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January 28, 2013

We're Accepting Resumes! ANN Puts Out 'Help Wanted' Sign

ANN Is Seeking EXCEPTIONAL New Staffers The 2010-2012 time-frame has been about as challenging a time as we can recall... but we survive and look forward to 2013 and what we see as a very rewarding (and yes, still challenging) year for ANN. ANN continues to expand slowly but surely and we have some truly intriguing upgrades coming up in just a few months. In other words, we're about to grow again -- and in some novel directions. The much-appreciated debut of "AIRBORNE"  and our announcement about the upcoming THIRD EDITION of the SportPlane Resource Guide is but the tip of the iceberg.

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British AAIB Provides Transcript From Fatal Helicopter Accident

AW109 Collided With A Crane On An Under-Construction High-Rise Building

The U.K. Air Accidents Investigation Branch has released a report on an accident in which an AW109 helicopter was flying to the east of Battersea Heliport when it struck the jib of a crane attached to a building development at St George Wharf, at a height of approximately 700 ft in conditions of reduced meteorological visibility.

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NTSB: Seawind Crash Was First After Engine Maintenance

Two People Killed When Aircraft Failed To Clear Trees

Its hard to determine, for sure, whether there were sufficient clues... but if your first takeoff, after engine maintenance is not going well, it behooves one to close the throttle, brake to a stop and take it back to the barn for a hard look-see by qualified pro's before attempting further flight. What a shame...

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New LSA Flight Simulator And Instrument Trainer

Company Shows Off Training Device Geared To The Light Sport Market

Some time ago, as a Private Pilot, I took a hiatus from actual flying. But I did spend time on my Microsoft flight simulator every week; several hours at a time. Then I happened to go up in an aircraft with a friend who is a Commercial Pilot. He let me fly his Cessna 172 for the greater part of the trip. When the flight was over, he told me he was surprised because my skill level was consistent with that of a commercial pilot. When he told me that, it surprised me too; I hadn’t flown a plane in several years. The only thing I could contribute it to was my flight simulator.

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The Only Amphibious Gyroplane In The U.S.

It Might Look A Bit Odd, But Builder Says It's A Good Flying Machine

The gyroplane community here in the United States is mostly familiar with the float flying that Sport Copter depicts in their information video. Few have ever seen a gyroplane on floats in real life. In fact, if you research float flying with gyroplanes, you’ll be advised not to do it due to fears about HTL PPO, yaw-roll coupling, landing flare issues, to name just a few.

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MTSU, China Aviation Group Reach Agreement For Training Pilots Of New Aircraft

Chinese Pilots Will Learn To Fly A King Air 350 In Smyrna, TN

With MTSU’s nationally recognized aerospace program as a focal point, five groups announced the establishment of an agreement in principle January 23 to work together to help train Chinese pilots on their new Beechcraft King Air 350 Extended Range airplane currently housed in Smyrna, TN.

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Bees Attack Quadcopter In Florida

Camera On Board The Aircraft Caught The Action

The television producer operating the quadcopter in West Palm Beach, FL, said it looked a little bit like a scene from Star Wars. While flying a small drone to get overhead images of a mall being demolished, the aircraft was beset by a swarm of bees.

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NASA Announces New Screening Of Space Program Artifacts

Online Viewing Available For Eligible Participants

NASA again is inviting eligible educational institutions, museums and other organizations to screen and request historical space artifacts. This is the 16th screening of artifacts since 2009. The artifacts represent significant human spaceflight technologies and processes and the accomplishments of NASA's many programs.

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T-Shirt Causes Stir On Qantas Flight

Quote From 'The Princess Bride' Reportedly Made Other Passengers Nervous

It's one of the most famous lines from the 1980 cult classic film "The Princess Bride," but when a passenger wearing a T-Shirt with the quote showed up on a Qantas flight last Sunday, it reportedly made several other passengers nervous.

