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Airborne Unlimited--01.21.21 Airborne-Flight Training--01.14.20

Airborne Unlimited--01.22.21

Wed, Jan 27, 2021

NEW! Aero-Biz Survival 101 (1120a): Expert Ideas To Help You Through Tough Times

Brand New! Avoid The Need For A Comeback... Get Your Marketing Right, Right Now!

Some time ago, the Aero-News Network, responding to numerous requests, established a marketing and communications sister company by the name of AEROPRENEUER... and it's been doing amazing work under these difficult circumstances -- and getting results!

We're getting rave reviews from our clients, and working hard to earn the trust of a number of new marketing partners along the way.

ANN's Amber Cedroni has come up with a few tips to help aero-businesses stay alive in these tough times, and will reach out each week to offer you all a few more from here on out...

With millions of people forced to shelter in place, the digital market has a new “captive audience” to entertain. While many people may not be making big purchases, there is still an opportunity to take advantage of this time and ensure that your brand survives this pandemic. The brands that stay resilient through this trying time, will be those who come out on top once life (tries) to resume as normal.

Here are the trends your brand should be taking advantage of NOW to keep things afloat…


Yes, by now every brand and/or professional has a website...but is yours optimized to be seen? Is it visible in search engines like Google? Is it user-friendly across multiple devices? Are you serving your customers in a way that keeps them on-site? These are all of the questions we ask ourselves when our AeroPReneuer team conducts a “Website Audit” which includes a complete evaluation of your current website, how it ranks in the search engines, and how it appears online.

We asked our AeroPReneuer pals to put together a list of the most common mistakes they see when performing an audit, and here’s the top 5 we kept seeing repeatedly…

1. UPLOAD A CUSTOM FAVICON! The #1 giveaway that your website is template-based and not fully built-out is when we see a WordPress, Wix, or another developer’s logo in our browser tab. Upload your own logo there as a small .png file for a custom/complete look. 

2. CONNECT YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS! Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the kings when it comes to SEO rankings. Take advantage of their premier placement by linking your website with your social media channels, and including your website on all the social channels that are linked. 

3. USE CONSISTENT BRAND/PRODUCT NAMES! To gather and understand the information that is on your website, Search Engines “crawl” the text and data you have included on each page, looking for keywords, codes, and hints that help them provide the most relevant choices in their search results. By spelling your brand and product names consistently, you can ensure that these “crawlers” don’t get confused and correctly identify your website as the most relevant option for your chosen keywords. 

4. INCLUDE METADATA IN YOUR PHOTOS! Yes, the photos that you’re uploading to your website have encrypted data stored in them too. Make sure to give your images keyword-friendly file names and tags that will help them be visible in the search engines. 

5. [THE WORST] CHECK YOUR MENU OPTIONS ON MULTIPLE DEVICES/BROWSERS! This mistake is the worst because it’s not only annoying and inconvenient, but it causes your drop-off rate to skyrocket. Most commonly, we see that dropdown menus function well on a desktop but aren’t fully functional or visible on iPads and tablet devices. The “crawlers” we mentioned before will also knock you some points for not being user-friendly on all devices. 

We hope this makes sense and helps you with your website updates and development! Want to find out how your website is truly performing? Book a Website Audit with the AeroPReneuer team today to get a full SEO and UX report, along with a checklist of improvements and recommendations that will help attract more visitors to your website - and keep them there. 

We understand this can be time-consuming for small businesses, so let the team at AeroPReneuer provide some help! Get in touch with one of our social media experts today! You can also email us at for a free consultation.



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