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April 09, 2024

Howard DGA6 'Mister Mulligan' a Vestige of the Best of Aviation

Aviation's Golden Age Epitomized by "Mr. Mulligan"

In the annals of aviation history, the Golden Age stands out as a period of rapid innovation, daring feats, and a public enamored with the romance of flight. It was an era that saw the likes of Charles Lindbergh capture the world's imagination with his solo transatlantic flight to Paris. Commercial aircraft, with their three engines, hummed through the skies at a leisurely pace of 90 miles per hour, while military planes pushed the envelope, inching toward the 200-mph mark. Air racing emerged as the heart of this age, drawing crowds that rivaled today's NASCAR events. The National Air Races in Cleveland were a spectacle, attracting over 80,000 spectators, with countless more huddled around ra

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AV8 Realty: At the Intersection of Aviation and Real Estate

New Brokerage Blends Real Estate and Aviation

AV8 Realty is a unique brokerage operating at the nexus of real estate and aviation. The trailblazing brokerage is unveiling its cutting-edge platform, This mobile-optimized Aviation Real Estate Exchange claims to be the first of its kind, catering specifically to the unique needs of pilots and aircraft owners. Under the leadership of Melanie Riddick, AV8 Realty is set to redefine the landscape of aviation real estate. What sets AV8 Realty apart is its pioneering use of artificial intelligence. This innovative feature allows users to filter properties based on the type of aircraft they own, ensuring that hangar dimensions are a perfect fit for their specific needs. Additionally, the plat

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Sunny Skies Await at Phillips 66 Aviation's 50th SUN 'n FUN Bash

Philliups Aviation Fuels A Major Sponsor of Sun n' Fun 2024

Gear up for an aviation extravaganza as Phillips 66® Aviation and Phillips 66® Lubricants hit the tarmac at this year's SUN 'n FUN, taking over Florida's Lakeland Linder International Airport (KLAL) from April 9 to 14. Dive into the celebration of 50 high-flying years at this annual Aerospace Expo, where over 500 exhibitors are set to showcase the crème de la crème of aviation products and services. Job hunters, aviation buffs, and forum enthusiasts, you're in for a treat!

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Airborne 04.09.24: SnF24!, Piper-Deltahawk!, Fisher Update, Junkers

 Also: ForeFlight Upgrades, Cicare USA, Vittorazi Engines, EarthX

We have a number of late-breaking news highlights from the 2024 Innovation Preview... which was PACKED with real news and probably broke more real news in one day than any other aviation event... again! The big announcement of the 2024 Sun n Fun Innovation Preview? Piper is working alongside the DeltaHawk diesel folks on what could eventually show up as a Diesel Piper PA-44 Seminole... which would be a VERY fuel-thrifty airplane. Not content to produce a classic aircraft with an inline engine, Junkers has updated... or backdated for that matter the A50 platform with an honest-to-goodness radial engine. And the results? Gorgeous... in both sight and sound. CKD Aerospace

Vertical Aviation Technologies Announces Major Upgrade for Hummingbird 300L Heli

Gross Weight Increase Enables 1,000 Lb. Useful Load

Vertical Aviation Technologies, based in Sanford, Florida, has made an exciting announcement regarding its Hummingbird 300L helicopter. The company has increased the gross weight of the aircraft to 2850 lbs, allowing for a useful load of 1000 lbs with a full interior. This enhancement is attributed to the incorporation of the cold air inducted IO-540 Lycoming engine, which provides outstanding performance at the new weight. The Hummingbird 300L is a four-seat helicopter that has been popular among aviation enthusiasts, with over 370 units sold in the past 37 years. It is sold as an Amateur Build Kit and is based on a design approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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Elixer Aircraft Opens New Facility at Sarasota-Bradenton Airport

Elixer Aircraft Opens New Factory at Sarasota-Bradenton Airport

Elixir Aircraft is setting a significant milestone in its expansion strategy by inaugurating a new assembly facility in Sarasota, Florida. This development was announced at the Sun'n'Fun airshow in Lakeland, Florida, showing Elixir Aircraft's commitment to serving its growing clientele in the United States. The Sarasota Bradenton Airport (SRQ) will host this new site, focusing on the reassembly of aircraft for delivery across the U.S. This move comes in response to the substantial demand for Elixir aircraft, with over 200 units already pre-ordered by American customers. The establishment of the Sarasota facility signifies Elixir Aircraft's transition into the next phase of i

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Airborne 04.01.24: April 1st Special! CubCrafters, $paceX Taxes, Demo Retro

Also: PETA Sues, AF1 Busts TFR, 747-1000 MAX!!!, 4th Class Medical Certificate

CubCrafters is testing a new backcountry landing gear configuration that the company conceived to dramatically reduce the potential for ground loops in backcountry flying. Recognizing recent industrywide calls from regulators, insurance companies, and many in the pilot community to continue with safety innovation in the backcountry, the company sees broad applications for this new technology. The State of Florida thinks that if you buy a new or used aircraft and sign the bill of sale... this starts "the clock." It is Florida's position that for the next six months (possibly thereaf

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TITAN Aerobatic Team to Debut at Sun n' Fun 2024

TITAN Aerobatic Team Set to make Debut at 50th Sun n'Fun

In an electrifying announcement that promises to elevate the 50th SUN 'n FUN Aerospace Expo to new heights, the TITAN Aerobatic Team is set to make its eagerly awaited debut from April 9-14, 2024, in Lakeland, FL. Sponsored by TITAN Aviation Fuels since December 2023, the team is revved up to captivate audiences with their unparalleled precision flying and heart-stopping aerobatic maneuvers. Sporting new vibrant paint schemes on their iconic North American AT-6 Texans, courtesy of Hangar 360 / John's 360 Coatings, and equipped with state-of-the-art canopies from LP Aero Plastics, the TITAN Aerobatic Team is ready to leave spectators in awe. Their performance, characterized by synchronized fl

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Avidyne Announces Easy Installation Kit for Vantage12 Displays

Simple Upgrade for Old Cirrus Owners Eases Wiring Hassles

A new package for the Avidyne Vantage12 line will allow Cirrus operators to make the jump to modern avionics easier than ever before, replacing their old Entegra systems with modern 12-inch glass panels. The upgrade is about as simple and as easy as they can make it now, allowing those with a technically vintage Cirrus from 2000 to 2008 to revamp their flight deck with minimal wiring fuss. The EZ Installation Kit, as Avidyne calls it, provides a prewired adapter harness that mates up directly to existing Entegra wiring, with optional pre-cut panels and overlays capping off the final installation for a touch of factory-made class.

