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Airborne 05.14.18

Airborne-UnManned 05.15.18

Airborne 05.16.18

AMA Drone Report 05.17.18

Airborne 05.18.18

Sun, Mar 04, 2012

ANN-FAQ: AIRBORNE Episode Roster For 2012

A Guide To All Kinds Of 2012 AIRBORNE Goodness!!

Well... after several months of planning, practicing and preparation, the first generation of a new programming effort from Aero-TV hit cyberspace late last year. In November 2011, ANN released Airborne 11.18.11 -- with the over-riding mission to offer this programming as a weekly news feature through the end of 2011 and then ramp things up in a BIG WAY as 2012 get underway -- and that's just what we're doing!

And let me tell you... we have some amazing things in store for Airborne... in a number of ways... not just in raising the bar for the programing itself but the way in which this programming is distributed, supported and the synergies we are in the process of developing with the rest of the aviation world. Believe you me, we have some serious surprises in store for you in months to come. To repeat our earlier warning -- like all things ANN, you ain't seen nothing yet. AIRBORNE is presented by Aero-TV veteran videographer and Host Ashley Hale, and supported by ANN CEO/Editor-In-Chief Jim Campbell, Chief Videographer Nathan Cremisino, and Aero-Journalists Tom Patton and Paul Plack.

If you've missed previous episodes of AIRBORNE, here is the current roster and links to the programs we webcast in 2012:


Airborne on Aero-TV: Introducing... Airborne 01.06.12

IPhone/iPad-Friendly YouTube Hi-Def Link -- Airborne 01.06.12

  • Reno Plans Full Air Races For 2012
  • Lufthansa Wants PAX To Pay For ETS
  • Embraer Thought It Won LAS... Now, Maybe Not
  • LightSquared Feels The Pressure
  • Boeing Abandoning Wichita
  • The BEST Aero-News Of 2011
  • Boeing/IAM To Talk Nicely, Regularly
  • CubCrafters Upgrades Their Shop
  • Barnstorming: myTransponder's Rod Rakic Talks Aero-Mktg
  • AMR Corp Delisted
  • The Marines Deploy K-Max... Remotely
  • Pilots Will Pay Big For their SuperBowl Flights
  • AVW: Amazing USCG Helo Rescue Footage
  • And Finally--Delta's In The Doghouse


Airborne on Aero-TV: Introducing... Airborne 01.13.12

IPhone/iPad-Friendly YouTube Hi-Def Link -- Airborne 01.13.12

  • NTSB Holds Hearing on air show and air race safety
  • ETS Will Be Costly
  • FAA Quits Squawking... Whooping Cranes Fly Again!
  • NASA Calms Down Over Apollo Artifacts
  • Father/Daughter Ditch In Ocean After BRS Chute Deployment
  • Globe-Girdling Pipistrel
  • Barnstorming: Some Thoughts On Atty's Portrayed As Safety Experts
  • New Boss For Avemco
  • Airshow Pilots Commit To Oshkosh 2012
  • Santa Monica NIMBYs Force Flight Schools Into Reduced Ops
  • Bell To Build Magellan In TX
  • New props For The Seminole
  • Avidyne Upgrades the DFC90 and DFC100
  • KLM Buys Dreamliners
  • AVW: Landing A Helo On A BADLY Pitching Deck At Sea
  • Aero-Personalities Poke Fun On Facebook


Airborne on Aero-TV: Introducing... Airborne 01.20.12

IPhone/iPad-Friendly YouTube Hi-Def Link -- Airborne 01.20.12

  • Citation Ten Prototype Makes First Flight
  • The White House Supports User Fees
  • Is LightSquared Swirling The Drain?
  • EAA Lays Off Dozens, Reshuffles Staff
  • Wisconsin Now Home To Kestrel
  • ANN Readers Respond To User Fee Proposal... Massively
  • SpaceX ISS Mission Delayed
  • JetBlue CEO Talks Off The Cuff
  • Phobos-Grunt Hits The Deck
  • 'Barnstorming' Wants You To Go To The Movies
  • FlightDesign Extends Their Warranty
  • AVW -- Building A T51 Mustang
  • George Lucas Unveils 'Red Tails' This Week


Airborne on Aero-TV: Introducing... Airborne 01.27.12

IPhone/iPad-Friendly YouTube Hi-Def Link -- Airborne 01.27.12

  • GAMA Wants Obama To Support GA
  • House and Senate Leaders Appear To Compromise On FAA Funding
  • EASA Issues A380 AD
  • NTSB Completes Experimental Amateur-Built (E-AB) Study
  • OMB May Close Nearly Half Of US NFCTs
  • NTSB Details Near Mid-Air Over Gulfport-Biloxi
  • ANN Reports On The US Sport Aviation Expo
  • Oshkosh Is Planning A Field Of Yellow... Cubs!
  • Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Readies New Atlantic Home
  • Max Trescott Joins Us With A “Barnstorming” Commentary
  • WingX Pro 7 Gets Upgraded... Again!
  • ANN's Paul Plack Reviews 'Red Tails'
  • Lockheed Martin F-35 Does Some Night Flying
  • This Week's AVW Features Great Video Shot From An ASW-20 Sailplane
  • SecDoT LaHood And Acting FAA Admin Huerta Head South


