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April 29, 2013

ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 04.30.13

Virgin Galactic Lights the Candle on Space Ship Two…

All Nippon Airways Tests Its Modified 787…

Welcome Home Atlantis…

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Virgin Galactic Lights The Fires On SS2

Breaks The Speed Of Sound On First Rocket-Powered Flight

Virgin Galactic completed the first rocket-powered flight of its space vehicle, SpaceShipTwo (SS2). The test, conducted by teams from Scaled Composites (Scaled) and Virgin Galactic, officially marks Virgin Galactic’s entrance into the final phase of vehicle testing prior to commercial service from Spaceport America in New Mexico.

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Coming Up Soon: Virginia Regional Festival of Flight

Air Show, Ely-Curtis Pusher and Spirit of Freedom Headline Festival of Flight

At the final planning meeting for the Virginia Regional Festival of Flight the Virginia Aviation Council delegates received confirmation for the largest roster of historic and special aircraft ever for this 15-year old event. Judy Sparks, Fly-in Manager announced, "Bob Coolbaugh's replica of the 1911 Ely-Curtis Pusher which he built and flew around the country for the 2011 100th anniversary of the US Navy will attend! And the Berlin Airlift Foundation's 4-engine C-54E, The Spirit of Freedom, a flying museum of the Berlin Airlift will pay a return visit."

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Fantasy of Flight Announces Future Plans

Seasonal Operations Schedule In Effect May 6

Fantasy of Flight creator and founder Kermit Weeks says he has big plans for the future of the attraction, which he hopes to achieve through refining its more popular elements and developing new experiences that speak to the attraction's mission: to "Light that Spark Within."

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NASA Selects Small Businesses For Innovative Research And Technology Projects

Additional Small High-Tech Companies To Enter Contract Negotiations

NASA has selected 44 additional proposals from 42 small high-technology companies to enter into negotiations for Phase 2 contract awards through the agency's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program. Valued at about $30.7 million, these selections complement 39 Phase 2 proposals announced in November.

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NASA Awards Z-2 Spacesuit Contract

Next Generation Spacesuit Designed To Meet Changing Mission Requirements

NASA has awarded an 18 month contract for the design, manufacture and testing the next generation of NASA's spacesuits – the Z-2 - to ILC Dover. The new suit, designed for enhanced spacewalk capability, will operate at higher pressure levels than previous models, which will greatly improve exploration work efficiency.

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Norwegian Establishes A New Cargo Company

Will Expand Cargo Service To Include International Markets

Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA, branded as "Norwegian," is expanding beyond its domestic cargo routes with the establishment of a new subsidiary. Norwegian has established a cargo company that will coordinate and utilize the capacity of the airline’s route network. In addition, the new company aims to attract more business partners.

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Legacy 650 Certified In Indonesia

Entire Line Of Embraer Bizjets Now Certified In That Country

Indonesia’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation granted type certification to Embraer Executive Jets for its Legacy 650 aircraft from  on March 27, 2013, paving the way for the aircraft's entry into service. “With the certification of the Legacy 650 in Indonesia, all in-service Embraer Executive Jets are now certified in the country,” said Jose Eduardo Costas, Vice President, Sales – Asia Pacific, Embraer Executive Jets.

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U.S. Army Takes Delivery Of 250th UH-72A Lakota Helicopter

Combined Lakota Fleet Passes 150,000 Flight Hours, Maintains 90% Availability

The U.S. Army has fielded the 250th UH-72A Lakota helicopter delivered to Army and National Guard units by EADS North America since 2006. The combined Lakota fleet's operations have now exceeded 150,000 flight hours, while maintaining greater than 90 percent availability. The Lakota is the Army's newest helicopter.

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Space Station Communications Test Bed Checks Out; Experiments Begin

Technology Based On New Standards To Enable Functional Changes Via Software

NASA's Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) test bed has begun its experiments after completing its checkout on the International Space Station. The SCaN test bed is an advanced, integrated communications laboratory facility that uses a new generation of software-defined radio (SDR) technology to allow researchers to develop, test and demonstrate advanced communications, networking and navigation technologies in space.

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FLY Leasing Acquires New Boeing 737-800

New Airplane Will Fly In An Asian Carrier's Livery

Airline leasing company FLY Leasing Limited has acquired a 2013 manufactured Boeing 737-800 aircraft on a 12-year lease to a leading low-cost carrier in Asia. The acquisition was funded with a combination of FLY's unrestricted cash and the $250 million aircraft acquisition facility that was closed in November 2012.

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AD: Kelowna Flightcraft R & D Ltd. Airplanes

AD NUMBER: 2013-08-10

PRODUCT: Certain Tracor (Convair) Model 340 and 440 airplanes and certain Military Model C-131B, C-131D, C-131E, and C131F/R4Y-1 airplanes.

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AD: Cessna Aircraft Company Airplanes

AD NUMBER: 2013-08-05

PRODUCT: Certain Cessna Aircraft Company (Cessna) Model 525 airplanes equipped with certain part number (P/N) air conditioning (A/C) compressor motors.

