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November 21, 2013

ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 11.21.13

Sally Ride Receives Medal of Freedom…

NASA Moves to Return Astronaut Launch Capability to US Soil…

Boeing’s Third 787-9 is Airbo

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GE, CFM International Land $40 Billion In Orders At Dubai Show

Record Air Show For GE Aviation Includes 450 New GE9X Engines For Boeing 777X

GE Aviation and CFM International received commitments for engines and services valued at $40 billion (USD list price) at this week’s Dubai Air Show. These commitments will ultimately translate into purchase orders that will grow GE Aviation’s equipment and services backlog, which reached $114 billion by the end of this year’s third quarter.

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Gulf Helicopters Signs Firm Orders For 15 AW189 Helicopters

First Two Aircraft Scheduled For Delivery Next Year

Gulf Helicopters of Qatar has signed firm orders for fifteen AW189 helicopters. AgustaWestland announced the signing at the Dubai Air Show this week. This signing follows the preliminary sale contract announced in early 2012, confirming customer’s commitment to this new generation model.

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Teamsters File Suit Against Allegiant Air

Alleges Airline Is In Violation Of The Railway Labor Act Governing Work Rules

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters Airline Division and Teamsters Local 1224 filed a lawsuit against Allegiant Air November 15 in the federal district court in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The lawsuit alleges that Allegiant Air is violating the Railway Labor Act by disregarding many of the provisions and protections contained in the Work Rules Agreement negotiated by Allegiant Air and AAPAG, the former independent union representing the pilots of Allegiant Air.

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Pilot Reportedly Lost Control Of Russian 737 Prior To Accident

Initial Report From Interstate Aviation Committee Say Plane Was Operating Normally

An initial report from the Moscow-based Interstate Aviation Committee says that the pilots of the Boeing 737 which went down Sunday in Tatarstan stalled the airplane, and then overcorrected, entering a steep dive which caused the plane to impact the ground at a near-vertical attitude.

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XCOR Aerospace, ULA Achieve Major Propulsion Milestone

First Successful Hot Fire Of Liquid Hydrogen Engine

XCOR Aerospace and United Launch Alliance (ULA) have announced a significant milestone ... the first successful hot fire of the subscale 2500 lbf thrust XR-5H25 engine in the XCOR and ULA liquid hydrogen (LH2) engine development program.

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Dassault's New Falcon 5X Makes First Virtual Flight

Bench Simulator Flown Using Cockpit Mockup

Dassault Aviation's next-generation Falcon 5X has performed its first simulated flight, completing an important milestone in the development program. The "flight" was performed November 13 on the Falcon Simulation Bench at the company's design office in St Cloud, France. Philippe Deleume, Dassault Aviation's chief test pilot, and Philippe Rebourg, test pilot, were at the controls.

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NTSB: No Emergency Declared In Caledonia, MN Fatal Accident

Local Resident Found Wreckage In A Field Near The Airport The Following Day

The pilot of a Piper PA-23-250 airplane which went down just short of Houston County Airport (KCHU) in Caledonia, MN November 1 gave no indication that there was anything wrong with his airplane, according to a preliminary report from the NTSB.

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Embraer Executive Jets Announces Purchase Agreement With Arab Wings

Lineage 1000, Slated For Delivery Next Year, To Operate Out Of Jordan

United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 19, November, 2013 – Embraer Executive Jets announced today, at the 13th edition of the Dubai Airshow, the signature of a purchase agreement for an ultra-large Lineage 1000 to Arab Wings. The aircraft will be managed on behalf of an undisclosed customer and be available for third party charter.

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SAIB Targets Wing Spars In Univair Airplanes

Inspection Found An 'Inappropriate Modification' In One Airplane

The FAA has issued a Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) directed to registered owners/operators of all airplane models of Univair Aircraft Corporation/under Type Certificate Data Sheets TCDS (A-718/Mooney, ERCO/415C, 415CD) and A787 (ERCO, 415-D, E, G, Forney, F-1, F-1A, Alon, A-2, A2-A, Mooney, M10) alerting them to an airworthiness concern.

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United Airlines Outlines Path For Increasing Long-Term Shareholder Value

Launches Initiatives To Reduce Costs By $2 Billion Annually

United Airlines revealed plans Tuesday at its Investor Day conference in New York City to reduce costs, increase revenue and enhance profitability while delivering competitive reliability and excellent customer service. "We are working together to build on United's core strengths and deliver excellent long-term results for our investors," said Jeff Smisek, chairman, president and chief executive officer.

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Strategic Partnership Announced Between Becker Avionics, Axnes Aviation

Companies Expanding Dealership Agreement For Wireless Intercom System

During their participation at the Dubai Airshow this week, Becker Avionics International and Axnes Aviation AS, announced the expansion of their dealership agreement for sales, marketing, and product support for the Axnes produced "Polycon" Wireless Intercom System.

