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September 02, 2021

Aero-TV At OSH21: Volocopter Makes Moves At Oshkosh

CEO Florian Reuter Shares Future Plans

Volocopter CEO Florian Reuter spoke with ANN about the successful public test flight they took for their eVTOL aircraft at Oshkosh. They wanted to fly in front of a crowd and that mission was accomplished, with proper FAA permissions of course. “What we saw with the 2X generation, the previous generation aircraft, we’ve been flying this for quite some time, over 1000 test flights amassed on that generation of aircraft. We are flying remote controlled, piloted aircraft as well as fully autonomous,” Reuter says.

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Airborne 08.30.21: Afghan Aircraft, New Shepherd Model, Beechcraft Denali

Also: Piper Pilot 100i, FAA Proposes $617K Fine, ALPA Contributes $200K, Laser Pointer Sentenced

According to US Congressman Jim Banks, the Taliban has over 200 Aircraft and Helicopters from US withdrawal. Banks gave details on the situation in a speech earlier this week in Washington and warned that the Taliban now has access to over $85 billion worth of American military equipment. Banks was a Navy reservist who served in Afghanistan as well as a foreign military sales officer. “The Taliban now has access to over $85 billion worth of American military equipment. That includes over 75,000 vehicles, over 200 airplanes and helicopters..." You can

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Guimbal’s North American Fleet Of Cabri G2s Exceeds 50,000 Hours

Precision and Guimbal Have Been Collaborating Since 2014

Precision Support Services, Guimbal’s North American Dealer, reveals the North American fleet of Guimbal Cabri G2s has exceeded 50,000 flight hours. There are over 40 Cabri G2s operating in the U.S. and Canada, representing over 20 flight schools, community colleges, universities, and private operators. Since 2014, Precision and Guimbal have been working together to import Cabri G2’s into the US, achieving FAA certification in 2015.

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900! Dunn Aviation Continues Partnership With Air Tractor

Air Tractor Ferries From Texas To Australia

Neville Dunn of Dunn Aviation, an Australian Air Tractor operator, recently took delivery of AT-802A-0900, the 900th in the 802 ag and firefighting series built by Air Tractor in Olney, Texas. The AT-802A-0900 ferry pilot left the Air Tractor headquarters on June 9th, reaching Australia in mid-June. Also on order is the AT-802A-0905. The airplanes are configured as single-engine air tankers for aerial firefighting. Dunn offers a wide range of services in addition to firefighting including pest and disease control, baiting, fertilizing, seeding, oil slick pollution control, mine site dust suppression, and revegetation. Dunn’s father, Ian Dunn, founded

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Avelo Airlines: Hiring Now At HVN

Career Fair To Take Place September 10

Avelo Airlines and Tweed-New Haven Airport are planning a multi-million dollar airport renovation that includes establishing Avelo’s first base on the East Coast at HVN. Now, they are beginning to accept applications for more than 100 new jobs that will be based at the airport. By December 2021, Avelo expects to hire at least 100 HVN-based Crewmembers. Open roles include: airport customer service and operations-related roles, pilots, flight attendants, as well as a number of manager and supervisor positions. 

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Klyde Morris (08.30.21)

Klyde Still Can't Fathom TSA Foolishness


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Denver’s MSU and McAir Aviation Reveal New Partnership

The Pilot Training Partnership Program Wants To Help Students Get To Airlines Quicker

Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Aviation and Aerospace Science Department and McAir Aviation have revealed their latest partnership. McAir Aviation, based in Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, and MSU will offer The Pilot Training Partnership program with the aim to train students in about half the time, to be able to launch their career with an airline sooner. "Pilots will be able to go through Metropolitan State University, do their flight training here at McAir, and they'll be able to get to the airlines, not having 1,500 of experience [but] just 1,000 hours of experience," McAir Aviation Chief Pilot Levi Brown said.

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RAA Announces 2021 Scholarship Recipients

Four Students Receive $4000 Scholarships

The Regional Airline Association Scholarship Foundation informs the community of four student recipients for their scholarships. All of the recipients are pursuing aviation studies in colleges across the US. Isabella Capuano (Baylor University), Jamie Gallagher (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University), Jacob Larkin (California Aeronautical University), and Elias Wiley (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University) will each receive a scholarship of $4000. 