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No Obvious Battery Anomalies On JAL787/Boston Battery

NTSB Provides Fourth Investigative Update on B787 Battery Fire in Boston 

Showing no small impatience to get at the truth, the NTSB has released a fourth update on its investigation into the Jan. 7 fire aboard a Japan Airlines Boeing 787 at Logan International Airport in Boston. The fire occurred after the airplane had landed and no passengers or crew were onboard. The event airplane, JA829J, was delivered to JAL on December 20, 2012. At the time of the battery fire, the aircraft had logged 169 flight hours with 22 cycles. The auxiliary power unit battery was manufactured by GS Yuasa in September 2012.

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Airborne 01.25.13: 787 Troubles Continue, Chambliss OK After Crash, FIFI Returns

Also: Sebring, LSAs, NTSB, F-35B Troubled Too, Republic Signs With AAL, Wright Flyer Replica Accident Followup

Securaplane (Secure-a-Plane) was rushed into providing non-conforming battery chargers to Boeing for the Dreamliner, according to a whistleblower who was fired six years ago from the company for alleged misconduct. In a speech delivered to the Aero Club of Washington, D.C., Wednesday, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said "Today the American aviation industry is strong, and it’s getting stronger. Airshow pilot Kirby Chambliss, in preparation for an airshow in El Salvador, Wednesday, has suffered an engine failure but is reported to be

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FAA Issues SAIB For Cold-Weather Helicopter Operations

Reminds Operators That Most Helos Not Approved For FIKI Operations

The FAA has posted a Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) for the owners and operators of turboshaft-powered rotorcraft concerning the possibility of inflight engine loss of power due to the ingestion of ice and/or snow.

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Pinnacle Airlines Headquarters Will Relocate To Minnesota

Operations Pulling Out Of Memphis, TN

Minnesota will be the new home of Pinnacle Airlines Corp., according to a news release from the company Thursday. The decision came after an exhaustive evaluation of the most cost-effective option as the Company emerges from Chapter 11. The present headquarters location in Memphis, TN. was also evaluated.

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Klyde Morris 01.28.2013

Hopefully Spring Is Right Around The Corner For Zif, Too


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Aero-Marketing 101: Don’t Ignore the Media

And To Make News, Bring Something New To A Show

For several years now I have been advising aviation businessmen about the fact that there are some good reasons why they are not achieving the best return on their investment when they exhibit at air show’s and fly-in’s. Some companies have taken my advice to heart and others continue to ignore me. Not following good advice isn't entirely the reason why the LSA market is whittling itself down to smaller and smaller numbers, but it is certainly one of the contributing factors.

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NASA Long-Duration Antarctic Balloon Breaks Flight-Time Record

Longest Flight For A Balloon Its Size

Flying high over Antarctica, a NASA long duration balloon has broken the record for longest flight by a balloon of its size. The record-breaking balloon, carrying the Super Trans-Iron Galactic Element Recorder (Super-TIGER) experiment, has been afloat for 46 days and is on its third orbit around the South Pole.

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North Sea Eurocopter Super Pumas Remain Barred From Over-Water Flights

Company Says Issues Should Be Resolved By April, Though Some Remain Skeptical

Eurocopter says its EC225 Super Puma helicopters should be able to fly over the North Sea again by April. Some operators, however, say that is an overly optimistic timeline.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (01.28.13): Notice To Airmen

Notice To Airmen A notice containing information (not known sufficiently in advance to publicize by other means) concerning the establishment, condition, or change in any component (facility, service, or procedure of, or hazard in the National Airspace System) the timely knowledge of which is essential to personnel concerned with flight operations.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (01.28.13)

Aero Linx: The Model Aeronautical Association of Australia The Model Aeronautical Association of Australia (MAAA) is the governing body for aeromodelling in Australia and is affiliated to the FAI through the Australian Sports Aviation Confederation.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (01.28.13)

"This is an outstanding achievement for NASA's Astrophysics balloon team. Keeping these huge balloons aloft for such long periods lets us do forefront science that would be difficult to do otherwise." Source: John Grunsfeld, associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington, in comments made after a NASA long duration balloon broke the record for longest flight by a balloon of its size. The record-breaking balloon, carrying the Super Trans-Iron Galactic Element Recorder (Super-TIGER) experiment, has been afloat for 46 days and is on its third orbit around the South Pole. 

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