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May 20, 2018

Airborne 05.18.18: V-280 Valor, 'Doors Off' Helo Flight, Cockpit Window Breaks

Also: A330neo Launch Operator, AMA Celebrates, Gulfstream G500 And G600, Wes' New Book

The Bell V280 Valor has reached a significant milestone it its flight test program. On May 11, the aircraft flew in "cruise mode" for the first time, reaching a true airspeed of 190 knots. The flight marks the first time the airplane has transitioned from vertical to horizontal flight by pivoting the rotors to a forward-facing configuration. The team plans to gradually expand the aircraft's flight envelope with a goal of achieving the designed cruise speed of 280 knots. The V-280 Valor is powered by two 5,000 horsepow

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Boeing Donates $1 Million To Nonprofits

Supports Well-Being, Mental Health, Veterans And Community Programs

Boeing is making a $1 million donation to benefit seven nonprofit organizations supporting mental health, veterans, well-being and community programs around the world.

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Embry-Riddle Tackles Language As A Factor In Aviation Safety

Hosts International Civil Aviation English Association (ICAEA) Conference On Communication

On Aug. 14, 2005, a Helios Airways Boeing 737-300, en route from Lanarco to Prague by way of Athens climbed to 16,000 feet altitude before the captain reported an alarm. For eight minutes, the Boeing flew to 28,900 feet while the captain communicated with a ground team. Passenger oxygen masks deployed. Transmissions went silent. Fighter jet pilots, once airborne, saw the Boeing’s first officer slumped over the controls.

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ATLAS Space Operations Confirms Panelists, Topics For The Michigan Space Forum

Inaugural Event To Be Held June 8th

ATLAS Space Operations has announced the confirmation of panelists for the inaugural Michigan Space Forum being held June 8, 2018 at Northwestern Michigan College, in Traverse City, Michigan.

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Adventist Aviation Makes First Flight To Remote Village

In Papua New Guinea, Church-Supporting Ministry Reaches One More Milestone

The people of Wetap in Oksapmin, Telefomin, in the Sandaun Province of Papua New Guinea (PNG), witnessed the landing of an Adventist Aviation Services (AAS) plane for the first time right in their village.

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Exiled Asteroid Discovered In Outer Reaches Of Solar System

Space Rock Is More Than 2.5 Billion Miles From Earth

An international team of astronomers has used ESO telescopes to investigate a relic of the primordial Solar System. The team found that the unusual Kuiper Belt Object 2004 EW95 is a carbon-rich asteroid, the first of its kind to be confirmed in the cold outer reaches of the Solar System. This curious object likely formed in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and has been flung billions of kilometres from its origin to its current home in the Kuiper Belt.

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CDB Aviation Completes Delivery Of Two 737-800 Aircraft

Will Enter Service With Ukraine International Airlines

CDB Aviation Lease Finance DAC, a wholly owned Irish subsidiary of China Development Bank Financial Leasing Co., Limited (“CDB Leasing”), has delivered two Boeing 737-800 aircraft to Ukraine’s flag carrier Ukraine International Airlines (“UIA”). The aircraft delivered from CDB Aviation’s order book with Boeing.

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Gremlins on Track for Demonstration Flights in 2019

Airborne Launch And Recovery Of Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Systems Could Enhance Combat Operations In Contested Areas

DARPA is progressing toward its plan to demonstrate airborne launch and recovery of multiple unmanned aerial systems (UASs), targeted for late 2019. Now in its third and final phase, the goal for the Gremlins program is to develop a full-scale technology demonstration featuring the air recovery of multiple low-cost, reusable UASs, or “gremlins.”

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FAA Awards STC For EmPower Installed In The Flight Deck

Astronics Connectivity Systems And Certification Receives Authorization For Retrofit Installations In Multiple Boeing Aircraft Models

The FAA has awarded an STC to Astronics Connectivity Systems and Certification (CSC) for retrofit installations of Astronics’ EmPower in the flight deck on multiple Boeing aircraft types. Astronics CSC completed the STCs in conjunction with retrofit projects for multiple airlines, in which more than 600 aircraft will provide the EmPower outlets for pilot use.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (05.20.18): Execute Missed Approach

Execute Missed Approach Instructions issued to a pilot making an instrument approach which means continue inbound to the missed approach point and execute the missed approach procedure as described on the Instrument Approach Procedure Chart or as previously assigned by ATC. The pilot may climb immediately to the altitude specified in the missed approach procedure upon making a missed approach. No turns should be initiated prior to reaching the missed approach point. When conducting an ASR or PAR approach, execute the assigned missed approach procedure immediately upon receiving instructions to “execute missed approach.”

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (05.20.18)

Aero Linx: Directorate General of Civil Aviation (India) Directorate General of Civil Aviation is the regulatory body governing the safety aspects of civil aviation in India. This document provides the organisation of DGCA at headquarters and regional offices including role and functions of the organization and the various existing and newly created directorates/ divisions of DGCA in a consolidated format.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (05.20.18)

“We were honored to be selected by several airlines to create this retrofit solution for flight deck power. Our global experience in certification services is helping these airlines quickly provide a unified flight deck power experience across their entire fleets, which offers seamless convenience for their crews.” Source: Michael Kuehn, President of Astronics CSC, in comments made following the FAA's awar of an STC to Astronics Connectivity Systems and Certification (CSC) for retrofit installations of Astronics’ EmPower in the flight deck on multiple Boeing aircraft types. Astronics CSC completed the STCs in conjunction with retrofit projects for multiple airlines, in which more than 600 aircraft will prov

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