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December 30, 2007

ANN Daily Touch-And-Go: 12.31.07

Tomorrow brings a new year, and a new restriction on airline baggage contents.
A pilot in Colorado pulls off a tough emergency landing.
And NASA rules out launching Atlantis by January 10th.

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Santa Travels By Angel Flight

GA Pilots "Give Back" To Others During Holiday Season

ANN Reader Bob Rose tipped us off to a bit of holiday cheer that took place over the holidays... namely Angel Flight West's 2007 "Santa Flight." As they tell it, on Saturday morning, December 22nd the Nevada Wing of Angel Flight West launched a very special event from the North Las Vegas Airport....

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ANN's 'Heroes And Heartbreakers' of 2007: GAMA's Pete Bunce/Alan Klapmeier (#4)

From the Hero's List# 4: GAMA's Pete Bunce/Alan Klapmeier

GA faces enormous challenges in the years ahead... and 2008 may turn out to be a pivotal one, indeed. But, GA in 2008 is going to have something great going for it, the team of GAMA Boss Pete Bunce and incoming 2008 GAMA Chairman, Alan Klapmeier.

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A Few Aero-Tips For The (Icing) Season #4: Escape Methods

Aero-Tip #4: Escape Method Examples

EXAMPLE 1: When flying in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC), you are level at 6,000 feet MSL. The minimum enroute altitude is below you at 3,000 feet. After being level in cruise for 30 minutes, you notice that the temperature aloft is lower than forecasted and is below freezing. Shortly afterwards, you begin noticing ice accumulating on your aircraft. What should you do?

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Marine Harriers Tune Up Their Landing Skills

VMA-542 Practices Inclement Eeather Landing

While the AV-8B Harriers may be used to deploy precision guided munitions, the Marines in the driver’s seat are working on their precision guiding Harrier abilities. The pilots of Marine Attack Squadron 542 continuously support missions and troops on the ground, but set some time aside to sharpen their rolling vertical landing skills, last month.

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ANN's 'Heroes And Heartbreakers' of 2007: Club Columbia (#5)

From the Hero's List #5: Club Columbia 

2007 was a pivotal year for the owners and fans of Columbia (once known as Lancair) Aircraft, abnd an almost tragic on, at that. Poor management and financial mistakes by Columbia Aircraft's Malaysian owners turned a potentially prosperous company into the disaster of the year.

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B-2 Mission Shows Bomber Flexibility

Members of the 393rd Expeditionary Bomb Squadron deployed to Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, with B-2 Spirits from Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo., took off on a two-ship exercise destined to Alaska Dec. 18 when one bomber was diverted to a global power sortie.

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COMM1 Radio Simulator Awards 2007 Aviation Scholarship

The e-publishing group Board of Directors have announced the award of the Seventh Annual COMM1 Aviation Scholarship to a worthy aviator recipient. Rebekah Bennett, 21 of Vista, CA will receive a $1,000 scholarship award to help defray tuition and flight training expenses and assist in her continued pursuit of a career in aviation.

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ANN's 'Heroes And Heartbreakers' of 2007: Peter Diamandis/Stephen Hawking (#6)

From the Hero's List #6: Peter Diamandis/Professor Stephen Hawking

OK, I'll admit that this selection is one of my personal favorites... About the greatest thing I could ever wish for someone I like is for them to get to know (and better yet) befriend a guy like Peter Diamandis. Not only a visionary and a thinker of the highest order, this is a guy whose friendship is something I value beyond measure. Even better, when you hang with Peter, cool things tend to happen... the man has been a world-changer in a number of ways -- though I feel that the greatest of his many contributions to the world are still in our future.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (12.30.07)


Founded on its desires to promote Beagle Pup and Bulldog aircraft, and provide for these fine flying machines with effective product support, the Beagle Pup & Bulldog Club has grown steadily since their formation in 1983.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (12.30.07): Yoke


The control column in an aircraft on which the control wheel is mounted. Back and forth movement of the yoke moves the elevators, and rotation of the control wheel moves the ailerons.

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Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (12.30.07)

“The purpose of the rolling vertical landing is for landing at expeditionary sites or in case of inclement weather... We’d only do the landing if the wind was pushing north, and if the wind was really bad we would divert to another airfield. Al Asad’s primary runways lead the same direction. So, we’re practicing landing on a taxiway leading a different direction as the primaries.”

Source: Lt. Col. John Sisson, Marine Attack Squadron 542's commanding officer, talking about the need to practice RVLs in the AV-8B Harrier. 

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