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August 13, 2021

Airborne 08.13.21: Raptor-NG? No, Really..., ArkanSTOL!, 5G Drone Races

Also: Balloon Champs, Pyka ePlanes, First DA50 RG Demo, Jennifer Homendy Confirmed
Remember the Raptor kit aircraft prototype that ended up in a cornfield? Well believe it or not… Peter Muller unveiled a new design and it's called the Raptor NG. While the original bird promised the moon and never succeeded in doing much more than getting off the ground, the Raptor NG goes WAY beyond the original hype and bluster of the elder, recently corn-fed, Raptor. The new bird is... get this... a multi-electric-hybrid ducted fan airframe with a unique 'box-wing' configuration. Mark your calendars! ArkanSTOL Opens Spectator Registration For Ozark Backwoods Challenge. The dates for the event is from september 29th til oct 3rd, inspired by the challenging terrai

Are You Ready For the Raptor-NG? No, Really

Original Prototype Did NOT Meet Design Specs... Now A Whole New Design Could Disappoint Many More

Within days of the much forecast but surprisingly survivable accident that befell the one and only prototype of Peter Muller's much maligned (for good reason) Raptor Aircraft Proof of Concept test vehicle, Muller has.... unveiled a whole new design with precious little in common with the original airframe... called (you guessed it) the Raptor NG. While the original bird promised the moon and never succeeded in doing much more than getting off the ground, the Raptor NG goes WAY beyond the original hype and bluster of the elder, recently corn-fed, Raptor. The new bird is... get this... a multi-electric ducted fan airframe (an electric-hybrid propulsion

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Launching This Week: First 5G Enabled Drone Racing Program

T-Mobile And The Drone Racing League Team Up On The Project

T-Mobile and The Drone Racing League launched their first 5G enabled Drone. This is one of the first racing drones in the world to have the 5G embedded and capable of live-streaming video directly to the internet. Via T-Mobile’s 5G Network, the drone will be able to stream high definition, first person view footage live. Baseball fans at the MLB Field of Dreams Thursday night in Dyersville, Iowa will be getting a first glimpse of this drone as it goes behind-the-scenes, across the cornfields to the movie set and original ballfield, then onto the MLB field where the game will be played.

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Balloons Take Center Stage In Hungary This September

The 22nd FAI European Hot Air Balloon Championship Takes Place In Szeged September 12-18

Szeged, Hungary, has been the host of the FAI HAB European Championship since 2016. The 5-day event includes the Szeged Balloon Cup and Szeged International Airshow. Szeged, the “city of sunshine” has the highest average number of sunny days (over 2000 hours/ year) and has become famous for hosting international airshows. This year’s event will take place September 12-18. “Just before the Europeans will be the Szeged International Airshow - the biggest one in the region. The city is very excited to see more than a hundred balloons in the sky. The competitors are looking forward to competing in Hungary. The contest area is flat and

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Electric Jet Startup Ready for Takeoff

Startup Liliam Partners with Brazlian Airline Azul To Build Electric Aircraft Network By 2025

German electric jet startup Lilium is partnering with Brazil commercial airliner Azul with goals to create a regional eVTOL network across the country by 2025. Lilium is planning to sell 220 of its aircraft, that can take off and land vertically, to Azul for one-billion dollars. The company plans to introduce a supercharger that fully charges the electric jet in 30 minutes. The operational costs are set to be 4-6 times cheaper than helicopter operation. The aircraft will be equipped with 6 passenger seats, following the typical business jet feel to provide a familiar cabin experience. 

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US Senate Confirms Jennifer Homendy To Chair NTSB

Homendy Has Served Since August 2018 On The Board

Jennifer Homendy was confirmed on Monday by the US Senate via voice vote to chair the NTSB. Homendy, 49,  has served since August 2018 on the board and worked previously on transportation issues as senior legislative staffer. In January 2020, during the investigation into the helicopter crash that killed basketball star Kobe Bryant, Homendy was the on-scene board member. Additionally she was the on-scene board member for a September 2019 incident that killed 34 people in California due to a dive ship fire.

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Passenger to Freighter Conversion Begins On Boeing 777-300ERSF

IAI and GECAS Begin To Actualize Their Part Of An Approximately $400M Agreement

The conversion of the first Boeing 777-300ERSF, from passenger to freighter has begun. The project is being carried out by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) in partnership with GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS). The structural and systems modification phase will take approximately 130 days, marking the completion of the shift to freighter aircraft. A complicated development process highlights IAI engineers’ substantial experience in the aviation industry, with their envisioned goal of creating a cargo conversion aircraft set to provide clients with the optimal solution.

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NTSB Prelim: Piper PA-28-180

As The Turn Continued The Radius Of The Turn Decreased And The Descent Rate Increased

On July 14, 2021, at 1238 central daylight time, a Piper PA-28-180, N2801T, was destroyed when it was involved in an accident near Muscatine, Iowa. The pilot and the passenger were fatally injured. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 91 personal flight. The pilot held a private pilot certificate for single-engine airplanes and did not have an instrument rating. No flight plan had been filed and the pilot was not in contact with air traffic control. The flight originated from the Ford Airport (IML), Iron Mountain, Michigan, at 0918, and the destination has not been confirmed.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (08.13.21)

Aero Linx: The Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) The Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) embraces corporate governance excellence as an important mechanism for fulfilling the JCAA’s mandate to ensure a safe, efficient and sustainable aviation sector, while safeguarding the interests of the public, above all other interests. The Board and Management of the JCAA are committed to this philosophy, and work in unison to facilitate and/or ensure: compliance with all applicable laws and regulations the protection and proper use of company assets the judicious and ethical exploitation of all corporate opportunities <

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (08.13.21): Stop Altitude Squawk

Stop Altitude Squawk Used by ATC to instruct a pilot to turn off the automatic altitude reporting feature of the aircraft transponder and ADS-B Out. It is issued when a verbally reported altitude varies by 300 feet or more from the automatic altitude report.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (08.13.21)

“I am a strong advocate for safety... and I have spent nearly two decades supporting the critical safety mission of the National Transportation Safety Board to investigate crashes in all modes of transportation, determine the probable causes, and issue safety recommendations aimed at preventing future tragedies and injuries and saving lives.” Source: The new Chair of the NTSB, Jennifer Homendy.

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