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April 01, 2007

FAA Announces Move Of Headquarters To Dubai

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION REALTIME REPORTING: Hot on the heels of global oil marketer Halliburton's move of its headquarters from Houston, TX to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, the Federal Aviation Administration announced this week it will also relocate from Washington, DC.

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FAA Administrator Blakey Flunks Private Pilot Written Exam... For Fourth Time

The PP Written Challenges Blakey

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION: Recent ANN requests for data under the Freedom of Information Act have revealed that the GA Industry's criticism of FAA Administrator Marion Blakey is apparently having an effect -- at least about her lack of a Pilot's license. The Administrator, God Bless Her, has been attempting to take and pass her Private Pilot written exam. Unfortunately, ANN has documented at least four attempts on her part to pass the exam... all of which failed to achieve a passing grade.

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Chicago Mayor Daley Gives Approval For Creation Of Meigs Spaceport

"What Do I Care -- As Long As They Launch Over The Lake"

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION: In a move heralded by space enthusiasts and land-use advocates alike, on Sunday -- the fourth anniversary of the bulldozing of Meigs Field -- Chicago mayor Richard Daley signed a bill authorizing the creation of a commercial spaceport on the land once occupied by the hallowed general aviation airport.

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Boeing Finally Announces 'The Big One'

Double Trouble For The A380 Program?

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION: "Sick and tired of all the hype... that's what we are," says an anonymous Boeing spokesmen just prior to the surprise roll-out of the doubly fascinating new Boeing 747-38.

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Columbia Aircraft Intros Remote Start Option

Incorporates Advanced Anti-Accidental-Start Technology

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION: Building on the enthusiastic market response to its automotive-inspired Remote Keyless Entry option, Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing has announced its latest aero-innovation: remote start.

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Secret Details About ANN 10.0 Leaked... Includes 3-D Video, Smell-O-Vision

ANN To Bring Intense Realism To The Aviation Public

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION: Despite intense secrecy surrounding ANN's forthcoming "ANN 10.0" iteration, details were accidentally released this week when ANN Managing Editor, Rob Finfrock, let a few tidbits slip out while chatting up a stewardess at a pub near DFW.

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Virgin Galactic's 'Enterprise' Achieves Warp 1 In Early Trials

Private Spaceflight Company Raises Price For Passenger Flights

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION: "Whooo-wee!" With that pronouncement, Scaled Composites test pilot Mike Melville heralded in a new era of privately funded, commercial spaceflight for the masses last month... and he did so much faster than originally intended, Scaled founder Burt Rutan told ANN in an exclusive interview.

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AOPA Raffles 'Ultimate Plane Giveaway'

Has AOPA Finally Over-Done It?

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION: After years worth of exciting airplane giveaway sweepstakes, AOPA has hit upon what they call the "ultimate" Grand Prize...  the gargantuan Airbus A380 Uber-Jumbo.

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Cirrus Design Unveils Paint Schemes Honoring Past Aircraft

Silver Cirri May Be Equipped With "Rivet" Patterns

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION: "A living tribute to America's storied general aviation aircraft heritage." That's what Cirrus Design co-founder Alan Klapmeier calls his company's latest innovation... commemorative "rivethead" appliques, that may be applied to the fuselages of all SR22 aircraft painted in the company's recently announced "Sterling" color.

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NM Governor Bill Richardson Trades In Citation Bravo On Eclipse 500s

To Be Used On State Business, Presidential Campaign

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION: Bowing to increasing political pressure from voters, New Mexico Governor -- and aspiring presidential candidate -- Bill Richardson announced last week he would agree to give up the Cessna Citation Bravo business jet purchased at considerable expense by the state two years ago, in exchange for five Eclipse 500 very-light-jets.

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Shock And Awe: Cessna To Produce Recreational Watercraft

Aircraft Producer Aims To Corner Market Utilizing "Untapped Synergies"

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION: What many originally thought was simply a free lunch junket away from the Wichita manufacturer's factory, ended up being a jaw-dropping announcement from Cessna which left the entire press corps scrambling for ink. Cessna Aircraft CEO Jack Pelton stunned invited attendees and press officials at an impromptu picnic at Cheney Reservoir, 25 miles West of Wichita, KS.

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Angelina Jolie Adopts Another Disadvantaged Entity

Liberty Aerospace To Be Renamed Nattapong Sovandara

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION: Citing her longtime commitment to giving those born into disadvantaged circumstances an opportunity to better their lives and realize their inherent abilities, last week actress Angelina Jolie announced her latest adoption... of Melbourne, FL-based planemaker Liberty Aerospace.

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ANN To Sponsor Larry Walters Memorial Celebrity Chair Lift

Celebrity Event To Raise Scholarship Funds On 25th Anniversary of Historic Flight

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION: ANN is proud to announce its participation in the inaugural Red Bull© Larry Walters Memorial Extreme Celebrity Chair Lift. The celebrity event is scheduled for July 2, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the historic flight of Lawrence Richard Walters, aka "Lawnchair Larry", or the Lawn Chair Pilot. 

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Airbus Unveils Triple-Decked A380D Uber-WhaleJet

Option Adds Third Deck, Qualifies Evacuation Plan For Disney Ride Certification

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION: Watch out Walt... a new Disney ride is flying its way to an airport near you.

