) ADS-B Out, and also re-broadcast traffic provided by ADS-B ground stations. Dual-band systems add the ability to receive traffic data directly from aircraft equipped with 1090-ES transponders. Traffic data includes the identity (call sign or tail number) of the target, their location, distance, heading, and speed.

The product has been backed by 151 people as of this writing to the tune of $29,492against a goal of $10,000. There are still about two weeks to go on the campaign.

(Image from Kickstarter page. Does not come with iPad)



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