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December 15, 2021

Airborne 12.15.21: Privateer v FAA, BGen Charles McGee, Kentucky CAP

Also: Jetblue Diversifies, PWI's Ice Light, AA Scales Back, Titan’s T-51
The Privateer Amphibian, a clean-sheet design made to improve amphibious aircraft, has seen delays in its flight testing program owing to a number of bureaucratic requirements and agency decisions that have led to an exasperated crew and increasing costs of compliance for the fledgling company. The Amphibian is the result of inventor John Meekins' quest to purchase a modern seaplane. Joint Base San Antonio, Texas held an event as part of its year-long celebrations for the Air Force's 75th Anniversary, congratulating former Tuskegee Airman Brigadier General Charles E. McGee on his 102nd birthday. The 12th Flying Training Wing treated their forebear to a heritage tour of their n

2022 US Aerobatic 'Nationals' Date Set And CD Named

The US Nationals Will Once Again Be Held In Salina, Kansas On October 2-7, 2022

At the IAC’s fall board meeting, the contest director and the location and dates of the 2022 U.S. National Aerobatics Championships were approved by the IAC board of directors. Mike Heuer IAC #4 was approved as contest director and the U.S. Nationals will once again be held in Salina, Kansas on October 2-7, 2022. Mike’s aerobatic career started in 1965 when he attended the Antique Airplane Association’s annual fly-in in Ottumwa, Iowa and witnessed one of the few aerobatic contests that were in existence at that time. It spurred him on to learn aerobatics and he flew his first contest in Monroe, Louisiana in 1968 in a Ryan ST-A. Over the years, he comp

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Kentucky CAP Wing Flying Post-Tornado Assessment Missions

More Than 1,200 Photos Were Taken Sunday, The First Day Of Operations

Kentucky Wing Civil Air Patrol aircrews are flying storm surveys to assist the National Weather Service and the Kentucky Emergency Management Agency in gauging the official intensities of the deadly tornadoes that ripped into the Midwest on Dec. 10. Kentucky Wing aircrews carried out a dozen sorties over the past few days, flying nearly 20 hours to provide imagery for the recovery effort in their state. More than 1,200 photos were taken Sunday, the first day of operations.

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Airborne 12.10.21: Rutans Honored, Airspeeder Racers, Parrot UAS

Also: Gulfstream G500-G600, Finland to Pick F-35, FAA Accepts DRL, China Begins 737 Max RTS

The Mojave Air and Space Port Board of Directors has voted to incorporate the Rutan name in their title, with specific verbiage to be announced after some brainstorming and approval. The board voted 4 to 0, with President Jim Balentine abstaining from the vote. The move aims to recognize the efforts of legendary aircraft designer Burt Rutan, and his record-setting aviator sibling, Dick Rutan, for their work in putting the facility on the flight-test map. The upcoming Airspeeder flying car series is slated to be introduced in upcoming unmanned races between compe

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Tuskegee Airman Turns 102 at 12th FTW

Base Celebrates Fighter Pilot Who Flew Combat Missions From WWII to Vietnam

Joint Base San Antonio, Texas held an event as part of its year-long celebrations for the Air Force's l75th Anniversary, congratulating former Tuskegee Airman Brigadier Charles E. McGee on his 102nd birthday. The 12th Flying Training Wing treated their forebear to a heritage tour of their new equipment, including a T-1A Jayhawk bearing his name. Following the tour, McGee took the opportunity to review his career with members of the media and 99th Training Squadron pilots, after which he and his family completed a practice mission in the T-1A aircraft full motion simulator. The visit concluded with lunch and the presentation of a squadron-made T-7A Red Hawk model painted in

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The Marine Corps “Black Knights” Return

VMFA-314 Was The First Marine Corps Squadron To Transition To The F-35C Variant

Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 314 of 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing returned recently from conducting their final integrated training cycle with Carrier Strike Group Three aboard USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) making preparations to lead the Marine Corps into the next step in naval aviation as the first USMC squadron to deploy the F-35C on an aircraft carrier. The at-sea period with CSG-3 evaluated the mission readiness of a U.S. Navy battle group and its ability to perform as an integrated unit. The exercise ensures squadrons such as VMFA-314 are fully prepared to work alongside other elements aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln as a cohesive fighting force.

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Rostec Unveils Ansat Helicopter's External Sling System

Ansat Helicopter receives Cargo Carrying, SAR Equipment Add-Ons

The Kazan Helicopter Plant of JSC Helicopters received Russia transport agency approval to equip their Ansat helicopter with an external load-bearing sling system, allowing for the carriage of oversize loads or firefighting for the aircraft around the world. The addition expands the mission capability of the light, multipurpose helicopter. The Kazan Ansat began its widespread commercial service almost 10 years ago, introduced as a light passenger version with seating for 10 passengers. It has established a name for itself as an affordable, do-all option for those operators requiring a wide range of temperature operations, certified in its homeland for -45C to more than 50C.