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Airborne 04.26.13: SpaceX Climbs, Will You Go To Mars?, Pipistrel Goes Polar

Also: Huerta Under The Gun, Leap Frogs Leap No More, Beech Looses LAS--Again, Prince William Hanging Up his Rotors?, Yet Another Reason To Avoid SnF

Grasshopper continues to grow its space legs. SpaceX has released a new video showing another successful flight of its Grasshopper VTOL vehicle. And every time the fly the rocket, they go exponentially higher. On March 7, the Grasshopper flew to 262 feet. So how would you like to live out the rest of your life… on Mars? Dutch Entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp, has set a very ambitious goal; to establish a human colony on Mars by 2023. But you have to really, really want to go ... because the colonists will

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New SecTrans Nom The Result Of Political Payback?

DC Rumors Indicate That Obama Will Nominate Charlotte, NC, Mayor Anthony Foxx As SecTrans

There is new buzz in Washington as indication grow that President Obama has selected a replacement for SecTrans Ray LaHood, who announced his intention to step-down from the high profile post, earlier in the year. Obama's candidate, according to extensive media reports, seems to be more a matter of political payback than qualifications in the Transportation arena. Mayor Foxx' claim to fame seems to center on his having brought the Democratic National Convention to his hometown in 2012, while his transportation portfolio seems to be 'lacking.'

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Klyde Morris (04.29.13)

Klyde Bemoans NASA's Continuing Decline


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Family Of Retired AF Pilot Lost In Accident Sues 9(!) Companies For Negligence

Defendants Include Companies That Inspected And Maintained the Aircraft

An accident on April 10, 2011 that fatally injured retired Air Force Pilot Edward L'Hommedieu of North Yarmouth, ME, has resulted in lawsuits being filed against nine companies, with the pilot's children and the owners of a home that was destroyed jointly bringing the action.

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Space Shuttle Atlantis Emerges From Protective Shrink Wrap

Work Continues On New Attraction At Kennedy Space Center

NASA's Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex on Thursday began the two-day process of unwrapping the Atlantis orbiter from the protective shrink wrap that has encased the priceless artifact during construction of the $100 million Space Shuttle Atlantis attraction, set to open June 29.

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Hopeful Note? Cessna Turboprop Sales Increase Worldwide

Company Has Placed Grand Caravans From Peru To Russia

Cessna used the backdrop of Aero Friedrichshafen to announce a number of noteworthy first quarter turboprop deliveries. Deliveries from the Cessna Caravan line continue to fulfill roles for multiple missions, ranging from flight training to tourism, commuter airlines and cargo carriers.

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Nine New Candidates Selected For Charity Pilot Training

Opportunity Offered By U.K. 'Flying Scholarships For Disabled People'

The U.K.-based disability and aviation charity, Flying Scholarships for Disabled People (FSDP) has announced it will be funding a group of nine new pilot scholars when its latest round of training begins in summer 2013. The pilot training, which is completely charity funded, aims to change the candidate’s lives, all of whom are disabled, through the medium of flight.

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Shameful: YouTube Video Shows Paraglider Pilot Chasing, Kicking At Owl

May Face Federal Charges For Harassing An Endangered Animal

A YouTube video which has since been removed from the service reportedly showed a man flying a powered paraglider near Salt Lake City, UT, kicking at an owl in mid-air, and bragging about it. That pilot, who has not been positively identified, may face federal charges of animal harassment.

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Prince William Will Owe Nearly $610,000 For Early Retirement

But RAF Will Reportedly Waive The Fee 'In The Interest Of The Nation'

Prince William plans to hang up his flight helmet following his current tour of duty at RAF Vally in Anglesey, North Wales. Because of the contract he signed when he entered training to be a helicopter pilot, he would normally owe the government the equivalent of $609,360 for the early retirement.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (04.29.13)

Aero Linx: CAP Model Rocketry Program CAP's Model Rocketry program is an achievement program for cadets interested in the science, technology, and flight of model rockets. The guide builds on the foundation of Aerospace Dimensions, Module 4 Rockets, to introduce cadets to the hobby and science of model rocketry. The guide begins with simple alternative-power models and progressively challenges cadets with more advanced models. Cadets who complete the written and performance requirements for each of the 3 stages, as certified by their unit commander, will be awarded the Cadet Model Rocketry Badge.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (04.29.13): Opposition

Opposition Configuration in which one celestial body is opposite another in the sky. A planet is in opposition when it is 180 degrees away from the sun as viewed from another planet (such as Earth). For example, Saturn is at opposition when it is directly overhead at midnight on Earth.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (04.29.13)

"... the education of the future King in military matters is hugely important to the nation. Prince William's training has been money well-spent whatever the length of service." Source: A senior RAF source, following the news that Prince William plans to hang up his flight helmet following his current tour of duty at RAF Vally in Anglesey, North Wales. Because of the contract he signed when he entered training to be a helicopter pilot, he would normally owe the government the equivalent of $609,360 for the early retirement.

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