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January 04, 2023

Legend Lost: Apollo Astronaut Walter Cunningham Dies at 90

Cunningham Was Selected As An Astronaut In 1963

The legends of yesterday are disappearing at a breathtaking rate. Former astronaut Walter Cunningham, who flew into space on Apollo 7, the first flight with crew in NASA’s Apollo Program, died early Tuesday morning in Houston. He was 90 years old... and he was our friend (ANN's Jim Campbell still carries around his 'Turtle' card to this day, with Walt's sig). “Walt Cunningham was a fighter pilot, physicist, and an entrepreneur – but, above all, he was an explorer. On Apollo 7, the first launch of a crewed Apollo mission, Walt and his crewmates made history, paving the way for the Artemis Generation we see today,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. “NASA will alway

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South Korea to Host World Drone Racing Championship

Unleashed in the East

The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) has announced its selection of South Korea as the host nation of the 2023 World Drone Racing Championship. The competition, the largest and richest of its kind, offers contestants a prize pool of a cool $100,000.

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The Looming Decline of Private Aviation?

Riding the Bull, Eluding the Bear

On 03 January 2023, Mr. Brian Foley, a former Boeing flight test engineer and Dassault Falcon Jet marketing director turned aviation consultant, penned an intriguing essay in which he posits the private aviation sector may be headed for a slump. Subject essay, to which Mr. Foley ascribed the gloomy if not arguably apposite title Private Aviation’s Sudden Popularity Falls Back to Earth, merits consideration by those sufficiently circumspect to realize all good things must, and inevitably do come to their respective ends.

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Allegations of Corruption Haunt Phillip A. Washington

Biden’s Pick for FAA Boss Faces Uphill Road to Confirmation

Phillip A. Washington, Joe Biden’s pick to lead the Federal Aviation Administration, is facing an uncertain and uphill path to confirmation amid concerns about his dearth of aviation experience and documented entanglement in an ongoing corruption investigation.

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China Accuses U.S. of Distorting 21 December Near Miss

Vagaries of The People’s Liberation Memory

Responding to U.S. allegations that on 21 December 2022, a USAF RC-135 tanker operating over contested waters of the South China Sea was forced to take evasive action after being set upon and harassed by a People’s Liberation Army Naval Air Force (PLAN) J-11, Mr. Tian Junli, a spokesman for China’s Southern Theater Command, set forth that the United States had misled the public about the incident.

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NASA Considers Soliciting SpaceX’s Assistance

Crew Dragon Lifeboat for Stranded ISS Crewmembers?

The safety of crew-members aboard the International Space Station (ISS) has been foremost on the minds of NASA and Roscosmos personnel after MS-22, a Russian Soyuz capsule docked to the ISS, sprung a coolant leak on 14 December 2022, thereby calling into question the craft’s spaceworthiness. NASA set forth in a statement that it has "reached out to SpaceX about its capability to return additional crew members aboard Dragon if needed in an emergency, although the primary focus is on understanding the post-leak capabilities of the Soyuz MS-22 spacecraft."

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Japan Monitors Chinese Naval Activity From The Air

East Asian Tensions on the Rise

The Japanese government announced on 02 January 2023 that it had dispatched fighter jets, tactical aircraft, and warships to keep tabs on a Chinese naval flotilla conducting maneuvers and flight operations in the Western Pacific.

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Classic Aero-TV: Kitfox Series 7 Speedster - A Little Bit Wild and Totally Cool!

From 2017 (YouTube Version): Kitfox Introduces A New Version Of The Venerable Speedster…

In 1992, Kitfox brought its first Speedster to Oshkosh. In 2017, the company gave the public the first look at the newly-redesigned variant of the aircraft. Working from the very successful and robust Kitfox S7 Super Sport, Kitfox has created a clipped wing, aerodynamically refined and superbly stylized tail dragger that is guaranteed to get the heart rate up to redline.  With Rotax fuel injected power, the 2017 Kitfox Speedster is significantly larger and faster than its earlier namesake, with a great useful load and excellent short field perfor

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NTSB Prelim: Gates Lear Jet Corp. 36

The Second-In-Command, Who Was The Pilot Flying, Called To Abort The Takeoff

On November 30, 2022, about 0730 eastern standard time, a Lear Jet Corp. 36, N12FN, was substantially damaged when it was involved in an accident at Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport (PHF), Newport News, Virginia. The pilot-in-command, second-in-command, and flight crew member were not injured. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 instructional flight. According to the pilot-in-command (PIC), the preflight inspection, engine start-up, and taxi were “normal.” During the takeoff roll, he heard “one boom” and one second later called V1, which is the maximum speed at which a rejected takeoff can be i

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (01.04.23)

Aero Linx: Aerostar Owners Association Why join the Aerostar Owners Association? The Association offers the Aerostar Owner a unique opportunity to tap an invaluable source of information concerning the care and feeding of this fine airplane. The networking aspect alone is worth the cost of the membership dues of $250 per year ($275 for members outside the United States). You can make unlimited telephone calls to the AOA office and speak with a person completely knowledgeable in the operation of the various models and if the information is not readily available, every effort will be made to get the answer to the member as soon as possible. In addition, the Association keeps in touch with all it's

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (01.04.23): Outer Fix Arc

Outer Fix Arc A semicircle, usually about a 50-70 mile radius from a meter fix, usually in high altitude, which is used by CTAS/ERAM to calculate outer fix times and determine appropriate sector meter list assignments for aircraft on an established arrival route that will traverse the arc.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (01.04.23)

“We would like to express our immense pride in the life that he lived, and our deep gratitude for the man that he was – a patriot, an explorer, pilot, astronaut, husband, brother, and father. The world has lost another true hero, and we will miss him dearly.” Source: The family of Apollo 7 Astronaut, Walt Cunningham, after he went west at the age of 90.

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