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March 15, 2024

Airborne 03.15.24: AEA24 LIVE!, NTSB on P-63/B-17 MidAir, Hartzell-Whirlwind

 Also: Boeing Whistleblower, Joby Aviation, Aircraft Parts Bust, AF Crew Trains w USCG

Our Airborne schedule will be interrupted next week as we live-stream AEA2024. AEA Dallas 2024 is coming up soon, running from March 19th to the 22nd -- and the Aero-News network, in over 15 years of expert coverage, will bring you the very best of it LIVE at ANN LIVE Coverage of the 2024 AEA Convention and Trade Show Starts Tuesday, 03.19, at 0915ET With the New Product Introduction Session! LIVE Interview Segments Start at 1500ET, on Wednesday and 1200ET on Thursday! The initial bolus of investigative material has been published in the ongoing search into the cause of the fatal collision between a P-63 and B-17 at the 2022 W

Fighting Back: Av-Labor Coalition Warns of Harm from Tax Threat Targeting BizAv

85% Of Companies Relying On An Airplane To Meet Their Transportation Challenges Are Small And Mid-Size Enterprises

After getting slapped around by an aero-ignorant politician during the State of the Union, a diverse coalition of aviation and labor organizations joined in opposing proposals in the Biden Administration's fiscal year 2025 budget and regulatory changes that single out business aviation. Following a troubling State of the Union reference to general aviation, President Biden recently unveiled an FY25 budget plan that includes a five-fold fuel tax increase on business aviation, as well as changes to the depreciation schedule for a purchased business aircraft, from five to seven years.

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Starship's Third Flight Test Racks Up Important Successes

This Is How Rocket Science Gets Done These Days

An overjoyed SpaceX team saw their Starship program return to integrated flight testing with its third launch from Starbase in Texas. They note that, "While it didn’t happen in a lab or on a test stand, it was absolutely a test. What we achieved on this flight will provide invaluable data to continue rapidly developing Starship." On March 14, 2024, Starship successfully lifted off at 8:25 a.m. CT from Starbase in Texas and went on to accomplish several major milestones and firsts...

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F-35 Finally Cleared for Mass Production

After Years of Delays, the Lightning Graduates From Low-Rate Initial Production

The F-35 Lightning II, first taking to the skies in 2006, has finally been approved for full, genuine, actual showtime-ready mass production. There are almost a thousand of the fighters out there in the wild already, but they've been built under provisionary Low-Rate Initial Production guidelines, limiting the scope of orders and allowing a little more variation until they could definitively identify the final mark to run with. It's a very delayed milestone, coming more than 20 years after the Joint Strike Fighter program really got to work on designing it, but it's finally come to pass.

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NTSB Releases Data Collection Regarding P-63/B-17 MidAir

Microsoft Flight Sim, Transcripts May Provide Biggest Breaks in the Case

The initial bolus of investigative material has been published in the ongoing search into the cause of the fatal collision between a P-63 and B-17 at the Wings Over Dallas Airshow. It's a whole lot of data to sift through for anyone somewhat interested in the outcome of the investigation, with maintenance records, testimonies, reports, and manuals published on the extensive databank on the case. It's too early to begin making too many assertions, since none of the 49 documents really points to a definitive solution to the whodunnit.

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Nuh-Uh! War Of Words Escalates in FedEx Pilot Contract Talks

FedEx Pilot Leadership Reacts to 'Inflammatory' Statements

ALPA's FedEx Master Executive Council (MEC), is not happy with the war of words escalating lately as it attempts to get a new contract with the bosses. The pilots issued a statement regarding what they consider to be the spread of misinformation by corporate executives and the accusation that FedEx pilot leadership is divided in their quest for a new collective bargaining agreement. “On the heels of a decision by FedEx ALPA leadership to request a release from the National Mediation Board, a news article was published casting aspersions on FedEx ALPA leadership as a ‘rebel group’ and ‘insurgent.’ The timing of this article, coupled with a letter sent

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Sherwin-Williams Intro's Universal Clearcoat System for GA

Expected To Deliver 'Maximum Results In Terms Of Appearance And Protection...'

Sherwin-Williams is introducing a new universal clearcoat: Aerospace Clearcoat (CM0ACC201). Reported to be a high-gloss, durable product, it is expected to deliver 'maximum results in terms of appearance and protection and also provides versatile application options, from flexible wet edge times to fast repairs.' Aerospace Clearcoat can be used over all Sherwin-Williams basecoats (such as SKYscapes basecoats, Jet Glo Express and Acry Glo), as well as over properly prepared dry topcoat systems (such as Acry Glo products). It’s capable of handling a variety of aircraft sizes and types and provides simple, quick repairs with the Accelerator (CMO8181HJR).&nb

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Airborne-Flight Training 03.07.24: SWA Retreats, CBP Hires, Boeing Shorts Pilots

Also: WCA Scholarships, JetBlue Contract, Sioux Gateway, Veris VR Flight Simulator

A memo from Southwest Airlines has begun circulating out on the web describing the company's plans to halt all hiring through the rest of the calendar year, stating that the company's current size is sufficient for anticipated growth and demand. SWA has already begun rescinding conditional job offers to pilots in its pipeline, with water cooler talk sounding as if those with class dates past April are more likely to be canceled. CBP has reported that their Direct-Hire Authority to hire 200 air interdiction agents has been extended through Jan. 30, 2026.

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NTSB Prelim: Robinson Helicopter Company R44 II

Pilot Stated That He Subsequently Lost Tail Rotor Thrust, And He Then Performed An Autorotation

On February 11, 2024, about 1130 Alaska standard time, a Robinson Helicopter R44 II, N74868, was substantially damaged when it was involved in an accident near Glacier View, Alaska. The pilot was not injured. The helicopter was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 business flight. According to the pilot, while in cruise flight, with both aft doors removed, about 700 ft above an area of snow-covered glacial terrain, he heard a loud “boom” noise and felt a slight airframe vibration.

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Classic Aero-TV: Restoration of B-25 from Alaskan Crash-Site Proceeding Apace

From 2022(YouTube Version):The Ballad of Sandbar Mitchell

Founded in 2013, Brighton, Michigan’s Warbirds of Glory Museum was formed to restore and fly historic aircraft for the noble purpose of promoting general understanding of the Second World War and its immense impact on American life, culture, and national identity. By way of mentoring young people in mechanical and technical skills germane to the restoration of WWII-era aircraft, the museum’s foun

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (03.15.24)

Aero Linx: Society of U.S. Naval Flight Surgeons (SUSNFS) The Society of United States Naval Flight Surgeons (SUSNFS) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1976 by CAPT Frank H. Austin, Jr. Its mission is to advance the science, art, and practice of aerospace medicine and the mission of the United States Navy and Marine Corps; to foster professional development in its members and strengthen fraternal ties; and to elevate the professional standing of Naval Flight Surgeons and other aerospace medicine practitioners.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (03.15.24): Primary Radar

Primary Radar A radar system in which a minute portion of a radio pulse transmitted from a site is reflected by an object and then received back at that site for processing and display at an air traffic control facility. 

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