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Gulfstream Luton Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Company’s First International Service Center Plays Important Role In Product Support Network

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of its service center at London Luton Airport in the United Kingdom. The facility, located at one of Europe’s business aviation hubs, was the company’s first international service center.

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Aero-TV: Big, Bright and Beautiful -– MGL’s iEFIS Challenger 10.4” Display System

MGL's Stunning Glass Panel Displays Keep Evolving

EAA AirVenture 2013 had lots to look at, and ANN’s CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Jim Campbell couldn’t pass up the MGL display.  He talked with MGL’s Matt Liknaitzky to learn more about the MGL line of electronic instrumentation.  The big deal this year is the new 10.4 inch iEFIS that features “push screen” functions, not to be confused with “touch screen.” You’ll have to watch the video to see what this is all about.

Aero-TV: Big, Bright and Beautiful -– MGL iEFIS Challenger 10.4” Display System

MGL's Stunning Glass Panel Displays Keep Evolving

EAA AirVenture 2013 had lots to look at, and ANN’s CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Jim Campbell couldn’t pass up the MGL display. He talked with MGL’s Matt Liknaitzky to learn more about the MGL line of electronic instrumentation. The big deal this year is the new 10.4 inch iEFIS that features “push screen” functions, not to be confused with “touch screen.” You’ll have to watch the video to see what this is all about. Jim asks about support for the homebuilder and finds out that the MGL offers some very special features. The display on the iEFIS can be

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Boeing Launches 777X With Record-Breaking Orders

Strengthens Partnerships In The Middle East At The 2013 Dubai Airshow

Boeing’s participation at the 2013 Dubai Airshow was marked by the launch of the innovative 777X – the world’s largest and most-efficient twin-engine jetliner – and the announcement of historic orders and new strategic agreements signed with key partners in the Middle East and around the world. Boeing Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Jim McNerney launched the 777X with 259 orders and commitments from Emirates (150), Qatar Airways (50), Etihad Airways (25) and a previously announced order from Lufthansa (34).

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Airbus Wins 160 Orders And Commitments Worth $44 Billion At Dubai

Biggest Dubai Airshow Ever For The European Planemaker

Airbus won a total of 160 orders and commitments at the 13th Dubai Airshow worth $44 billion. The order intake includes 142 firm orders worth $40.4 billion (50 A380, 40 A350-900, 10 A350-1000, 26 A321neo, 10 A320neo and 6 A330-200F) and 18 Memorandum of Understanding worth $3.6 billion.

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NASA Launches Minotaur Rocket From Wallops

Demonstrates And Validates Launch And Range Improvements From The Facility

A Minotaur I rocket carrying the DOD's Operationally Responsive Space-3 mission successfully launched at 2015 EST, Nov. 19, from Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport Pad 0B at Wallops Island, VA.

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NASA Advances Effort To Again Launch Astronauts From U.S. Soil To ISS

Commercial Crew Request For Proposals Finalizes Development And Certification Process

NASA took another step Tuesday to restore an American capability to launch astronauts from U.S. soil to the International Space Station by the end of 2017, subject to the availability of adequate funding. The agency's Commercial Crew Program (CCP) requested proposals from U.S. companies to complete development of crew transportation systems that meet NASA certification requirements and begin conducting crewed flights to the space station.

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Boeing Flies Third 787-9 Dreamliner

First Genx-Powered Airplane Flies Some Two Months After Inaugural 787-9 Flight

Boeing's third 787-9 Dreamliner, the first to be powered by General Electric GEnx engines. The third of three 787-9s dedicated to the test effort, ZB021 joined the fleet some two months from the inaugural flight of the first 787-9.

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Air Ambulance Lear 35 Down Off Florida Coast

Airplane Had Departed Fort Lauderdale En Route To Cozumel

A Lear 35 flying an air medical mission from Florida to Cozumel, Mexico went down shortly after takeoff Tuesday night, resulting in the expected fatal injury of the four people on board.

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Celebrating 15 Years Since The Sunrise

First Module Of ISS Launched Into Orbit November 20, 1998

Nov. 20, 1998, was a day to mark in history. The Russian Space Agency, now known as Roscosmos, launched a Proton rocket that lifted the pressurized module called Zarya, or “sunrise,” into orbit. This launch would truly be the dawn of the largest international cooperation effort in space to ever come to light. Zarya was the first piece of the International Space Station.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (11.21.13)

“We had the privilege of following Node 1 from an aluminum shell…to a fully functioning spacecraft on orbit.” Source: Bob Cabana, Commander of STS-88, the first ISS construction mission.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (11.21.13): Cap (also called 'Lid')

A layer of relatively warm air aloft, usually several thousand feet above the ground, which suppresses or delays the development of thunderstorms.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (11.21.13)

Powered Paragliding

Strap on a Paramotor and join these amazing people who run into their dreams of flight. But be well educated before leaping aloft-this website is dedicated to that end. Enjoy the ride!

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