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RAA Opens Application Window for 2024 Scholarship Program

RAA Announces 2024 Scholarship Program Opening

The Regional Airline Association announced the opening of the application window for its 2024 scholarship program, aimed at students preparing for careers in the airline industry. This initiative underscores RAA's commitment to fostering the next generation of aviation professionals and alleviating the financial burdens associated with higher education and training. This year, RAA will award three scholarships, each valued at $4,000, to deserving individuals who demonstrate a strong interest and academic commitment to the aviation field. The scholarship program is designed for students who are currently enrolled in accredited college or university programs leading to careers in the airline indust

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Airborne Affordable Flyers 03.28.24: E-Hawk Trainer, Bearhawk Changeover, SW-51

Also: MASSIVE Innovation Preview, 2024 AMA National Fun-Fly, Hartzell Acquires WhirlWind, Drone Safety Day

CKD Aero has partnered up with Kite Magnetics to create the Dakota e-Hawk, the “world’s most cost-effective two-seat electric aircraft”. The e-Hawk is intended to be the first in a lineup of kit aircraft using Kite’s KM-60 electric engine and running gear. The KM-60 is much like an old-school piston engine, offering air-cooled, direct drive propulsion with 60 kW (about 80 horsepower). Mark your calendars for April 9th at 1030ET... and log on to to see this year’s MASSIVE LIVE SUN n FUN Innov

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Space Force Issues Blueprint for Dominance in Space

United States Space Force (USSF) has laid out its blueprint for maintaining U.S. dominance in space

In an era where the final frontier is no longer just a vast expanse for exploration but a domain of strategic competition, the United States Space Force (USSF) has laid out its blueprint for maintaining U.S. dominance in space. On March 31, 2024, Gen. Chance Saltzman, the Chief of Space Operations for the USSF, unveiled this strategy amidst the backdrop of growing rivalry and the cluttering of space with hazards. Saltzman's remarks at the Spacepower Security Forum, hosted by the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies, came at a critical juncture. The U.S. faces an "incredibly sophisticated array" of threats ranging from space-based GPS jammer

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Bigger, Better, Badder… The 2024 SnF Innovation Preview Is On The Way!

Last Year's SnFIP ROCKED The Industry.... We're Aiming To Do Even More for 2024!

The 50th Annual SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo is proud to present, as the lead-in to the aviation year via its partnership with the Aero-News Network, the upcoming 2024 SUN ‘n FUN Innovation Preview. The aviation world is driven by new developments in technology, design, and innovation… And focusing the entire Aero-Verse at the beginning of the year on all that is cool, interesting, innovative, important, and pivotal is the ultimate aim of the 2024 SUN ‘n FUN Innovation Preview. The SUN ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo, as the aviation world's leadoff event and a history of many decades of service to the aviation indu

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NBAA Releases Management Guide

NBAA Releases Updated Management Guide

In a move reflective of the evolving landscape of the business aviation sector, the National Business Aviation Association has released an updated version of its Management Guide, a cornerstone resource for aviation leadership. As announced on April 8, 2024, this guide, now available in an exclusively online format for NBAA members, addresses the increasing alignment of flight department operations with mainstream corporate practices. Bill Riter, CAM and aviation department manager for Rich Products Corporation, emphasizes that the guide is designed to reflect and instill company values and objectives within flight department teams. This edition not only consolidates decades of industry wisdom on operati

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Classic Aero-TV: Versatile AND Practical - The All-Seeing Aeroprakt A-22 LSA

From 2016 (YouTube Version): A Quality LSA For Well Under $100k…

Aeroprakt unveiled its new LSA at the Deland Sport Aviation Showcase in November. Dennis Long, U.S. Importer and Distributer for Aeroprakt U.S.A., told ANN’s Tom Patton that the design has been around for nearly two decades. “What makes them special is their handling, anywhere between 100 miles per hour to 30 miles per hour,” Long said. “It’s just spectacular the way they handle thermals, and bumps and crosswinds.” Long said t

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NTSB Final Report: Piper PA-28-180

The Pilot Noticed That Both Fuel Tank Gauges Were Showing Empty...

Analysis: The pilot reported that, after flying for about four hours, the engine began to surge. Concerned about the fuel condition, he switched to the other fuel tank and turned toward a highway for a potential emergency landing. While descending, the engine experienced surges again and then sputtered, followed by a complete loss of engine power. The pilot noticed that both fuel tank gauges were showing empty. While maneuvering over the highway for a forced landing, the airplane’s right wingtip collided with a semi-truck, causing the airplane to strike the highway and veer off into a median.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (04.09.24)

"The company has increased the gross weight of the aircraft to 2850 lbs, allowing for a useful load of 1000 lbs with a full interior. This enhancement is attributed to the incorporation of the cold air inducted IO-540 Lycoming engine, which provides outstanding performance at the new weight." Source: More details from the folks at Vertical Aviation, who produce the four-place Hummingbird helicopter kit.

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