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November 26, 2017

Hawaiian Airlines Flights Help Fill Pacific Data Gap To Measure Climate Change

A330 Aircraft Equipped With Special Instruments To Measure Atmospheric Health

Travelers boarding a Hawaiian Airlines aircraft on their flights to and from the Hawaiian Islands are now also helping support an innovative research project to measure climate change and air quality worldwide.

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Avfuel Unveils New Training Designator On Fuel Finder

Provides Information About Training For FBO Staff In Fuel Handling

Avfuel recently unveiled a new designator on its fuel finder: ATS for the Avfuel Training System. Now, when operators search for fueling locations at, they are able to easily identify which Avfuel-branded FBOs subscribe to the comprehensive training system in addition to the availability of Avfuel Contract Fuel and its pricing, and the availability of AVTRIP and special promotions.

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VolAero Drones Fights Everglades' Python Invasion With Thermal Cameras

Miami-Based Drone-Tech Startup Records First-Ever Drone Thermal Video Footage Of Python Capture At Night

VolAero Drones is working with famed outdoorsman Bill Booth to demonstrate that drones equipped with the latest thermal imaging equipment can effectively spot and track pythons at night – the prime hunting time. Over 100,000 Burmese pythons infesting the Florida Everglades  have decimated 90 percent of small wildlife while surviving all attempts at eradication.

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L3 Announces Free Space Optics Contract Awards

Enables High-Bandwidth Communications While Protecting Signal Integrity

L3 Technologies has been awarded multiple contracts relating to the development of Free Space Optics (FSO) capabilities for U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and space customers. FSO technology enables high-bandwidth communication while protecting signal integrity in a highly contested spectrum environment and is a proven next-generation solution for high-capacity, over-the-air communications.

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ESA Transferring Ownership Of Three Ground Stations

Spain And Portugal Will Take Over Satellite Tracking For Multiple Customers

As part of ESA’s strategy to foster commercial competitiveness in Europe while focusing on its core aims, the agency has transferred ownership of several ground tracking stations for reuse by external organizations.

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Singapore Airlines Selects Airbus For A380 Retrofit Program

Fourteen Aircraft Currently In Service To Receive Airline’s New Cabin Products

Airbus has been selected by Singapore Airlines (SIA) to provide cabin retrofit services for 14 A380 aircraft currently in service with the carrier. The retrofit program, which will be undertaken at SIA Engineering Company in Singapore, will see the airline’s recently launched cabin products installed on the aircraft. The new cabin products will debut on five new A380s to be delivered this year and next year.

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U.S. Navy Selects Rockwell Collins For New E-2D Tactics Trainer

Increases Mission Readiness Through Integrated Training With Other Simulators Throughout The U.S.

The U.S. Navy has selected Rockwell Collins to provide a new E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Tactics Trainer in support of the E-2D Hawkeye Integrated Training Systems (HITS) III program. The initial contract is valued at $34.5 million with a total of $85.9 million on other E-2D training systems currently in service.

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CAE Concludes Acquisition Of AirAsia's Share Of The Asian Aviation COE

Deal Valued At $100 Million

CAE has concluded the acquisition of AirAsia's share of the Asian Aviation Center of Excellence (AACE) for $100 million (U.S.) (including earn-out). All the required conditions and regulatory approvals have been obtained. The sale and purchase agreement had been announced in a press release dated August 24, 2017.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (11.26.17)

Aero Linx: California Pilots Association Established in 1949, we are a statewide non-profit committed to the support of our state general aviation airports and flight privileges. Our objectives are: Growing General Aviation Airport/infrastructure support and advocacy Advice/Expert Testimony Research, Education/Information, and Events – such as our Annual Meeting and statewide meet and greet meetings We are a statewide non-profit served by volunteers. All money collected in the form of dues or donations i

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (11.26.17): Tower

Tower A terminal facility that uses air/ground communications, visual signaling, and other devices to provide ATC services to aircraft operating in the vicinity of an airport or on the movement area. Authorizes aircraft to land or takeoff at the airport controlled by the tower or to transit the Class D airspace area regardless of flight plan or weather conditions (IFR or VFR). A tower may also provide approach control services (radar or nonradar).

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (11.26.17)

"Python hunters finally have a tool to make hunting more efficient, bringing down the python numbers that are devastating Florida's Everglades. This drone and thermal technology is light-years ahead of shining a flashlight into the darkness and hoping for the best. The thermal imagery picked up not just the monster pythons, but also native snakes as small as 18 inches. This suggests that we'll be able to spot and eliminate clusters of python hatchlings, which will help curb their reproductive cycle." Source: Famed outdoorsman Bill Booth, who has partnered with VolAero Drones to demonstrate that drones equipped with the latest thermal imaging equipment can effectively spot and track pythons at night – the prime hunting time.

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