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June 03, 2013

ANN Daily Aero-Briefing: 06.03.13

Virginia Establishes Its Own Seaplane Pilots Association…

Keeping the Towers Open…

Saving the Lakota Helicopter…

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Certified In South Africa: Eclipse Jet

Eclipse Granted South African Type Acceptance

Eclipse Aerospace, Inc. (EAI) and National Airways Corporation (NAC) are delighted to announce that Eclipse Aerospace has received a Type Certificate validation from the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) for the Eclipse Twin-Engine Jet, and the first Eclipse Jet has been exported to South Africa. The Eclipse Jet made its first appearance in Africa at the AAD at Waterkloof in September of 2012. This marks the forty-sixth country in which the Eclipse Jet is certified for use.

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Skip Stewart to Receive 2013 Bill Barber Award for Showmanship

Prestigious Award Will Be Presented At Oshkosh

Skip Stewart is the 2013 recipient of the Bill Barber Award for Showmanship. Skip joins a growing list of honorees that reads like an airshow hall of fame. Skip is known worldwide for his innovative high-energy airshow performances in his highly modified Pitts biplane. He is a master at grabbing the audience's attention with his spine-tingling tumbles, ribbon cuts, and knife-edge passes. Skip has also been an innovator with multi-dimensional theme acts like Tinstix and flying under a jumping motorcycle.

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UNESCO, Air France, Stanford Reps Help Judge 'Fly Your Ideas 2013'

Contest Drew Entries From 6,000 Students In 82 Countries

A high caliber international panel will judge the final of the Airbus 2013 "Fly Your Ideas" student challenge. The six member jury is lead by Charles Champion, Airbus Executive Vice President Engineering. The jury will be looking for the most innovative idea for a more sustainable aviation industry from among five finalist student teams.

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Dassault Falcon Jet To Expand Little Rock Completion Facility

Arkansas Governor, Other Elected Officials Attend Announcement Ceremony

Dassault Falcon Jet plans to increase the size of its completion center in Little Rock, AR, to accommodate future Falcons. The expansion was announced Thursday at a news conference attended by Governor Mike Beebe of Arkansas, Senators Boozman and Pryor, Representative Griffin, Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola and executives from Dassault Falcon Jet.

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Gulfstream Support Network Grows In Europe

Luton, England, Service Center Adds People, Madrid Facility Adds Parts, Field And Airborne Support Teams (FAST) Expand

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. continues to add resources to its product support network worldwide, including in Europe, home to more than 180 Gulfstream operators. Since moving into a new, larger hangar at London Luton Airport in September 2011, the Gulfstream Luton service center has grown to approximately 190 employees and continues to support Gulfstream operators on-site, across the United Kingdom and Europe, and as far as Asia.

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GKN Aerospace Opens New U.S. BizJet Engine Integration Facility

Arizona Operation Consolidates Work Alongside Major Customer Base

GKN Aerospace is set to open a new 24,000 square foot facility where it will consolidate the company’s integration activity for Honeywell’s HTF7000 series of business jet engines. The new facility will sit alongside the Honeywell operation in Phoenix, AZ and will pod Honeywell’s engines into GKN Aerospace designed and manufactured nacelles for HTF7000 powered aircraft.

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Air Force To Consolidate F-22 Depot Maintenance At Hill AFB

Palmdale, CA, Work Will Move To Utah

Air Force officials announced May 29 they are consolidating depot maintenance for the F-22 Raptor at the Ogden Air Logistics Complex at Hill Air Force Base, UT. The depot maintenance work is currently split between the Ogden ALC and the Lockheed facility in Palmdale, CA.

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Herschel Space Observatory Finds Galaxy Mega Merger

Two Galaxies Intertwined, Creating Stars

A massive and rare merging of two galaxies has been spotted in images taken by the Herschel space observatory, a European Space Agency mission with important NASA participation. Follow-up studies by several telescopes on the ground and in space, including NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and Spitzer Space Telescope, tell a tale of two faraway galaxies intertwined and furiously making stars. Eventually, the duo will settle down to form one super-giant elliptical galaxy.

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NASA Langley Partners With VA STEAM Academy To Promote Education

Will Dedicate 10 Mentors To The School's Students And Faculty

NASA Langley and the Virginia Science Technology Engineering and Applied Mathematics (STEAM) Academy have signed a partnership agreement to enhance STEAM teaching and learning in Virginia through research mentorships and sabbatical opportunities.

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Smoky Hill Range Personnel To Present Pilot Safety Briefing

Area Is The Nation's Most Active ANG Bombing Range

Representatives from the Smoky Hill Air National Guard Weapons Range are slated to present a pilot safety briefing on Thursday, June 6 at 1630 CDT in Salina Airport Authority's Hangar.

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Navy, Marine Corps Small Tactical UAS Enters Production Phase

RQ-21A STUAS Greenlighted For Low Rate Initial Production

The Department of the Navy said recently that the RQ-21A Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (STUAS) received Milestone C approval authorizing the start of low rate initial production. With MS C approval, the RQ-21A program, managed by the Navy and Marine Corps STUAS program office (PMA-263) at NAS Patuxent River, enters the production and deployment phase of the acquisition timeline.

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Piaggio Avanti P180 Added To PlaneSmart Certificate

Flight Reservations Currently Being Accepted By The Texas Charter Company

North Texas-based PlaneSmart! Charter has received FAA authorization to add a Piaggio Avanti P180 to its certificate, effective immediately.  The subsidiary of PlaneSmart! Aviation is authorized for operations throughout the United States.

