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December 14, 2011

Certified: Boeing 747-8I

First Delivery Expected In Early 2012

ANN has confirmed that Boeing received certification for the new 747-8 Intercontinental from the FAA, late Wednesday. Certification clears the way for delivery of the new airplane early next year. The FAA presented Boeing an Amended Type Certificate (ATC) and the amended Production Certificate for Boeing's newest passenger airplane, the 747-8 Intercontinental, while the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is expected to issue its ATC for the airplane some time Thursday. Boeing received its FAA and EASA certificates for the 747-8 Freighter in August.

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ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 12.14.11

Burt Rutan and Paul Allen are back together.
Southwest signs a firm order which is Boeing's biggest ever.
And Japan is expected to pick the F-35 as its new fighter.


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Privacy Advocates Concerned About Civilian Drones

Some Question Whether Predators Used By Police Are Legal, Constitutional

A growing controversy surrounds the sudden use of unmanned surveillance aircraft designed for the military against private citizens in the US. The issues being raised include whether there is an expectation of privacy on your own property if you can still be seen from public airspace, and whether the use of drones violates the Posse Comitatus Act or the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution.

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Piper Names Two Executives To Leadership Roles

Drew McEwen, Lisa Giessert Assume New Duties With The Company

Piper Aircraft has named two seasoned executives to lead the company's sales, customer support and marketing programs. Both will report to Piper President and CEO Simon Caldecott.

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Tuskegee Airmen Open Fantasy Of Flight's 'Legends & Legacies' Series

"They Dared to Fly" Celebrates Black History Month, Students Invited To Write Essays

Fantasy of Flight in central Florida plans to celebrate Black History Month in February 2012 in a memorable way by kicking off its Fourth Annual Legends & Legacies Symposium Series with a visit from famed World War II heroes, the Tuskegee Airmen. There will also be a student essay contest honoring the aviators' leadership, excellence, advocacy and determination (LEAD).

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Triple-7 ETOPS Stretched To 330 Minutes

Allows More Direct Flights, Burns Less Fuel, Emits Less Carbon Dioxide Into Atmosphere

The FAA has approved ETOPS operation for Boeing's 777 fleet of up to 330-minutes. The authorization allows 777 customers who purchase or already operate 777-300ER (extended range), 777-200LR (longer range), 777 Freighter and 777-200ER models equipped with General Electric engines to fly up to 330 minutes from an alternate airport.

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Report: F-35 Drives Global Military Aircraft Market

North America Should Account for Nearly 43% Of Global Expenditures Over The Next Ten Years

North America is expected to account for  42.9%, of the total global expenditure on military aircraft over the next ten years despite expected cuts in its military budget, according to a recently-released report from ASDReports. The high demand in the region is primarily driven by the development of 2,456 F-35 multi-role fighter aircraft as part of the Joint Strike Fighter program and 452 V-22 Osprey transport aircraft.

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Seven-Thousandth Airbus Aircraft Delivered

Milestone Airplane Is An A321 For US Airways

Airbus has delivered its 7,000th aircraft, an A321, to US Airways – from the Airbus facility in Hamburg, Germany. This milestone comes just two years after the delivery of Airbus’ 6,000th aircraft which underlines the continued vibrancy of the commercial aviation.

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TSA Announces Additional Advanced Imaging Technology Deployments

Sixteen More Airports Slated To Receive Millimeter Wave Screening Devices

TSA on Monday announced 16 airports which are set to receive recently purchased millimeter wave Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) units. The machines will be deployed with new automated target recognition (ATR) software designed to enhance privacy by eliminating passenger-specific images while improving throughput capabilities and streamlining the checkpoint screening process.

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Senate Passes Bill Giving Expedited Airport Screening to Armed Forces Members

Bipartisan Measure Sponsored By Rockefeller, Hutchison, And Burr

U.S. Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), and Richard Burr (R-NC) on Tuesday won Senate passage of the text of their bill, S. 1954, which would direct the TSA to develop and implement a plan providing expedited screening through the country’s airports for U.S. Armed Forces personnel and their accompanying family members.

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NASA Stalled On Google Restoration Offer

$33 Million Could Restore 'Hangar One' at Moffett Field

NASA says it is evaluating an offer from Google executives to provide $33 million to fund a complete restoration of Hangar One, a historic landmark at Moffett Federal Airfield, a former blimp base near Mountain View, California. All they're asking in return is to lease part of the floor space from NASA for their private jets when the work is completed. That idea isn't going over too well with some locals.

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Pilot In June Mid-Air Once Had ATP Pulled By FAA

Alaska Airlines, NTSB Say Old Case Not Relevant

The pilot of a Cessna 206 floatplane (similar aircraft pictured) involved in a mid-air collision in Alaska back in June had his ATP privileges suspended in 1994 after the FAA determined he had falsified training records. The Seattle Times reports Kevin Earp was one of five Alaska Airlines pilots caught up in the action who had to move to the right seat for six months following the FAA finding.

