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November 01, 2021

Airborne 11.01.21: DeLand Showcase, EXP Stats, TBird #5 Leaving

Also: Breeze Airways, Compact Engine Core, Warbird Season, ISS Crew Launch Delay
2021 can’t come to an end fast enough for most of us in the aviation biz... but we know a GREAT way to get ready for 2022 -- attending next week’s DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase. A central point for each fall’s celebration of all that was good about sport aviation, the Deland Florida event takes place next week from November 11th-13th at the Deland Municipal Airport. The Showcase welcomes all aviation enthusiasts interested in affordable recreational flying, offering a special emphasis on experimentals, homebuilts, light-sport aircraft and ultralights. The EAA is happy to announce another year of increased safety, as the fatal accident rate has once again d

Airborne 10.27.21: Lancair Chute Rescue, Drone Racing League, Blue Origin

Also: Greener Cessnas, Drone Safety Seminar, African Av-Biz, AirVenture Tickets

Pilot Albert Youngwerth has been telling an interesting tale on Facebook... after having walked away from the emergency parachute deployment of his chute-equipped Lancair ES. Posted October 15th, Albert gets right to the point... "Crashed my airplane yesterday??" That's one way to get a reader's attention...He continues, "Descending into Eugene, 35 miles out or so, over the mountains, bit lower than I would normally be for a broken cloud layer. Sudden engine decel and misfire. Next year's CES, the Consumer Technology Association’s banner event for all things technolog

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So Much For Halloween Launch... Next ISS Crew Launch Delayed

Weather Along The Ascent Corridor Is Expected To Improve For A Nov. 3 Launch

NASA and SpaceX now are targeting 1:10 a.m. EDT Wednesday, Nov. 3, for the agency’s Crew-3 launch to the International Space Station due to a large storm system meandering across the Ohio Valley and through northeastern United States this weekend, elevating winds and waves in the Atlantic Ocean along the Crew Dragon flight path for the Oct. 31 launch attempt. Weather conditions along the ascent corridor are expected to improve for a Nov. 3 launch attempt, and the 45th Weather Squadron forecast predicts an 80% chance of favorable weather conditions at the launch site.

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American Legion Post Renamed

Gen. Chuck Yeager Honored

An aviation legend has added another, posthumous honor to his list of kudos, as American Legion Post 111 located in his hometown of Hamlin, West Virginia, will be renamed to the General Charles E. Chuck Yeager American Legion Post. The first man to fly faster than the speed of sound, a fixture of boundary-pushing and flight proficiency, Yeager passed away in December of 2020. His wife, Victoria, said the dedication was special: “I was in tears; it’s an honor for him and he deserves it. And what’s so cool about it is they’re all so honored. And you know, there’s people that say ‘Oh, why don’t you do a national thing,’ well, it means more to the people of Hamlin than it d

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Airlink Recognized By Wings Club

Airlink’s Mission Is The Safe And Effective Use Of Aviation Infrastructure To Address Humanitarian Needs

The Wings Club Foundation Humanitarian award has been presented to Airlink for their work in using aviation to help those in need around the world. Airlink’s mission is the safe and effective use of aviation infrastructure to address humanitarian needs, deliver disaster aid, and deliver relief supplies in times of crisis. Wings has been a long-time supporter of their work, and they were pleased to give Airlink CEO Steve Smith a spot in their award ceremony.

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Rostec’s PD-14 Engine Tested in Simulated Volcano Plume

Simulated Flight Through Volcanic Ash is Undeterred

Russian aviation manufacturer Rostec announced an unorthodox test outcome this week for their newest PD-14 aircraft engine. The first modern turbofan engine created by the company, the project is key to upcoming aircraft in Russian service. Using volcanic ash from the Kamchatka volcano Shiveluch, the company said the engine continued to function under simulated cloud environments, usually a death sentence for turbine engines. Though a worst-case hypothetical scenario, it’s not entirely impossible for an aircraft to be subjected to ash cloud ejections from a volcanic eruption or similarly dense particulates in the air. Testing the functionality of an aircraft engine in such conditions is les

