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March 14, 2007

Cassini Spots 'Great Lakes' On Titan

Large Seas Likely Filled With Liquid Methane

If you don't believe the Cassini spacecraft has lived up to its promise of studying Saturn and its moons more closely than any other probe before it, NASA has some lakefront property on Titan to sell you. Literally.

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FAA Releases Next Generation Air Transportation System 2006 Progress Report

Annual Report To Congress Highlights Plan To Use ADS-B, RNP, CDA Procedures

The following is the FAA's updated Fact Sheet on its progress in implementing its Next Generation Air Transportation System, known as NGATS or NextGen.

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MD TFR: 03.16.07 - 03.18.07

NOTAM Number: FDC 7/5543 Issue Date: March 14, 2007 at 1435 UTC Location: Hagerstown/Thurmont, Maryland near MARTINSBURG VORTAC (MRB) Beginning Date and Time: March 16, 2007 at 1810 UTC Ending Date and Time: March 18, 2007 at 1700 UTC Reason for NOTAM: Temporary flight restrictions for VIP (Very Important Person) Movement Type: VIP Replaced NOTAM(s): N/A

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Airline Pilot Hiring Remained Strong In February

891 New Pilot Jobs -- 190 More Than Feb. 2006

The folks at AIR, Inc. told ANN Wednesday that airline pilot hiring continued strong in February, with 891 new pilot jobs created for the month -- a large increase from the 701 pilots hired the same time last year.

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Boeing's Blended Wing Concept Ready To Take Flight

X-48B May Represent New Wave Of Military Aircraft, Commercial Planes

After years of development, it appears Boeing's X-48B Blended-Wing prototype may soon take flight... possibly paving the way for a new class of commercial and military airliners.

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The FAA Shows Its Hand On Funding, User Fees For NGATS

Below is the unedited text of the speech given by FAA Administrator Marion Blakey Wednesday before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Subcommittee on Aviation concerning the FAA's Reauthorization Proposal, which the agency has dubbed the "Next Generation Air Transportation System Financing Reform Act Of 2007."

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Avidyne, S-Tec Receive STC For Alliant Installations On King Air E90s, C90s

Integrated Flight Deck Also Available For 200-Series King Airs

Avidyne Corporation and S-TEC Corporation told ANN this week the companies have received an FAA STC for the Alliant Integrated Flight Deck on Beechcraft King Air E90- and C90-series turboprop aircraft. The companies also hold an FAA STC for the Alliant system on King Air 200 series aircraft.

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FAA Issues Emergency AD For Boeing 737-800s

Sticky Spoilers On SFP-Equipped Aircraft To Blame

The FAA has issued Emergency airworthiness directive (AD) 2007-06-51 to all owners and operators of Boeing Model 737-800 series airplanes. The agency states it has received a report of seven flight spoiler actuator jams on Model 737-800 Short Field Performance (SFP) airplanes.

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Aero-News Featured Aero-Casts For Wednesday 03.14.07

Part Two, Flight Design's Tom Peghiny

ANN Daily Touch N Go: 03.14.07 (ANN's Short-Form Daily News Program) ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 03.14.07 (ANN's Long-Form Daily News Program) ANN Special Feature -- Flight Design USA's Tom Peghiny, Part 2: 03.14.07 (ANN Special Feature, with Tom Peghiny on developing the light sport aircraft ATSM certification standards.)

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Modelmaker Makes 'Valiant' Effort To Recreate Cold War Bomber

Expensive Plane Crashes On Proving Flight

This is the kind of story that breaks our hearts... so we can only imagine how Simon Steggall feels.

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NTSB: Civil Aviation Safety Continued To Improve In 2006

Lowest GA Accident Rate In 40 Years Of Record Keeping

The numbers don't lie. The state of civil aviation safety continued to improve in 2006, according to statistics released Tuesday by the National Transportation Safety Board.

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Airline Flies Empty Plane To Maintain Heathrow Slots

Environmental Groups Unhappy With BMed's Wasted Emissions

Six nights a week, a British Mediterranean Airways (BMed) Airbus A320 departs Heathrow, bound for neighboring Cardiff. It then flies back to Heathrow, to repeat the process once again. Here's the punchline: no tickets are sold, and the 124 passenger seats remain empty on each leg.

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IATA Chief Terms Canadian Airport Fees 'Skyway Robbery'

Av-Security Funds Going Towards Rail, Marine Safety

"Skyway robbery." That's what the CEO of the International Air Transport Association calls the high rent fees and security charges that airlines and passengers alike pay at Canadian airports.

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PHL Airspace Redesign Met With Opposition

Nine Year FAA Study Nearing End

Opponents to an FAA plan that would potentially redirect aircraft over certain residential areas near the Philadelphia International Airport received a promise this week from the chairman of the House subcommittee that oversees the FAA.

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Imams Removed From US Airways Flight Suing For Discrimination

Passengers Claimed Men Acted Suspiciously

In a move few would call surprising, six Islamic imams who were removed from a US Airways flight late last year for suspicious behavior, and allegedly making anti-American comments, are suing the airline for discrimination.

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Owner Of Stripped Piper Sues Waterloo Airport, FBO

Plane Sat for Years, Thought to be Abandoned

In 2001, a 1973 Piper Seneca experienced engine trouble during a flight. The owner, Jerry Dwyer, made an emergency landing at Waterloo Regional Airport (ALO) in Iowa... where it sat for the next five years, repairs pending. Dwyer became suspicious when he noticed parts of his aircraft were missing -- first an engine and propeller, then the landing gear, seats, autopilot... and then the radios, followed by the entire instrument panel.

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Iraqi Who Triggered Alarms At LAX Faces Deportation

Man Found With Magnets In His Rectum Has Criminal History

After triggering security alarms at the Los Angeles International Airport earlier this month, an Iraqi immigrant now faces deportation.

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AirAsia X Delays Launch; CEO Blames Airbus

Says Ripple Effect Prices LCC Out Of Leasing Market

AirAsia X was all set to begin operations in July. The new budget airline start-up was scheduled to start service from Kuala Lumpur to Europe and China. But a "minor technical issue" has delayed the company's launch until at least 2008.

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Cebu Pacific Signs For 10 More A320s

Options For 10 Additional Planes

Phillipine low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific signed a contract this week for the purchase of 10 more A320 aircraft, with options on five aircraft and purchase rights on a further five aircraft.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (03.14.07)


Founded in 1947 and based in Washington, DC, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) is the leading organization for companies that rely on GA aircraft to help make their businesses more efficient, productive and successful.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (03.14.07): Flaps


Hinged surfaces attached to the trailing edge of a wing, either to increase maneuverability (as on a control line aerobatic model) or to increase lift at the expense of drag (as on most full size aircraft and some radio control airplanes).

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (03.14.07)

"This is very good news, but it is no reason to let down our guard. We need to build on this improving record with a continued emphasis on safety in all phases of aviation."

Source: NTSB Chairman Mark V. Rosenker, commenting on the news the number of accidents in all segments of civil aviation in 2006 were less than in 2005 -- with general aviation recording the lowest number of accidents and fatal accidents in the 40 years of NTSB record keeping.

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