Jet Central Micro-Turbine Engines Impress

Founded in the late-1990s, Mexico City-based Jet Central produces a unique and fascinating line of micro-turbine engines for the hobby and professional sectors.

The company’s single-stage centrifugal-flow gas-turbine engines are configured to operate as turbojet propulsion systems for use primarily—but not exclusively—in remotely-piloted fixed-wing aircraft.

Jet Central’s micro-turbine powerplants range in size and output from the 7.95-inch-long, 1.81-pound (mass), 19.11-lbf-thrust, Hornet 85 SE to its 13.6-inch-long, 6.4-pound (mass), 61-lbf-thrust Dragon 300 SE. Interposed between are the 24-lbf-thrust Rabbit 100 SE, the 29.22-lbf-thrust Lynx 130 SE, the 36-lbf-thrust Cheetah 160 SE, the 45-lbf-thrust Rhino 200 SE, and the 56.2-lbf-thrust Mammoth 250 SE. The engines range in price from $2,350 to $4,995.

The entirety of Jet Central’s micro-turbines feature: robust metallic construction, flameout prevention, and altitude compensation. The engines are certified to run on diesel, kerosine, or Jet-A fuel. What’s more, telemetry from the mills is easily attainable by dint of an optional interface.

The reliability and longevity characteristic of Jet Central’s microturbines derive, in part, of the high-precision CNC machining and computerized balancing essential to the company’s manufacturing processes. The turbine wheels and Exit Guide Vanes (EGVs) of Jet Central’s wee turbine engines are casted by a third party, the primary business of which is producing similar castings for global commercial and military (full-sized) aircraft OEMs.

Jet Central is an ISO 9000 company and a full-production engine manufacturer. The majority of the components intrinsic to the company’s engines are produced in-house.

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