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PWI's Ice Light Receives PMA Approval

Drop-In LED Bulb Available for King Air, Citation, Caravan Aircraft 

PWI, the aircraft lighting specialist, has received parts manufacturer approval for its LED Ice Light for installation on a range of Beechcraft and Cessna Aircraft. The light is slated to provide 100,000 hours of service life, a vast difference over stock incandescent bulbs at 165 hours. The light provides 210 more lumens than similar replacements, enhancing the ability of the crew to gauge the formation of ice formation on the aircraft. The LED construction, as is the norm for the tech, runs much cooler than stock units, resulting in less lens discoloration over time, cracking, or warping of the housing throughout its service life. 

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Aero-TV At XPO21: Autel Dragonfish - An Unmanned ‘Bear In The Air’

UAV Has Been Placed With Florida’s Lee County Sheriff's Office

Aero-News Network's Editor-in-Chief, Jim Campbell, takes a moment to speak with Jon McBride, Director of Training at Autel Robotics. The drone manufacturer has had a solid 2021 in the lead up to AUVSI XPO, placing their Dragonfish fixed-wing UAV with the Lee County Sheriff's office in Fort Meyers, Florida.

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Airborne-Unmanned 12.07.21: FAA Campaign, Skyborne-Flyby, Micro Drones Sim

Also: Drone Fund, AeroVironment Award, Helijet-Blade Deal, MOC-Sim eVTOL Sim

The FAA has launched its "12 Days of Drones" campaign to educate the public about the best practices inherent to the hobby. While drones have settled into a somewhat common and well understood hobbyist aircraft or videography assistant, public understanding and familiarity with UAV regulations remains lower than desired.The agency is sharing a specific topic or bundle of knowledge for each of 12 days through December 17th, building a short and effective knowledge base for incoming drone pilots. Skyborne Airline Academy celebrated the achievement of 2 recent ATPL UK graduates j

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NTSB Prelim: Beech P35

(Pilot) Was Aware Of Two Active AIRMETs For Icing Conditions To The West And Southwest Of His Location

On October 31, 2021, about 1334 mountain daylight time (MDT), a Beech P35 Bonanza airplane, N8625M, was substantially damaged with it was involved in an accident near Harrison, Nebraska. The pilot, passenger, and a dog were fatally injured. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 personal flight. The airplane departed Marion, Ohio (MNN), about 0800 EDT and stopped for fuel at Marshalltown, IA (MIW). The airplane departed about 1104 central daylight time (CDT) and was en route to Douglas, WY (DGW), with a cruise altitude from 4,400 ft to 5,300 ft msl. A witness reported that while flying his airplane 15 miles so

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AD: Leonardo S.p.a. Helicopters

AD 2021-23-22 Requires Various Inspections Of Certain MR Dampers

The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain Leonardo S.p.a. Model AB139 and AW139 helicopters. This AD was prompted by reports of failed main rotor (MR) dampers. This AD requires various inspections of certain MR dampers, as specified in a European Aviation Safety Agency (now European Union Aviation Safety Agency) (EASA) AD, which is incorporated by reference. The FAA is issuing this AD to address the unsafe condition on these products. This AD is effective January 18, 2022.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (12.15.21)

Aero Linx: Gliding New Zealand New Zealand is acknowledged internationally as providing some of the best soaring conditions in the World. Over many years, New Zealand glider pilots have proved themselves, with success in World Championships and many World Records for both speed and distance flights. There is a strong volunteer ethic within the sport that enables Gliding New Zealand Incorporated (GNZ) and its constituent clubs to continue to operate on minimal budgets. Members enjoy a strong sense of camaraderie and the international badge and awards system provides challenges and incentives for pilots at all levels of experience. The sport has embraced technology and uses modern gliders with advanced

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (12.15.21): Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS)

Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) An EFVS is an installed aircraft system which uses an electronic means to provide a display of the forward external scene topography (the natural or man-made features of a place or region especially in a way to show their relative positions and elevation) through the use of imaging sensors, including but not limited to forward-looking infrared, millimeter wave radiometry, millimeter wave radar, or low-light level image intensification. An EFVS includes the display element, sensors, computers and power supplies, indications, and controls. An operator’s authorization to conduct an EFVS operation may have provisions which allow pilots to conduct IAPs when the r

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (12.15.21)

“It is an honor for him but I know that when he travels, he does it to represent everybody who can’t be here, and that is why he is still going at 102... There are so many of his comrades who are not able to do what he does, so he keeps showing up to represent them.” Source: The daughter of former Tuskegee Airman Brigadier Charles E. McGee, speaking about his 102nd birthday. Addendum: The staff of ANN wishes our dear friend a very Happy Birthday... and many more. We look forward to swapping flying stories with him again soon.

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