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March 21, 2013

Avoiding Asteroid Threats Requires Innovation, Commitment And Diligence

House Science, Space, And Technology Committee Reviews Government Efforts To Protect Earth

The House Science, Space, and Technology Committee held a hearing Tuesday titled "Threats from Space: A Review of U.S. Government Efforts to Track and Mitigate Asteroids and Meteors." The hearing is the first in a two-part series on what the U.S. is doing to track and monitor Near Earth Objects (NEO) that pose a threat to the planet. It comes one month after an asteroid passed the earth and a meteor exploded over the skies in Russia on the same day.

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Kansas Representatives Urge DoD To Reinstate LAS Stop Work Order

Republican Senators Roberts & Moran, Rep. Pompeo Address A Letter To SecDef Chuck Hagel

After the U.S. Air Force announced it would circumvent the Stop Work Order on the Light Air Support Embraer contract, U.S. Senators Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran and U.S. Representative Mike Pompeo, all Republicans, called on the Department of Defense to reinstate the Stop Work Order until the Government Accountability Office can review Beechcraft’s protest.

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U.S. Airlines Help Nation Reduce Trade Deficit

U.S Exported Nearly $40 Billion In Air Travel Services

U.S. exports of air travel reached an all-time high of nearly $40 billion, fueling an air travel trade surplus for the fourth consecutive year, according to data released by industry trade organization Airlines for America (A4A). The group said that activity helped the nation reduce its trade deficit in 2012, by exporting $39.5 billion in air-travel services, an all-time high, which helped produce a trade surplus for the fourth year in a row.

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Boeing Rolls Out First Next-Generation 737 At Higher Production Rate

First Airplane Off The Line Will Be Operated By Copa Airlines

The first Next-Generation 737 built at the new production rate of 38 airplanes a month has been rolled out of Boeing's main assembly building. Panamanian customer Copa Airlines will take delivery of the 737-800 in early April.

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TransPac Aviation Academy Announces Partnership With American Eagle

Pilot Training Program Will Provide 'Pilot Pipeline' For The Carrier

An agreement has been reached between TransPac Aviation Academy and American Eagle to offer the “American Eagle Pipeline Program”. This program will allow qualified pilots to work as a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) at TransPac Aviation Academy while being actively employed by American Eagle.

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AirVenture Welcomes Back Commemorative Air Force ‘Ghost Squadron’ B-29 And B-24

Historic World War II Aircraft To Participate Throughout Week At Oshkosh

Two of World War II’s most iconic aircraft, the Boeing B-29 Superfortress and the Consolidated B-24 Liberator, will be back at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh in 2013 as part of the Commemorative Air Force’s “Ghost Squadron” at The World Greatest Aviation Celebration. The airplanes will be among the two most noteworthy of the hundreds of warbird aircraft at Oshkosh in 2013.

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China Likely To See A Surge In GA

Government May Open Up Low-Altitude Airspace In May

An official change in government policy may lead to a surge of GA manufacturing in China, as low-altitude airspace is expected to be opened to GA operations in May of this year. There are currently only about a thousand GA aircraft registered in China, but the Beijing Automotive Group (BAIC) said during the 12th National People's Congress that it will soon begin to develop and then manufacture GA airplanes.

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Famous Supernova Reveals Clues About Crucial Cosmic Distance Markers

Data From NASA's Chandra X-Ray Observatory Adds To Scientists' Understanding

A new study using data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory points to the origin of a famous supernova. This supernova, discovered in 1604 by Johannes Kepler, belongs to an important class of objects that are used to measure the rate of expansion of the universe.

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Family Pet Loaded Onto The Wrong Flight

Flew From New Jersey To Arizona By Way Of ... Ireland

Some United Airlines baggage handler is likely in the doghouse after an English Springer Spaniel wound up flying from New Jersey to Ireland instead of to Phoenix, where its family was waiting.

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AD: Airbus Airplanes

AD NUMBER: 2013-05-09

PRODUCT: Certain Airbus Model A330-200, -300, and -200 Freighter series airplanes; and all Airbus Model A340-200 and -300 series airplanes.

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AD: Eurocopter France Helicopters

AD NUMBER: 2013-05-23

PRODUCT: Eurocopter France (Eurocopter) Model AS332C, L, and L1 helicopters to require a one-time inspection of the main rotor head (MRH) swash-plate upper bearing (bearing) for a non-smooth point (friction point).

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AD: Bombardier, Inc. Airplanes

AD NUMBER: 2013-05-06

PRODUCT: Certain Bombardier, Inc. Model CL-600-2A12 (CL-601) and CL-600-2B16 (CL-601-3A, CL-601-3R, and CL-604 Variants) airplanes.