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Skywest Airlines To Introduce 5 Additional ATR 72-600s Into Australia

The Aircraft Will Fly On Behalf Of Virgin Australia

Australia’s Skywest Airlines will introduce five more ATR 72-600 aircraft into its fleet, to be operated on a range of routes on behalf of major carrier Virgin Australia. These five aircraft take to 13 the number of firm orders of ATR 72 aircraft placed by the Singapore-based leasing company Avation PLC in 2011 for Skywest Airlines.

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AD: Turbomeca Turboshaft Engines

AD NUMBER: 2011-26-02

MANUFACTURER: Turbomeca Arriel 1 Series Turboshaft Engines.

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AD: Continental Motors, Inc. (CMI) Reciprocating Engines

AD NUMBER: 2011-25-51

MANUFACTURER: Certain Continental Motors, Inc. (CMI) models TSIO-520, TSIO-550-K, TSIOF-550K, and IO-550-N series reciprocating engines.

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Aero-TV: Honeywell's TPE 331-14 -- Powering the Next-Gen Kestrel

Rugged Regional Airliner Mill Powers Klapmeier's Turboprop

When Alan Klapmeier went shopping around for an engine to power his new Kestrel turboprop airplane, the mill that he determined would be the best fit for the airplane was the Honeywell TPE 331-14.

Paul G. Allen Announces Stratolaunch System

Revolution In Space Transportation Could Mean Safer, Less Expensive, Missions

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Paul G. Allen announced Tuesday that he and aerospace pioneer Burt Rutan have reunited to develop the next generation of space travel. Allen and Rutan, whose SpaceShipOne was the first privately-funded, manned rocket ship to fly beyond earth’s atmosphere, are developing a revolutionary approach to space transportation: an air-launch system to provide orbital access to space with greater safety, cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

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Aero-TV: Honeywell's TPE 331-14 -- Powering the Next-Gen Kestrel

Rugged Regional Airliner Mill Powers Klapmeier's Turboprop

When Alan Klapmeier went shopping around for an engine to power his new Kestrel turboprop airplane, the mill that he determined would be the best fit for the airplane was the Honeywell TPE 331-14. Mike Bevans, Senior Director of Technical Sales for BizAv and GA with Honeywell, told ANN and NBAA in Las Vegas the company was very pleased to be selected the program, based on Alan's track record. The engine was developed for regional turboprop airliners, and Bevins said there are about 450 of them all over the world powering Jetstream 41s and other similar airplanes.

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Boeing Announces Southwest Airlines As Launch Customer For 737 MAX

Budget Carrier Orders 150 Re-Engined Single-Aisle Airliners

Boeing and Southwest Airlines on Tuesday announced a firm order for 150 of Boeing's re-engined 737 MAX airplanes. Southwest is the first customer to finalize an order for the 737 MAX and becomes the launch customer for the new-engine variant. The Dallas-based carrier also ordered 58 Next-Generation 737s.

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LightSquared Would Interfere With 75% Of GPS Devices

Leaked Study Claims 'No Additional Testing Needed'

Bloomberg has received a draft of a report scheduled for official release Wednesday on the potential of LightSquared's proposed broadband network to interfere with GPS receivers. So far, it doesn't look good for the wireless company.

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NTSB Prelim Released In Las Vegas Helo Accident

Initial Findings Indicate A Normal Flight Until Just Before The Helicopter Went Down

The NTSB has issued its preliminary report in the helicopter accident on December 7th east of Las Vegas in which a pilot and four passengers on a sightseeing flight were fatally injured. Radar tracking data shows that aircraft deviated from what was considered the normal route for such flights about a minute before it went down in very rugged terrain near Hoover Dam.

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Ron Paul Issues Statement On NLRB Vs Boeing

Candidate Calls IAM Complaint 'Harassment' Of Manufacturer

The National Labor Relations Board has announced that it has closed its case in support of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, and against South Carolina workers at Boeing's new 787 plant. Republican presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul is is excited enough by the news to use it as the basis for a campaign statement.

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TSA Blog Blames Passengers In 'Strip Search' Cases

Readers Fire Back That Screeners Don't Follow Procedure

The US Transportation Security Administration could be using its official blog to resolve confusion among the traveling public. But if public comments in response to the latest TSA post by "Blogger Bob" are any indication, the agency may be a candidate for a Pinnochio Award. Responses to the blog are almost unanimously disbelieving of, and angry at, the agency.

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Two Army Helicopters Down In Training Mission, Four Fatally Injured

Not Clear If The Aircraft Were Involved In A Mid-Air, Or Separate Accidents

The U.S. Army is reporting that two Kiowa Warrior helicopters have gone down during a training mission Monday at Joint Base Lewis McChord south of Tacoma, WA. Four service members were fatally injured when the aircraft went down.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (12.14.11)

“We are at the dawn of radical change in the space launch industry” Source: Paul Allen.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (12.14.11): Obscuration

Any atmospheric phenomenon, except clouds, that restricts vertical visibility.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (12.14.11)

3-D Masters

Think you’ve got what it takes to fly RC helicopters with the big dogs? Head on over to Northampton England. There are three classes of competitors including a beginner class (Sportsman).

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