Airborne on Aero-TV: Introducing... Airborne 02.03.12

IPhone/iPad-Friendly YouTube Hi-Def Link -- Airborne 02.03.12

  • The FAA Closes In On Long-Term Authorization
  • Labor Unions Oppose FAA Bill Compromise
  • LaHood Optimistic for Long-Term FAA Bill
  • Scotts-Bell Announces Upgrade program
  • Bell vs Eurocopter Sue -- Each Claims Victory
  • New Bell Helo Named
  • Barnstorming: Jim Has A Few Things To Say About ‘Aero-Integrity.’
  • Pilot Charged With Manslaughter
  • House to Hold Hearing on FCC, LightSquared
  • NASA GRAIL Dark Side Video
  • NASA Retirements
  • AEA and media-partner, ANN, Prepare for AEA2012 Convention/Tradeshow!
  • NFlightCam Reviewed
  • Flying People in New York City
  • Rockwell Collins Optimism
  • Cessna Builds 400th Citation Mustang
  • Corvus Fusion
  • Canadian Lego-Man In 'Space'


Airborne on Aero-TV: Introducing... Airborne 02.10.12

IPhone/iPad-Friendly YouTube Hi-Def Link -- Airborne 02.10.12

  • Steve Appleton Lost In Lancair Crash
  • FAA Gets Reauthorized
  • FAA Mandated to Create UAV Rules
  • New CEO For HBC
  • Sierra Nevada Rebuts HBC
  • Cessna Latitude Gets More Range
  • 787 Fuselage Repairs
  • DOT IG: Controller Shortage
  • Red Bull Stratos Jump Near
  • SpaceX Engine Test
  • NATA: 100LL Suit 'Legal Abuse'
  • Austrian DA-40 Order
  • AEA Rotorcraft Forum
  • Aviation Unites vs EASA Fees
  • Buried 727 Becomes 'Art'
  • Barnstorming: Dion Gotti On Flt Training Issues
  • Schumer Attacks Helos Again -- ER Helo Responds
  • Global's Ch 11 Filing
  • AMR Re-Organizes
  • China vs EU-ETS
  • AVW: M.I.T. Aspirations Go To Space
  • NAA Memorable Space Records 2011


Airborne on Aero-TV: Introducing... Airborne 02.17.12

IPhone/iPad-Friendly YouTube Hi-Def Link -- Airborne 02.17.12

  • FCC/LightSquared
  • Boeing Finalizes LionAir Deal
  • User Fees are Back in Obama Budget
  • Budget Reax - NBAA, EAA, A4A, AEA
  • Obama signs FAA Bill
  • Heli-Expo: Aspen Evolution Robinson Factory Option
  • Heli-Expo: AgustaWestland Orders
  • Heli-Expo: Big Enstrom Orders
  • Heli-Expo: Bond Aviation S-92 Order
  • Bell 525 Relentless
  • HAI President Matt Zuccaro
  • Enders Admits “Missteps” In A380 Wing Cracks
  • Airbus Tab for A380 Wing Cracks: $132 Million
  • Barnstorming: LSA Values and Bargains
  • NASA Budget Request
  • New Views Show Old NASA Mars Landers
  • People Express Comeback
  • Woman Misses Flight When TSA Can't Screen Her
  • AVW: Rolling and Sky-Diving Via Yak-52
  • Red Tails Screening Segregated - By Sex


Airborne on Aero-TV: Introducing... Airborne 02.24.12

IPhone/iPad-Friendly YouTube Hi-Def Link -- Airborne 02.24.12



  • GAMA Report 2012
  • USAF Says Cockpit Fogging Caused Oshkosh F-16 Overrun
  • LightSquared "Lawyers Up"
  • Reno Air Race Plans Proceeding On Course
  • Cessna Moves Skycatcher Assembly From Wichita To Independence
  • ICON Spin Testing Completed
  • First Kill Scored For AeroNav Money Grab
  • ANN's Upcoming LIVE AEA Coverage Will Be Amazing
  • GAO NextGen Report
  • FAA Reauthorization Requires Phase-Out Of Stage 2 Jets
  • Obama Tours Everett, Praises SC Plant NLRB Tried To Kill
  • Over 100 Mayors Urge Obama To Reverse Course On GA
  • Rohrabacher critical of NASA FY’13 Budget
  • Florida House passes Aviation Maintenance Sales Tax Exemption
  • ANN Thanks Showalter For A Recent Assist
  • AOPA's Craig Fuller Goes "Barnstorming" -- About User Fees
  • Onex Single-Place, Folding-Wing Sport Aircraft Receives FAA NKET Approval
  • Gone West: Clarence Dart, Tuskegee Airman
  • AVW - Watch An Airbus Use TOO MUCH Runway
  • C182 Pilot Detained After TFR Violation … Pot on board