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Certified, Eh?: Canada Certifies Robinson R66 Turbine

Aggressive Pace Continues For Robinson Turbine Heli

On 31 May 2013, Transport Canada issued its type certificate for the R66. Thirteen U.S. registered R66 helicopters are currently operating in Canada, and Robinson will deliver another thirteen by the end of this year. Canadian certification reached a standstill until the FAA's ELOS (Equivalent Level of Safety) finding that effectively removed an exemption in the R66's original type certificate. During certification of the R66, the FAA granted Robinson an exemption from a regulation requiring hydraulic control systems be designed with an alternate or redundant system in place in case of failure. The FAA exemption was based on the hydraulic system's simple design and proven history (the R44's hydraulic system is the same

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New Details Confirm That 2011 EAA Leadership Transition Was Costly

But The Next Transition Was (Surprisingly)  Far More Cost-Effective Thanks To Pelton Refusing Compensation

With the recent public publication of EAA's 2011-2012 IRS Form 990s, details are emerging that show that their first major leadership transition in recent years (in 2011), was a costly one. All told, for the period ending February 29th, 2012, EAA expended some 2,250,395 for the top eight positions specified in their IRS documentation. Some $247,977 was paid out in bonuses, while another $247,390 was listed as 'other reportable compensation.' A rather hefty $947,242 was paid to just two persons.... Rod Hightower and Tom Poberezny... even though Tom departed EAA some 6 months before the end of the period for which this 990 was filed. While Tom's compens

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Klyde Morris (06.03.13)

Klyde's Not Feeling The Assurance


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Virginia Seaplane Pilots Association Established

Organization Supported By The State Department Of Aviation

Virginia has become the first state to establish its own seaplane pilots association, according to the Seaplane Pilots Association (SPA). The Virginia Seaplane Pilots Association (VSPA) was created during the Lake Anna Splash-In held May 23 - 24.

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F-35B Celebrates One Year At Eglin

Over 800 Local Training Sorties Flown In The Past Year

The Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron-501 celebrated the one-year anniversary of flying the F-35B Lightning II at Florida's Eglin AFB Wednesday, May 22, by continuing to train up the pilots and maintainers on the nation's newest fifth-generation fighter. "This is a once in a lifetime chance to get to write the first chapter in a story that will last 50 years and beyond," said Lt. Col. David Berke, the commander of VMFAT-501 located at the 33rd Fighter Wing's F-35 Integrated Training Center.

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Record-Breaking Aircraft Lands At Pacific Aviation Museum

Iconic Lockheed F-104A Starfighter Was First To Complete Sustained Mach 2 Flight

The iconic Lockheed F-104A Starfighter, Serial No. 56-817 made its final landing at Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor on May 9, 2013, bringing the Museum's ever-expanding iconic aircraft collection to 43 warbirds, helicopters and jets. The Starfighter is on long-term loan from Museum of Aviation Robins Air Force Base, Warner Robins, Georgia. It will be on display for visitors in the Museum's 87,000 sq. ft. battle-scarred Hangar 79.

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Stems From Reality TV Helicopter Accident

Cameraman Fatally Injured February 10 When Camera Platform Helo Went Down

An accident that occurred February 10 near Los Angeles, CA, has led to a wrongful death lawsuit being filed Wednesday in LA Superior Court. Cameraman Darren Rydstrom, who was working on a reality television show, was fatally injured in the accident. His mother filed the suit this week.

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Rocket Launch Scheduled June 4 From Wallops Flight Facility In Virginia

Suborbital Rocket Will Carry CIBER Infrared Experiment

A Black Brant XII suborbital rocket carrying the Cosmic Infrared Background ExpeRiment (CIBER) is scheduled for launch between 11 and 11:59 p.m. EDT, June 4, from NASA's launch range at the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The backup launch days are June 5 through 10. The rocket may be visible to residents in the mid-Atlantic region.

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German Rail Authorities Use Drone Helos To Catch Vandals

Infrared Cameras Can Spot Graffiti-Painting Gangs As They Deface Rail Cars

Authorities for Germany's Deutsche Bahn, an inter-modal transportation company, have deployed a fleet of helicopter UAVs equipped with infrared cameras that will be used near rail yards to catch vandals spray-painting cars with graffiti.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (06.03.13)

Aero Linx: The Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) The Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) was established in 1959 at Timberline Lodge at Mount Hood, Oregon making them the oldest Search and Rescue association in the United States. The MRA is an organization of teams dedicated to saving lives through rescue and mountain safety education. They do so by improving the quality, availability, and safety of mountain search and rescue. With over 90 government authorized units, the MRA has grown to become the critical mountain search and rescue resource in the United States.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (06.03.13): Ground Controlled Approach

Ground Controlled Approach A radar approach system operated from the ground by air traffic control personnel transmitting instructions to the pilot by radio. The approach may be conducted with surveillance radar (ASR) only or with both surveillance and precision approach radar (PAR). Usage of the term "GCA" by pilots is discouraged except when referring to a GCA facility. Pilots should specifically request a "PAR" approach when a precision radar approach is desired or request an "ASR" or "surveillance" approach when a nonprecision radar approach is desired.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (06.03.13)

"EAA is an organization that has been part of my life for many years. My Dad was a member of Chapter 1 in California. I strongly believe in the mission of EAA and its culture. I'm happy to offer what I can to keep moving EAA forward. As the EAA Chairman of the Board holds a key leadership role but is also a volunteer position, I didn't feel it would be right to accept a salary while working with our excellent board and the staff in Oshkosh with the additional duties of CEO. It is part of, as they say, being all in and committed." Source: EAA Chairman, Jack Pelton, in comments explaining his decision to helm EAA's transition while NOT taking any compensation other than reimbursement for expenses...

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