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It's ALIVE!!! The 2018 AirVenture Innovation Preview is Viewable RIGHT NOW at or!

Fri, Jul 20, 2018

It's On--Again! EAA/ANN Announce 2018 AirVenture Innovation Preview!

Stunningly Successful Innovation Program Draws Hundreds of Thousands of Eyeballs to ‘All Things AirVenture’

E-I-C Note: We're tremendously excited to work with EAA again... on this and some other truly exciting programs to be announced shortly -- stay tuned!

We’re onto something… Something huge.

In the years since the truly astounding results for the 2+ hour debut of the 2015 AirVenture Innovation Preview, as well as nearly a decade of coverage of the AEA New Product Introductions and other efforts conducted at Sun ‘n Fun, XPONENTIAL, and other exciting venues, ANN is already hard at work on the next edition of our Airborne Innovation Preview programming for this year’s amazing EAA/AirVenture Fly-In in Oshkosh, WI., now set for July 23-29, 2018.

Even more important, the highly-regarded AIP series will also be used as the flagship for a major industry initiative that will be announced at AirVenture… a program that has the potential to significantly contribute to a better and more powerful future for the aviation community.

The AIP, itself, though has already had a most extraordinary effect. The AirVenture Innovation Preview (AIP) is a massive news teaser... an invitation to build serious BUZZ, and promote all the amazing innovations that make Oshkosh one of the most outstanding examples of ingenuity and aero-entrepreneurialism, period. Over the course of a few hours on the hours preceding AirVenture 2018, a number of carefully screened companies will have the chance to participate in an expertly produced online news program, produced by Aero-TV. It will whet the whistle of the aviation population with 30-40 (or more) SHORT, 3-4 minute online multi-media presentations offering a glimpse into what will be REALLY NEW at Oshkosh this year.

“The hundreds of exhibitors at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh bring dozens of innovations to the aviation community each year, and last year the AirVenture Innovation Preview helped spread the word about these new technology introductions,” said EAA CEO/Chairman Jack Pelton. “Its return will again help shine the spotlight on the new technology that brings the aviation world to Oshkosh each summer.”


The multi-hour program will be distributed by EAA, ANN, Aero-TV and will be made available to a number of media outlets for distribution in the hours before the advent of OSH18 in order to build greater anticipation, ‘BUZZ’ and to further cement AirVenture as the CenterPoint of aviation innovation.

The entire AIP will be posted and distributed to dozens of venues and syndication venues starting shortly before the Fly-In and will be available, in perpetuity, on ANN, EAA, YouTube, Vimeo and other outlets.

Additionally; for AirVenture 2018, each AIP segment will be posted individually, to a unique AIP channel on YouTube (and other venues) for future viewing, linkage and use.

Updated extensively for this year, the rules are few and simple:

  • AIP Participation is offered ONLY to AirVenture Exhibitors/Sponsors. Each applicant’s submission will be screened by EAA/ANN for suitable, innovative, content and eligibility prior to confirming any specific AIP reservation.
  • AIP segments will only be granted to those entities, companies, programs or products that are announcing previously undisclosed news and information of value to the aviation community. No previously announced/published programs are likely to be approved, though significant updates and substantive progress reports on same are permissible.
  • NO competitor bashing (even if it’s true... grin)
  • Each AIP segment must contain 3-4 minutes of AV content. No more than 4 minutes, total, is allowed.
  • Each company/participant MUST request participation no less than 30 days prior to the event.
  • AIP presenter MUST own or have clear, documented, legal use of copyrighted materials used in PowerPoint, video and/or audio content.
  • One presentation will be permitted per innovator, but that presentation may discuss more than one innovative announcement, product, program or unveiling.
  • ANN, the producing party, will warrant and preserve a news embargo on all received intellectual content up to the publication date and time agreed to by both parties, tentatively scheduled for 48-72 hours before the start of the event. As usual, though, if information has been otherwise disclosed by a non-ANN news party, however, it becomes fair game as news content for our news programming.
  • Participants must submit HD resolution visual programs, with audio, in complete or editable form that includes all or a combination of the following: Video, PowerPoint/Audio, Graphics and Audio.
  • Editing assistance for AIP segments is available from ANN, by reservation, and at direct cost (if any). Please note that such assistance is limited by required resources for OSH18 ... the sooner you tell us what you need, the more likely we are to not only be able to get it done... but to do so in a way that is satisfactory to all concerned. In other words, if you want the best possible results, let’s get it done early and not be in a last-minute rush.

Potential participants are urged to contact ANN ASAP to resolve a slot and an invitation to participate in this year’s MUST-VIEW event. Over a million views have been totaled for ANN’s AIP and NPI productions and with the addition of new content partners, that number is expected to be eclipsed, handily, this year.

FMI: ANN CEO/Editor-In-Chief Jim Campbell, 863-299-8680,, Skype: aeronewsnet,



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