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December 14, 2022

USAF Successfully Tests Hypersonic Missile

Look Upon My Works, Ye Mighty …

The United States Air Force has successfully tested a prototype hypersonic missile. Dubbed the AGM-183A Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon, or ARRW (“Arrow”) the missile stands to be the Pentagon’s first hypersonic weapon to reach operational status. The Lockheed-Martin-designed ARRW’s exact speed remains a closely-guarded secret. The missile, however, is reportedly based on Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) test platforms allegedly capable of reaching maximum speeds of Mach 20—a searing 13,335-knots.

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Super Hornets Suffer Repeated Issues

2022 Remains an Unlucky Year for the F/A-18

This year has had an unusual frequency of small aircraft incidents throughout the military, but news of a back-to-back instance of Class-A mishaps caught the watchful eye of military enthusiasts. Class A mishaps are those which result in damages greater than $2.5 million, an occurrence in the Super Hornet, the F/A-18F Super Hornet experiencing nearly back-to-back mishaps in recent months. 

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Mandatory Bulletin Published for 2022 Continental 470, 520, 550 Rebuilds

Superior Millennium Cylinders May be Affected by Bad Intake Valves - Replacement Required! 

Owners of recently overhauled or repaired Continental 470-, 520- and 550-series engines should be on the lookout for the use of Superior Millennium Cylinders after the firm published a Mandatory Service Bulletin. The issue lies with Superior brand intake valves, which have been found to be at risk of failure. The affected units have Superior Part Number SA539988, and were shipped between January 20, 2020, and February 23, 2022.

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Flexjet Graduates 1st Class of A&P Techs

10 Apprentices Enter the Industry After 30 Months of Training

Flexjet's bid to bolster their maintenance cadre bore fruit this month, when its first crop of students earned their Airframe & Powerplant licenses on the way to full time work with the company. The program is another example of a growing trend in business aviation, where companies begin fostering talent under their own systems, ensuring a steady flow of capable personnel.

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Airbus Stages Hybrid Crewed/UAV Attack Demo in EU First

Development of Do-DT25 Drones Continues as Manufacturer Eyes Remote Carrier Capability

Airbus helped stage Europe's first large-scale hybrid uncrewed mission under the Future Combat Air System (FCAS) Manned-Unmanned Teaming Demonstrator. The test matched up 2 fighters and a helicopter with 5 uncrewed remote carriers, showing the formation's utility in true-to-life tactical scenarios. The project will now progress to the next phase, where participants further develop the flying remote carrier (RC).

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Boeing's Hopes for NDAA Addition Dashed

Cockpit Alert System Requirements May Apply to Unreleased 737 MAX Models, After All

Boeing's rough go of things with the 737 MAX continues, after their desired legislation failed to be included in the upcoming omnibus spending bill. Boeing hoped that it could finagle an extension for cockpit alert requirements that would force a change in the company's upcoming aircraft, surprising industry pundits with a move that could cause some unsatisfactory knock-on effects in the domestic narrowbody market.

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Classic Aero-TV At SnF2022: Titan Aircraft Shows off Scaled T-51

(YouTube Version): Titan Aircraft’s T-51 “Rooster” 75% Scale, 100% Fun

Mr. Len Bechtold, Titan T-51 Builder and Driver shared some details with us regarding the “ROOSTER” (FF-582) on display at Sun n Fun 2022. He began by stating that Titan Aircraft manufactures the kits for these aircraft, three quarter scale Mustangs. They are two-seaters with a variety of engine options, such as Rotax, up to this engine; this airplane has a Chevy LS3 V-8. There's a current engine of choice for each airplane.

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Orlando-Bound Flights Advised to Tank Up Before Arrival

KMCO Suffers Diminished Fuel Supply Due to Inclement Weather

After a bout of poor weather throughout the Gulf of Mexico, reserve stocks of jet-A at Orlando International Airport are lower than usual, with supplies shipped in by truck until the gulf-based pipelines can resume normal delivery. Once the incipient shortage was noted, airport staff began advising inbound flights to tank up with enough extra fuel just to be sure.

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NTSB Prelim: Childs Michael A Rotorway Exec 162-F

Engine Lost Partial Power And Was Experiencing “Severe Backfiring”

On November 27, 2022, about 1130 eastern standard time, an experimental Rotorway Exec 162-F helicopter, N8006A, was substantially damaged when it was involved in an accident near the Space Coast Regional Airport (TIX), Titusville, Florida. The flight instructor and the pilot trainee were not injured. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 instructional flight. The instructor stated shortly after takeoff at about 150 ft above ground level the engine lost partial power and was experiencing “severe backfiring.”

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (12.14.22)

Aero Linx: National Aeronca Association We are dedicated to supporting the design and preserving the history of Aeronca aircraft. Founded by Jim Thompson and fostered by his leadership for nearly thirty years, we are now led by a Board of Directors. We meet in convention every two years at Hook Field (MWO) in Middletown, Ohio, the site of the Aeronca Corporation, where all of our post war planes were produced.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (12.14.22): Marker Beacon

Marker Beacon An electronic navigation facility transmitting a 75 MHz vertical fan or boneshaped radiation pattern. Marker beacons are identified by their modulation frequency and keying code, and when received by compatible airborne equipment, indicate to the pilot, both aurally and visually, that he/she is passing over the facility.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (12.13.22)

"This test was the first launch of a full prototype operational missile. Following the ARRW's separation from the aircraft, it reached hypersonic speeds greater than five-times the speed of sound, completed its flight path, and detonated in the terminal area. Indications show that all objectives were met." Source: An excerpt from an Air Force statement following their having successfully tested a prototype hypersonic missile. Dubbed the AGM-183A Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon, or ARRW (“Arrow”) the missile stands to be the Pentagon’s first hypersonic weapon to reach operational status.

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