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April 07, 2023

Airborne 04.07.23: Mk-II Aurora Spaceplane, UK Museum Threatened, Collier Trophy

 Also: Brew Crew Blunder, Seaplane Pilots Association, United Aviate Academy, Tamarack Winglet Separation

Dawn Aerospace has successfully completed the first series of rocket-powered test-flights of its Mk-II Aurora spaceplane. The flight-test campaign was carried out at New Zealand’s Glentanner Aerodrome on 29, 30, and 31 March. The accomplishment occasions an important milestone in the Aurora platform’s development and advances the company’s stated mission of “revolutionizing space access.” The U.K.’s Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre’s (CAHC) plans to relocate its collection of aviation artifacts to a new site have received a devastating blow. The Cornwall Council has set forth that the mus

Preliminary Report on Tamarack Winglet Separation Released

NTSB Finds “No Flight Control Anomalies”

On Thursday, 30 March 2023, a Cessna 525B CitationJet/M2 equipped with Tamarack Aerospace Group’s proprietary SMARTWING technology made a successful emergency landing at Tampa International Airport (TPA) after the aircraft’s left wing-tip—to include the SMARTWING winglet—separated in flight. The National Transportation Safety Board’s preliminary report on the incident sets forth that the CitationJet was "substantially damaged" when the left winglet—along with the Tamarack active control surface designed to automatically limit airframe loads attributable to subject winglet—departed the aircraft during cruise descent into Fort Myers, Florida’s Page F

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Cornwall Aviation Heritage Museum Under Dire Threat

Please, Help

The U.K.’s Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre’s (CAHC) one-time plans to relocate its collection of lovingly curated aviation artifacts to a new site have received a devastating blow of the maliciously Machiavellian type all too common in today’s impersonal world. The Cornwall Council has set forth that the museum must vacate its current premises immediately—notwithstanding the stone-cold fact that the facility’s new site will not be ready for 12 to 18 months.

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EAA’s B-25 Flies Again in 2023

All Aboard the Berlin Express

The EAA announced that its B-25 Mitchell, dubbed Berlin Express, will presently embark on a tour of eight U.S. states, during which history buffs and aviation enthusiasts will be afforded opportunities to fly aboard the storied World War II era aircraft.

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Mk-II Aurora Spaceplane Flies Under Rocket Power

Dawn Aerospace Platform Shows Promise

On 05 April 2023, Dawn Aerospace announced it had successfully completed the first series of rocket-powered test-flights of its Mk-II Aurora spaceplane. The flight-test campaign was carried out at New Zealand’s Glentanner Aerodrome on 29, 30, and 31 March. The accomplishment occasions an important milestone in the Aurora platform’s development and advances the company’s stated mission of “revolutionizing space access.”

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Airborne Unlimited SnF23-Day 4: Switchblade Flies!, Montaer MC01, SnF Island

Also: April 1st WARNING, UH-60 Accident, CompAir 6.2 Flies, Pan Am Flt Academy

Samson Sky, the “flying motorcycle” guys, have been a perennial fixture at airshows for years, many of us thought they were nothing but so many flashes in the pan... We have all just been corrected in a most pleasant manner. "We climbed to 60'; above the runway, flew approximately 4,500'; and then landed on the runway again.” The Light Sport industry offers a number of interesting variations on the aeronautical theme.... But the class high-wiing look perseveres... And occasionally may be improved upon... the Montair MC01 hopes to do just that. While Lakeland

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National Agricultural Aviation Association Issues Warning

Drones, Crop-Dusters, and the Necessary Space Between

As the efforts of American farmers bring about the onset of the nation’s growing season, the National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) has respectfully requested that operators of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)—drones, remote control aircraft, and the like—be mindful of low-altitude manned agricultural aircraft operations. Every year, agricultural aviators—read crop-dusters—treat 127-million acres of U.S. cropland, and perform a variety of services by which crops are protected and farmers’ productivity is increased.