Airborne on Aero-TV: Introducing... Airborne 03.02.12

IPhone/iPad-Friendly YouTube Hi-Def Link -- Airborne 03.02.12

  • New FAA Airline Crew Regs
  • Air Force Cancels LAS Award
  • LightSquared CEO Kicked To Curb
  • Aviation Still Has Friends!
  • Anti-Helo Schumer Is At It Again
  • XCOR Continues to Make Progress
  • 300th Phenom
  • More Good News For Diamond A/C -- And GA!
  • Barnstorming: Using Innovation To Reinvent GA
  • Tragic USMC Helo MidAir
  • A.D. For ECi Cylinders
  • $1 Trillion Lifetime For F-35
  • 10000 Missions For The B-1
  • Aero-Gadgets From Eclipse and Adventure Pilot
  • AVW: Masten Space Xaero
  • Bob Hoover To The Rescue!  


Airborne on Aero-TV: Introducing... Airborne 03.09.12

IPhone/iPad-Friendly YouTube Hi-Def Link -- Airborne 03.09.12


  • Coyne Stepping Down
  • Ryan Airlines Bankruptcy
  • American Eagle Furlough
  • Kfir Down In Nevada
  • ANN's AEA Coverage Getting Wide Spread Support
  • AOPA Glass Panel Study
  • Latest letter to the White House
  • LAS Embarrassment
  • Calming Brazil Over A-29
  • F-35 First Operational Sortie
  • UPS Pilots Lobby LaHood
  • Boeing Delamination Inspections
  • Barnstorming: Aiding The Lee Bottom Airfield
  • NTSB Prelim: Cirrus
  • NTSB Prelim: Elevator Trim
  • FAA Colgan Fine
  • United Assimilates Continental
  • Aero-Video of the Week: Lego Shuttle Flies Again!
  • Drunk Driver Charged With Flying Under Influence  


Airborne on Aero-TV: Introducing... Airborne 03.16.12

IPhone/iPad-Friendly YouTube Hi-Def Link -- Airborne 03.16.12

  • Cessna Meltdown
  • New Rotax 912iS
  • AvGas Association EPA Suit
  • Favorable Florida Tax Laws
  • New Tecnam
  • WingX Update
  • HBC Furloughs
  • Online Medical Applications
  • Blue Ash To Close
  • Barnstorming: We're Embarrassed
  • Dreamliner Collier Trophy
  • FAA Forecast Conference
  • WTO Boeing Ruling
  • ETS Trade Sanctions
  • Vicki Cruse Scholarships
  • AVW: Formation Boeings!
  • Air Puffer Confiscated


Airborne on Aero-TV: Introducing... Airborne 03.23.12

IPhone/iPad-Friendly YouTube Hi-Def Link -- Airborne 03.23.12


  • AOPA/EAA Medical Cert
  • FAA Experimental ADs
  • Pipistrel New Digs
  • Sun ‘n Fun Pays Up
  • TSA On Notice
  • Airbus Wing Cracks
  • Boeing Dreamliner Stabs
  • Electronic Device Testing
  • Barnstorming: Real Aero-Transformation
  • SpaceX At 10
  • Earhart Search
  • Aero-Video of the Week--Piper In 1943
  • Glen Moyer Joins ANN
  • Ashton Kutcher Gets Spacey


Airborne on Aero-TV: Introducing... Airborne 03.30.12

IPhone/iPad-Friendly YouTube Hi-Def Link -- Airborne 03.30.12

  • Huerta Nomination
  • Diamond Autogas
  • Cessna TTX/China
  • AeroNav Says Cough Up... Soon
  • GE Engine Verdict
  • Avidyne Makes Progress
  • Aspen Highlights
  • Garmin, Appareo Announce Updates
  • The Amazing Vertical Power EFIS
  • ANN Coverage of AEA2012 Next Week!
  • Barnstorming: GE Robbed by Dumb Jury
  • All The Eagles Coming to Oshkosh
  • AMR Voids Contracts
  • JAL Dreamliner GENx Engines
  • jetBlue Capt Runs Amuck
  • AVW: Carter PAV Testing
  • TacoCopter Delivers?


All these, and more, are presented on the aforementioned editions of 'Airborne' -- an innovative programming initiative from the Aero-News Network... the aviation world's most comprehensive news and information resource!




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