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November 03, 2018

DJI Launches The Phantom 4 RTK Globally

Company's Most Compact And Accurate Low Altitude Mapping Solution To Date

DJI, the world's leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, today announced the global rollout of the Phantom 4 RTK, a high-precision aerial survey drone that combines centimeter-level navigation and positioning with a high-performance imaging system to improve survey efficiency and accuracy, reducing operational difficulty and cost.

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Northwest UAV Moves Towards FAA Part 21 Type Certification

Completes First Phase Requirement For The NW44 Program

UAV propulsion manufacturer Northwest UAV (NWUAV) has successfully completed the first phase towards FAA 14 CFR Part 21 Type Certification in support of the NW44 type certification program.

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NASA Retires Kepler Space Telescope

Spacecraft Has Run Out Of The Fuel Required For Further Science Operations

After nine years in deep space collecting data that indicate our sky to be filled with billions of hidden planets – more planets even than stars – NASA's Kepler space telescope has run out of fuel needed for further science operations. NASA has decided to retire the spacecraft within its current, safe orbit, away from Earth. Kepler leaves a legacy of more than 2,600 planet discoveries from outside our solar system, many of which could be promising places for life.

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AF Reserve Maintainers Take Part In Air Force Light Attack Experiment

Two Reservists Traveled To Holloman AFB For Two Months As Part Of The Evaluation Program

It’s not every day a pair of Reserve Citizen Airman maintainers get to help shape the future of the Air Force, but events like the recent light attack experiment can provide the opportunity.

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Meteorite Scientists Assail Claims By Boston Auction House As 'Ludicrous'

Question $612,000 Sale Of 'Moon Puzzle' To Vietnamese Buyer

On Friday, October 19th, in a widely publicized sale, a Vietnamese buyer spent $612,500 on a meteorite described by the internet auctioneer RR Auction as "The Largest Known Complete Lunar Puzzle."  The problem is it wasn't complete...nor was it close to being the largest. Additional attributes cited were also incorrect, according to Darryl Pitt, Curator of the Macovich Collection.

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Microsoft Azure Will Power AirMap's Traffic Management Platform For Drones

Bringing More Safe, Responsible, And Intelligent Drone Operations To The Public And Private Sectors

Drone airspace management platform AirMap has selected Microsoft Azure as its exclusive cloud platform to power its drone traffic management platform and developer ecosystem. AirMap will be partnering with Microsoft to evolve their products and scale to countries looking to enable the use of drones for commercial scenarios in a responsible way. With the AirMap platform powered by Microsoft Azure, customers will have access to more intelligent and ethical solutions for managing their drone operations around the world.

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Thrusters With 3-D Printed Components Qualified To Fly Humans On Orion

Successfully Tested Reaction Control Thruster System For NASA's Orion Crew Vehicle, Which Will Enable The Module To Safely Re-Enter Earth's Atmosphere

Aerojet Rocketdyne recently completed qualification testing for the enhanced reaction control thruster system for NASA’s Orion crew vehicle, helping to clear the way for the Lockheed Martin-built spacecraft’s second test flight, and first mission to cislunar space, called Exploration Mission-1 (EM-1).

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Longmont, CO City Council Wants Report On Skydiving Fatality

Jumper's Body Was Found Last Friday After Being Reported Missing

The Longmont, CO City Council has asked for a city staff report on the fatal injury of a skydiver whose body was found October 19th in a field near Vance Brand Municipal Airport.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (11.03.18)

"As NASA's first planet-hunting mission, Kepler has wildly exceeded all our expectations and paved the way for our exploration and search for life in the solar system and beyond. Not only did it show us how many planets could be out there, it sparked an entirely new and robust field of research that has taken the science community by storm." Source: Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of NASA's Science Mission Directorate in Washington.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (11.03.18): Magneto

A self-contained, engine-driven unit that supplies electrical current to the spark plugs; completely independent of the airplane’s electrical system.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (11.03.18)

The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA)

The association is recognized as the leading global industry association dedicated to pursuing and promoting environmental best practice, regulatory excellence and sustainable developments in aircraft disassembly, as well as the salvaging and recycling of aircraft parts and materials.

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