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Wheels Up Plans Reverse Stock Split

Possible NYSE Delisting Looms

Wheels Up, the first private aviation concern to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, announced plans to ask its shareholders to approve a potential reverse stock split ahead of a possible delisting notice. A proxy statement filed on the morning of 04 April set forth that the private jet provider will petition its shareholders to vote on the measure at the company’s 31 May 2023 stockholder meeting.

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NASA Establishes New Moon to Mars Program Office

Bureaucracy’s Self-Perpetuation

NASA has established the new Moon to Mars Program Office at the space agency’s Washington D.C. headquarters. The office is tasked with overseeing NASA’s lunar and Martian human exploration programs and will be headed by Mr. Amit Kshatriya, who previously served as the agency’s acting deputy associate administrator for Common Exploration Systems Development—a capacity in which he provided leadership and integration across several of the programs which now fall within the purview of the new office.

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Classic Aero-TV: The Bally Bomber - The All Time Ultimate Warbird Replica?

From 2019 (YouTube Version): Aero-News Talks With The Airplane's Builder

One of the many unique airplanes at AirVenture 2018 was a 1/3-scale B-17 bomber built by Jack Bally, who talked about the 17-year project with Aero-News at the show last summer. Bally said that the idea was born over "too much beer one night with a bunch of buddies" as they talked about what kind of airplane they could build that would be the only one of its kind. They settled on the B-17, because as far as they knew, there were no flying 4-engine scale models WWII

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Classic Aero-TV: ERAU’s Matthew Gailey-2019 Bob Hoover Presidential Scholarship

From 2019: One Of Four Winners Of A 2019 Bob Hoover Legacy Foundation Scholarship

The recipients of the 2019 Bob Hoover Legacy Foundation scholarship were announced at AirVenture 2019. One of those to be recognized was Matthew Gailey, an ERAU Junior, Aeronautical Science Fixed Wing major with Applied Meteorology minor. He is studying at the Prescott Campus. Gailey will receive a $25,000 scholarship presented through the Foundation and The Citation Jet Pilot's Association (CJP). In partnership with EARU and the CJP, the Bob Hoover Legacy Foundation has annually presented Embry-Riddle students with scholarships to pursue careers in aviation since 20

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NTSB Prelim: Piper J3C; Piper PA28 (MidAir)

ADS-B Data Revealed That The Collision Occurred About 575 Ft Mean Sea Level

On March 7, 2023, at 1400 Eastern Standard time, a Piper J3C airplane, N10510, and a Piper PA-28-161 airplane, N9221D, collided in midair in Winter Haven, Florida. The flight instructor and pilot receiving instruction on each airplane were fatally injured. Both flights were operated as Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 91 instructional flights. According to the operator of the float-equipped J3C, the airplane was returning to Jack Brown’s Seaplane Base (F57), Winter Haven, Florida for a water landing after a local flight. The J3C was not equipped with a radio and was therefore not self-announcing or able to receive transmissions on common traffic a

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (04.07.23)

Aero Linx: The International Auster Club

Welcome to The International Auster Club. The oldest specific aircraft type club in the United Kingdom and possibly in the world. There are currently 350 active members in our club, sharing their knowledge and experience. You do not need to be an owner or pilot to join us. We welcome any enthusiast.     

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (04.07.23): VFR Terminal Area Charts (1:250,000)

VFR Terminal Area Charts (1:250,000)

Depict Class B airspace which provides for the control or segregation of all the aircraft within Class B airspace. The chart depicts topographic information and aeronautical information which includes visual and radio aids to navigation, airports, controlled airspace, permanent SUA, obstructions, and related data. 

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (04.07.23)

“We found a new site after they turned down all of our previous proposals without even discussing them, we raised £1-million, we received the unequivocal support of every major education body in the County, we offered the once in a lifetime chance for Cornwall to have a unique, all-year, state-of-the-art aerospace attraction and education hub. All they had to do was let us stay where we are for another 8 to 12 months. But no, they won’t even let us relocate in realistic fashion, they would rather see this one-of-a-kind, award-winning business disappear. It’s utterly disgraceful."

Source: CAHC Museum founder and director Richard

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