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ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 03.21.13

Harrison Ford Warns of Tower Closure Consequences…

The Senate Blocks Moran’s Tower Closure Ammendment…

Apollo Rocket Engines Are

More AERO-Casts

Classic Aero-TV: AEA President Paula Derks -- Take Back Our Industry

Here's One More Way That The Transformation Of Aviation Can Happen... With Strong Leadership

ANN E-I-C Note, 03.21.13: A year later, this is still one of the best industry addresses we've seen. Listen carefully and tell me that AEA President Derks doesn't have her eyes squarely on the issues that plague our industry and her constituency. If all aero-leadership was this astute, we'd be in FAR better shape. -- Jim Campbell, ANN Editor-In-Chief/CEO The 2012 AEA Convention and trade show had much to boast about... great news, exciting product unveilings and no end of interesting products and people to feature.

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Next Week! Watch Live Coverage of AEA 2013 Convention

Opening Ceremonies and New Product Introductions Offer Live-Streaming Available in High-Definition

8:30 a.m. Pacific Time: Tuesday, March 26th Opening Ceremonies and New Product Introductions from 27 avionics manufacturers & distributors Las Vegas, NV. -- MGM Grand Hotel & Convention Center  The AEA New Product Introductions always is one of the most-popular sessions at the annual AEA Convention, and it has quickly evolved into a must-see, cornerstone showcase in recent years. The event, sponsored by Universal Avionics Systems Corp., is the primary launching pad for companies to unveil the latest and greatest in

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Senate Blocks Moran Contract Tower Amendment

Announcement Of Contract Tower Closings Could Come Friday

Senate leadership has blocked Senator Jerry Moran’s (R-KS) amendment from being considered on the Senate floor during debate on the Continuing Funding Resolution. The Moran amendment sought to stop the FAA’s plans to shutter the contract tower program under the sequestration process.

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Spacex's Merlin 1D Engine Achieves Flight Qualification

Musk: Engine 'Successfully Performed Every Test'

Space Exploration Technologies’ (SpaceX) Merlin 1D engine has achieved flight qualification, a major milestone for the next generation Merlin engine. Through a 28 test qualification program, the Merlin 1D accumulated 1,970 seconds of total test time, the equivalent run time of over 10 full mission durations, and is now fully qualified to fly on the Falcon 9 rocket.

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AUVSI Testifies At Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing On UAS

Law Enforcement, Privacy, Other Concerns The Focus Of The Hearing

The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing Wednesday focusing on "The Future of Drones in America: Law Enforcement and Privacy Considerations." Committee Chair Patrick Leahy (D-VT) said that there are many questions to be answered about how UAVs are used by various groups and agencies.

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AA-US Airways Merger Subject Of Senate Hearing

Consumer Group Urges Caution Going Forward With The Deal

The Senate Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee held a hearing Tuesday concerning the proposed merger of American Airlines and US Airways, and its impact on airline prices and services for consumers. Subcommittee chair Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) said that the hearing was designed to underscored the importance of protecting consumers and maintaining competition in the airline industry.

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Lawmaker Highlights Small Business Impact From Aircraft Tax-Change Proposal

Indiana Congressman Rokita Chides Democrats For 'Demagoguing' The Issue

The possible negative consequences from altering the tax-depreciation schedule for general aviation aircraft were recently highlighted by Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN) during a hearing on the proposed fiscal year 2014 budget.

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Harrison Ford Joins House Aviation Caucus On Capitol Hill

Meeting Sponsored By Several Advocacy Groups To Discuss Sequester

Actor, pilot, and GA advocate Harrison Ford was invited to join the house aviation caucus for an event Tuesday hosted by several of the industries biggest advocacy groups.

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Bezos Expeditions Recovers Apollo F-1 Engines

ROV Submarines Used To Reclaim Artifacts From Three Miles Underwater

When the main boosters for the Apollo Saturn V rockets fell into the Atlantic Ocean in the 1960s and 1970s, it was probably expected that they would never be seen again. The hardware that started men on their journey to the Moon sank in 3 miles of water, where they have lain for more than 40 years.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (03.21.13)

"Once there is an accident, and somebody dies and a plane crashes, the question will always be ‘what if there had been an air traffic control tower there? What if we had left the program in place?" Source: Kansas Senator Jerry Moran (R).

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (03.21.13): Layered Haze

Haze produced when air pollution from multiple line, area or point sources is transported long distances to form distinguishable layers of discoloration in a stable atmosphere.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (03.21.13)

The Airborne Law Enforcement Association - ALEA - is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational, individual membership organization, founded in 1968 to support and encourage the use of aircraft in public safety. Over 3,500 members strong from the international to the local level.

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