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Ageagle Acquires Sensefly

Added to DoD Innovation Unit’s List of Company Partners

Sensefly has been the subject of more good news this week, following their purchase by AgEagle Aerial Systems through a $23 million transaction with Parrot Group. Almost as quickly as the deal was announced, the Department of Defense added the company, senseFly, to their Blue sUAS 2.0 list, a project to standardize, procure, and integrate commercial drone technology for military use. One of ten approved manufacturers, their inclusion speaks highly of the developmental state of their eBee scout drone. 

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Aero-TV At OSH21: GAMI Fuels The Next-Gen ‘AvGas’ Revolution

G100UL Unleaded Avgas Is The Final Result Of Years Of Dedicated Research And Careful Design

Jim Campbell, Aero-News Editor in Chief, talks about the newest developments at General Aviation Modifications, Inc. (GAMI) with Chief Engineer George Braly and President Tim Roehl. GAMI has been undergoing a grueling certification process to obtain an STC for an improved, unleaded, affordable aviation gasoline to replace classic 100LL. While the low-lead fuel is the mainstay for general aviation, increasing environmental regulation and emissions legislation has made it a target in some municipalities.

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ATEC Releases 2021 Mechanic Pipeline Report

“It Is Difficult To Overstate Just How Much The Pandemic Devastated Commercial Aviation”

The Aviation Technician Education Council has released its 2021 report on the outlook for A&P training and mechanic students. The training industry has stumbled, reeling from the effects of 2020’s lockdowns and erratic economy, seeing 30 percent fewer A&P mechanic certificates issued than in 2019, producing the lowest number in the last 20 years. Unsurprisingly, disruption on the student pipeline affected the industry differently from other, more fortunate, segments of aviation. While business operators were logging increasing hours, and accumulating backorders, many schools were tossed unprepared into the milieu of online course

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AZ Responders Thank CAP National Radar Analysis Team

Volunteer Radar Analysts Pinpoint Crash Area in Az, 1 Rescued

Arizona responders searching for a light aircraft crash site in the northern part of the state thank the Civil Air Patrol’s volunteers at the National Radar Analysis Team (NRAT) for their assistance. A Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow II departed from San Martin, California with two aboard and crashed while on approach to Page Municipal Airport, Page, Arizona. After the crash, the surviving passenger was able to send a text to family, but did not know her location. After the FAA alerted the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center, they requested the NRAT’s assistance in finding the crash-site location. In less than ten minutes the NRAT analyzed and processed millions of radar target

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (11.01.21)

Aero Linx: Israeli Air Force The Israeli Air Force was established during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, as a successor to the "Sherut Avir", which served as the aerial branch for the Haganah (later to become Israeli Defence Force). At the time of its establishment, the IAF consisted of a small number of troops and aircraft, with recruits and aircraft joining the air force from around the world, bringing valuable skills, aircraft and equipment along with them. The IAF performed its first sortie on May 29th 1948, and helped bring an Egyptian advance near Ashdod to a halt using four Czechoslovakian Messerschmitt planes. During the war, the IAF intercepted enemy aircraft, pro

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (11.01.21): Traceable Pressure Standard

Traceable Pressure Standard The facility station pressure instrument, with certification/calibration traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Traceable pressure standards may be mercurial barometers, commissioned ASOS or dual transducer AWOS, or portable pressure standards or DASI.

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Aero-News: Quote of the Day (11.01.21)

“I was in tears; it’s an honor for him and he deserves it. And what’s so cool about it is they’re all so honored. And you know, there’s people that say ‘Oh, why don’t you do a national thing,’ well, it means more to the people of Hamlin than it does to anyone else,” Source: Victoria Yeager, widow of the late BGen Chuck Yeager, commenting on the news that American Legion Post 111 located in his hometown of Hamlin, West Virginia, will be renamed to the General Charles E. Chuck Yeager American Legion Post.

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