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Making A Point: FAA Releases Data Showing Trends From Laser Strikes

FAA Has Issued $600,000 In Fines Since 2016, Which Includes $120,000 In 2021

Shining a laser at an aircraft poses a serious safety threat and can result in large fines and criminal penalties. Working to identify trends in laser strikes, the FAA has developed a visualization tool that analyzes laser strike data from 2010 to 2020. Using the Tableau software platform, the tool identifies trends that include geographic area, per capita data, time of day and year. The FAA is sharing the information in the new format to draw attention to the dangerously high rate of laser strikes on airplanes.

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Diamond Aircraft Simulator Available With Multi Crew Coordination Add-on

Much Anticipated Add-On Now Available Worldwide

Diamond Aircraft responded to the increased need of flight schools for Multi-Crew Coordination training and introduced an MCC add-on for its latest DA42-VI flight simulator on August 31st. Customers worldwide can now benefit from this add-on. Diamond’s flight training devices are modeled after the DA40 and the DA42 aircraft and are the only training devices for the DA40/DA42 fleet available on the market that are based on an officially approved Diamond data package with Multi-Crew Coordination training option, Diamond says. The add-on will help save time and money by using just one device. Uses can include basic and advanced instrument training, navigation, and procedural training. Ad

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Airborne-Unmanned 08.24.21: Autel Dragonfish, Blood Transport, MQ-25 Fuels E-2D

Also: Vantis, Model Politics, Tucson Drone Chase, New Shepard’s 17th Flight

Lee County Sheriff’s Office in Fort Myers, Fla. has officially become the first law enforcement agency in the nation to own a Dragon-fish, an advanced eVTOL fixed-wing drone. Developed by Autel Robotics, the Dragonfish has a unique tilt rotor design that allows it to takeoff and land vertically, enabling deputies to deploy it from anywhere within 10 seconds and stream footage back to their Real Time Intelligence Center immediately. As donation and transplantation needs continue to rise in Maryland and across America, a faster, safer and more efficient solution for o

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Airborne 08.27.21: Sonex High-Wing, Balloon Record, Midwest LSA Expo

Also: Piedmont Pilots, Virgin Orbit, NBAA Promoting Owner-Pilot Pavilion, Private Jet Prices

Sonex Aircraft presents its newest kit aircraft design: Sonex Aircraft High Wings. The aircraft will be available in both conventional tail and Y-Tail models. Additionally, four model options are available between tail and gear configuration options. The aircraft is set to display at Oshkosh in 2023, which is when the company will be taking orders. The aircraft will not be a backcountry airplane, and will take after the current Sonex Aircraft fleet, carrying on the mission for fun, local flying, aerobatics and fuel-efficient cross-countries. A new Guiness World

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NTSB Prelim: DeHavilland DHC-2 MK.I

Airplane Initially Impacted A Tree About 435 Ft From The Main Wreckage Location

On August 5, 2021, about 1050 Alaska daylight time, a DeHavilland DHC-2, N1249K, was destroyed when it was involved in an accident near Ketchikan, Alaska. The airline transport pilot and five passengers were fatally injured. The airplane was operated by Southeast Aviation, LLC, as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 135 on-demand sightseeing flight. On the morning of the accident, an airplane fueler noted that the pilot performed a preflight inspection of the airplane and then asked the fueler to fuel the airplane so that the front tank was full (35 gallons) and the center tank was filled to 20 gallons of fuel. The pilot departed on the first passenger flight o

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (09.02.21)

Aero Linx: Aerospace States Association ASA is a nonpartisan organization of Lt. Governors, Governor appointed delegates, and associate members from aerospace organizations and academia. representing state's interests in federal aerospace and aviation policy development. ASA advocates on behalf of all 50 states for research and design funding, workforce training, economic development in aerospace and aviation, excellence in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, and keeping states competitive in a global marketplace. ASA brings together aviation and space interests across each state to educate state legislators on issues specific to their state and provide networking opportunitie

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (09.02.21): Standard Terminal Arrival (STAR)

Standard Terminal Arrival (STAR) A preplanned instrument flight rule (IFR) air traffic control arrival procedure published for pilot use in graphic and/or textual form. STARs provide transition from the en route structure to an outer fix or an instrument approach fix/arrival waypoint in the terminal area.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (09.02.21)

Aero-News Quote of the Day "The work we're doing at HVN is already resulting in much-desired new flights and expanded service, but the truth is it's about even more than that – it's about jobs and economic development. For years people have talked about improving this airport to meet the needs of this region. Now we're doing it, and we're creating more than a thousand good-paying local jobs along the way." Source: Sean Scanlon, Director of the Tweed Airport Authority, commenting as Avelo Airlines and Tweed-New Haven Airport plan a multi-million dollar airport renovation that includes establishing Avelo’s first base on the East Coast at HVN.&

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