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February 27, 2024

Airborne-NextGen 02.27.24: Drone Arrest, Wisk-TX Air Taxi, New Glenn

 Also: 800 Drones 4 Ukraine, Scheibel Wins, More Balloonacy, Collier Trophy Nom's

An enterprising Pennsylvania man has been making a living by offering his drone services to local deer hunters, tracking down the game they hit in an effort to make good on their kills (and eliminate undue suffering to some animals)  - a job the state arrested him for. Wisk Aero has entered into a partnership with the City of Sugar Land, Texas, to bring their electric, 12-engine VTOL aircraft to taxi service in the area. Wisk has been hard at work pursuing regulatory approval for their 4-seat, 6th generation air taxi, looking forward to starting Part 135 passenger operations within a handful of years. Blue Origin's New Glenn vehicle was successfully

Genesys Aerosystems to Offer Autopilot on Enstrom 480Bs

Systems Expected to Roll Out by Year's End

Genesys Aerosystems will begin providing its Genesys Helicopter Autopilot in the Enstrom 480B this year, following installation and certification. The roadmap for the Genesys 3-axis VFR autopilot believes that certification will be completed soon, with the unit available for factory fit or aftermarket retrofit by the end of 2024. Interested 480B customers can have the autopilot installed by Enstrom itself, or by any approved Genesys dealer.

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Avidyne IFD Series Gets Rotor Approvals

AML-STC Provides Approvals Of Avidyne IFD Series FMS/GPS Systems

Avidyne is starting HAI with the news that their partner, U.K.-based Horizon Design Services, has received Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approval and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) validation of an Approved Model List-Supplemental Type Certificate (AML-STC) for installation of the Avidyne IFD-Series FMS/ GPS/ NAV/ COM systems as replacements for legacy GNS-Series navigators in nine different helicopter models. “This AML-STC provides a streamlined basis for installation of the Avidyne IFDs in a broad range of popular helicopters, eliminating the need for dealers and Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) facilities to perform costly field approvals with these avio

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A True Gathering... Mass Arrivals Set For Oshkosh 2024

Aircraft Groups Arriving At Oshkosh On July 19-21

The intriguing schedule is set for groups of specific aircraft types to land as mass arrivals before the start of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, which comes July 22-28 at Wittman Regional Airport. These groups will arrive at specific times on July 19-21, before opening day. “These arrivals add to the camaraderie at Oshkosh that makes it aviation’s annual family reunion,” said Sean Elliott, EAA’s vice president of advocacy and safety. “We schedule these mass arrivals in advance to give time for those who might be interested to find more information and complete any additional training that might be required by the individual aircraft group, as well as to let other pi

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Congressman Keeps Spy Balloon Issue Afloat

Rep Issa Demands Public Disclosure from Biden Administration

Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-48) is demanding answers from FBI Director Christopher Wray on the agency’s knowledge of, and analysis performed on, the Chinese spy balloon that traveled more than 4,000 miles across the United States just over a year ago. Issa’s letter, highlighted in an exclusive report in the New York Post, was sent as a response to the Biden Administration’s refusal to disclose any findings from the Bureau’s examination of the balloon after it was shot down by the U.S. Air Force after traveling across most of the continental United States.

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Seaplane Drags Wingtip Near Miami

Passengers Rattled, But Fine After Float Takes on Water

A seaplane coming in to land near Miami, Florida overturned after rollout, sending all 7 passengers aboard on a stressful, even harrowing dip in the seat that ultimately ended in relative safety. A Cessna 208 on floats was meandering through a channel between Port Miami's cruise ship terminals and a connective causeway on its way back to the Miami Seaplane Base when it tipped over, dunking one of its wings in the sea. The 1999 Caravan had taken off at around 1300 hrs local time on Friday, and was coming back in after a successful tour of the local area. Witnesses in the area reported that the pilot had porpoised a couple times on landing, which is theorized to have caused the starboard f

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Mississippi ANG AH-64 Crashes, Killing 2

Rash of Fatal Military Training Flights Continues in Worrying Turn

An AH-64 Apache on a routine training flight crashed near Booneville, Mississippi according to the National Guard there. The incident took place at around 1400 hrs local time, not quite the inclement, dangerous night missions often associated with fatal Apache incidents. The type's mission to hug the ground has always been a factor in crashes since its introduction, but the incident only raises eyebrows in a time when every week brings fresh news of another training crash.