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Boom Time Comes To Middle East and Asian Aviation

Hundreds of US Pilots Head East - Or West - To Big Money, Less Hassle

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION: As has been reported over and over again by ANN, India, China, and Middle East aviation is booming, yet there are insufficient pilots to meet those countries' needs.

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Dr. Zooch Rocket Kits Announces Full-Scale Saturn V Rocket 'Model'

Actor Billy Bob Thornton Places First Order

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION: Attention, NASA... you have some competition, and it ain't from the folks in Russia, China, or even the Mojave Desert.

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Daniel Webster College To Start Space And Aeronautics Program

New program to 'launch' fall '07

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION: President Robert E. "Skip" Myers was delighted to announce that the long-anticipated Space and Aeronautics Program would open to students this fall.

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Predator UAV Shoots Down... Another Predator UAV

NOTAM Issued For Investigation Of Army/Navy Rematch

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION: In an incident believed to be the first of its kind, on Tuesday a Predator unmanned aerial vehicle operated by US Army airmen successfully intercepted another Predator UAV, this one flown by US Navy crews, in the skies over Arizona.

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JFK, EWR Place Orders For Snowmobiles

To Be Used In Pax Evacuation From Frozen AA, JetBlue Aircraft

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION: Both American Airlines and JetBlue have raised their right hands, er, wings, to pledge that passengers who experienced interminable winter weather waits on the tarmac this winter will not have to sit for ten or more hours again next year. (Oy! The toilets!)

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NASA Adds Padded Airlock, Straight Jacket To Shuttle Equipment Complement

Agency Hopes To Mitigate Future Nowak-Factor Risk

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION: An ounce of prevention may be worth a pound of cure, to eliminate the possibility of an orbital mental breakdown calamity, and another Lisa Nowak-style public relations nightmare for NASA.

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Pilot Safe Following Emergency Landing On Mall of America Roof

No Injuries, Except To Pilot's Self-Esteem

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION: A twin-engine plane, type unknown, on its way from Minneapolis' Flying Cloud Airport (FCM) to Marty's Tranquility Base, Prior Lake, (45D) ended up landing on top of the largest mall in the America, with the only apparent injuries sustained to the pilot's self-esteem... and his credit cards.

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New Rules Announced For Passenger/Crew Who Die In Flight

"I Don't See Dead People" Regulation Aimed At Easing Onboard Concerns

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION: The proliferation of recent stories of people who have passed away during commercial airline flights -- and have then been moved to unexpected places onboard -- brings the most popular line from the 1999 movie "The Sixth Sense" -- "I see dead people" -- to a whole new level.

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More ANN 10.0 Details: Aero-News Introduces 'TMI' Links

Go Beyond Mere 'FMI'

ANN 04.01.07 SPECIAL EDITION: For the young, the hip, and those with teenagers, you know that TMI stands for "too much information."

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (04.01.07)

Aero-Linx: Aero-News April 1st Special Editions

A group of talented, dedicated, and thoroughly freakin' loony aero-writers hone their comedic talents and vent their pent-up frustrations at various aero-issues once a year. (They spend the remaining 364 days convincing their targets that, c'mon, it was just a joke.) Savor the best... the worst... and the "whah the...?" of Aero-News' past April 1st Special Editions. Aero-Collect them all! FMI: ANN 4/1/03, ANN 4/1/04, ANN 4/1/05, Read More


ANN's Daily Aero-Term (04.01.07): Vda


Delusional Airspeed. A theoretical value, approximately 120 KIAS in level flight, that all pilots of light sport aircraft tell themselves, and their friends, their planes can actually, really achieve.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (04.01.07)

"OK, folks... ANN did not suddenly lose its mind (though, there ARE moments... oh, never mind). Check the DATE. 04.01.07. It's April FIRST... a/k/a APRIL Fool's Day. Get It? If you believed ANY of this stuff, you have been fooled, bamboozled, and otherwise become yet another victim of our annual attempt to enjoy the First day Of April with a little imagination and a LOT of nonsense. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did." Source: ANN's Jim Campbell, making sure that ANN readers checked the date before they got too involved in any of the stories we publish on April 1st of each year. Happy April Fool's Day!

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April 1st Special Lakeland TFR: 04.17.07 - 04.23.07

Issue Date: March 30, 2007 at 2046 UTC Location: Lakeland, Florida Beginning Date and Time: April 17, 2007 at 0000 UTC Ending Date and Time: April 23, 2007 at 2359 UTC Reason for NOTAM: Firefighting Operations Type: Maserati-Induced Brush Fire Replaced NOTAM(s): N/A

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April 1st Special AZ TFR: UFN

Issue Date: March 28, 2007 at 1433 UTC Location: US/Mexico Border region Beginning Date and Time: March 28, 2007 at 1500 UTC Ending Date and Time: Until Further Notice Reason for NOTAM: Accident Investigation, Army/Navy Aerial Superiority Discussion/Argument Type: Accident Replaced NOTAM(s): N/A Pilots May Contact: Albuquerque (ZAB) Center, 505-555-1234 Affected Area(s) Airspace Definition:

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