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Aero-TV: Extra Aircraft Announces the Extra 330SX

An Even Faster Rolling Extra!

Jim Campbell joined General Manager of Extra Aircraft Duncan Koerbel at AirVenture 2023 to talk about what’s up and coming from the classic aerobatic manufacturer. The Extra 330SX builds upon the excellent 330SE to offer pilots an even leaner, tighter dancing partner than before. The 330SX recipe includes a shorter wingspan (about a foot less, tip-to-tip), and the same full-length ailerons as its forebear, offering even better roll rate and performance than ever before. Top it off with lightweight, function-dense glass panel avionics and it’s a superb companion for pilots with the skill to make the most of the machine.

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Wisk Embarks on Texas Air Taxi Partnership

City of Sugar Land Invites eVTOL Brand to Houston Region

Wisk Aero has entered into a partnership with the City of Sugar Land, Texas, to bring their electric, 12-engine VTOL aircraft to taxi service in the area. Wisk has been hard at work pursuing regulatory approval for their 4-seat, 6th generation air taxi, looking forward to starting Part 135 passenger operations within a handful of years. Their aircraft is aimed at providing a reliable, redundantly powered, autonomous travel solution for urban travelers, boasting a 90-sm range and 120-knot top speed.

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Club's Tecnam P2010 Damaged by Ghosts?

"No Pilot Admitted To Any Significant Event During Landing"

A recent report from the NTSB shows a surprising and spooky instance of mysterious damage to a Tecnam P2010, the Euro-accented, Italian Skyhawk. "During a maintenance event, a mechanic was asked to evaluate damage to the airplane’s right wing. Further inspection of the right wing and its internal components revealed that the rear wing spar was cracked, and several wing skin rivets had sheared. The right wing strut and right main landing gear strut were also bent. The flight club that operated the airplane reported that 22 pilots had flown the airplane in the recent past and no pilot admitted to any significant event during landing. The substantial damage to the right wing was l

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (02.27.24)

Aero Linx: The Society of United States Naval Flight Surgeons (SUSNFS)

The Society of United States Naval Flight Surgeons (SUSNFS) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1976 by CAPT Frank H. Austin, Jr. Its mission is to advance the science, art, and practice of aerospace medicine and the mission of the United States Navy and Marine Corps; to foster professional development in its members and strengthen fraternal ties; and to elevate the professional standing of Naval Flight Surgeons and other aerospace medicine practitioners. Membership in the Society is open to all Aeromedical Officer graduates of the Naval Aerospace Medical Institute in Pensacola, Florida.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (02.27.24): Air Traffic Service (ATS) Routes

Air Traffic Service (ATS) Routes The term “ATS Route” is a generic term that includes “VOR Federal airways,” “colored Federal airways,” “jet routes,” and “RNAV routes.” The term “ATS route” does not replace these more familiar route names, but serves only as an overall title when listing the types of routes that comprise the United States route structure.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (02.27.24)

“The Greater Houston area is experiencing some of the highest population growth in the country, which calls for new and efficient ways to move across the region. Sugar Land’s strategic location within the Greater Houston region, and its forward-thinking city leadership, make it an ideal partner for us and one that is uniquely positioned as an early leader in the launch of air taxi services. We look forward to working with Sugar Land, local ecosystem stakeholders, and the FAA on both ground and air infrastructure, as we bring autonomous air taxi services to the Greater Houston region.” Source:  Wisk CEO Brian Yutko, commenting on Wisk Aero having entered into a partnership with the City of Sugar Land, Texas,

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