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April 16, 2021

Airborne 04.16.21: Beringer Tire App, Aerolite EV-103, King Schools

Also: Highlander STOL, Diamond DA40 NG, A Sampling Of SnF Visitors
Alright... we're two thirds of the way through the Fly-In that way too many people thought would never happen... but it did, and pretty darned well from all appearances. Unveiled during the first quarter, Beringer shows off a new quick and easy way to check your aircraft tire pressure before taking to the skies and during flight -- and yes, there is an APP for that... It’s quiet, easy to fly and lightweight… the Aerolite EV-103 is an electric ultralight so quiet you wont wake up your neighbors, and will give you no need to ever worry about fuel… STOL competitions are all the rage but there can only be one Hghlander! King Schools took some time at the Sun 'n Fun Aerospa

Voodoo Mini Jet Looking To Craft A New Class Of Jet Racing

Kits Expected To Be Available By The End Of This Year

Jet racing might be growing to encompass a whole new class-one that pilots can build themselves. After debuting the fuselage at AirVenture 2019, the Voodoo mini jet came to the Sun 'n Fun Aerospace Expo this year complete with wings. After the Oshkosh debut, designer, developer, and owner Jeff Kerlo was requested to come to the 2019 Reno Air Races to help promote the idea of a new jet class. "The aircraft's presence there spawned a great deal of interest among many of the racers presently competing in the jet class," Kerlo said.

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Airborne 04.15.21: Piper's New CEO, Blue Angels Arrive, Stallion 51!

Also: Epic Aircraft Update, Artistic Aviation Plane Painter, Night Airshow Scenes

Piper has a new CEO and ANN got the very first interview! Piper’s John Calcagno chatted up the amazing technology in Piper’s automated landing system as well as the new Piper 100i flight trainer and the Piper Seminole... which is also making an impression on many as the current hot bird for the multi-engine flight training market. Piper’s Buddy Sessoms also outlined some of the technology driving Piper thinking now and into the future. The Blue Angels have arrived for their new airshow season, despite hav

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ASR Recovery System To Be Offered on SureWings BD-4C-S

Companies Announce Development and Supply Agreement

Aviation Safety Resources and SureWings, dealer of the BD-4C-S SureWings edition aircraft, have completed a strategic development and supply agreement that will make ASR’s aircraft emergency parachute recovery standard equipment on this aircraft. Additionally, SureWings will also be a certified dealer for the ASR aircraft emergency parachute recovery systems. Effective April 1, 2021 SureWings will begin providing marketing and sales support of the ASR line of products, including the Soteria, aimed at the experimental/sport market, TriChute aimed at the general aviation market and the eXtreme Rapid Deployment (XRD) for the AAM market. This is the first step for ASR to create a collaborative

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Staying In Tune With The Big Cessna Singles

Powerflow Systems Displays New Exhaust Systems For Cessna 180, 182, & 185

When asking what was new with team Powerflow; Jim Shafer (Manager of Dealer Sales at Powerflow Exhaust) noted they had looked at developing a tuned exhaust system for the 6 cylinder Continental engines for many years, but they could never get a design they were happy with. After the passing of Dane Wagner of Leading Edge Exhaust Systems unexpectedly in December 2017, Powerflow was able to purchase all their Assets, Tooling, Machinery, STC's, and PMA's. After the purchase, they relocated all of the aforementioned property to their Daytona Beach facilities, and have since transferred the STC, and now have PMA authority to make the systems.

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New Free Course from The Kings - Understanding Aircraft Marshalling

Will Help Pilots Understand Ground Signals They May See On Busy Ramps

Pilots can now take a free video course, Understanding Aircraft Marshalling, from King Schools to help them quickly learn the signals used by marshallers at a busy ramp. Aircraft marshalling is rarely covered during pilot education, leaving many pilots scratching their heads when presented with marshalling signals. Watching this course will help them understand ground signals they may see on busy ramps, at fly-ins and aviation events. They will also learn what signals to give back to the marshaller when necessary, instead of guessing what the marshaller wants to see.

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Tired Of Taking Notes From ATC? Let This App Write Them For You

This Is ATSEE -- A Mobile App Still In Its Testing Stages

By Maria Morrison, SNFDD Feature Editor Amidst the constant chatter at airshows, one vendor is putting it all into words. A running screen behind the booth shows blue and white messages that look like texts on an iPhone, but the content is not a typical text conversation. Instead, it shows radio calls between N116CD and Tampa Tower, running in a dialogue. This is ATSEE, a mobile app still in its testing stages for Apple and Andriod products. Designed specifically for pilots, the app captures the communications coming off of your headset and texts it to you on the app.

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SkyLab Will Bring Aviation Science To Students

'Engage, Educate, And Accelerate....'

If the Aerospace Center for Excellence can raise another $85,000 by the end of Sun 'n Fun, they will be one step closer to completing their mission to "engage, educate, and accelerate the next generation of aerospace professionals." ACE, a nonprofit organization, is currently raising funds for SkyLab, a 22,000 square foot expansion of the Florida Air Museum to provide five state-of-the-art science, technology, engineering, and math laboratories. The space will have retractable walls that allow the individual classrooms to transform into one large auditorium.

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Classic Aero-TV: Able Flt's Leslie Irby--Air Is The Only Place Free of Prejudice

From 2019 (YouTube Version): Able Flight Welcomes New Pilots At AirVenture

After seven weeks of intensive flight training and ground school, seven 2019 Able Flight scholarship recipients are now licensed pilots. Six trained at Purdue University and one at The Ohio State University, and they were honored at Able Flight’s annual Wings Pinning Ceremony at EAA AirVenture 2019. Among them is Leslie Irby, who lives in Georgia and was paralyzed in an auto accident in 2013. She told Aero-News that was inspired to learn to fly after learning the story of Bessie Coleman, who was the first woman of African-American descent, and the first of Native Amer

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SnF Exhibitors: Have YOU Scheduled Your Expo Press Conference?

Schedule your Press Conference at SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo

For 2021, SUN ‘n FUN is hosting Media Press Conferences at a new venue closer to the action and in keeping with the fact that this your FIRST chance to showcase your news at a real live aviation event in over a year! An SnF Press Tent is available to Exhibitors and other organizations with prior SUN ‘n FUN approval to communicate their company’s message to credentialed media. Located in the SNF Exhibit area next to SNF5 (between the Cessna and Seaplane Pilots Assoc. Buildings) on Laird Drive, this 20x40 tent includes audio equipment, podium, and 50 chairs.

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IFALPA Calls on Albania to Adhere to Free 3 Controllers

'The Release Of The Detained Controllers Would Be A Commendable Gesture'

The International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA) is extremely concerned with the latest developments of the situation involving Air Traffic Controllers in Albania. The International Convention on Civil Aviation prohibits an air traffic controller from exercising the privileges of their licences and related ratings at any time when they are aware of any decrease in their medical fitness which might render them unable to safely and correctly perform these privileges. It is considered unsafe to have a person perform air traffic control that is physically or mentally impaired in any way, or unqualified and untrained for the position.

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NTSB Prelim: Aero Commander S2R

(Pilot) Noticed An Abnormal Sound From The Engine... Elected To Make An Immediate Forced Landing

On February 9, 2021, about 1735 central standard time, an Aero Commander S2R airplane, N5679X, was substantially damaged when it was involved in an accident near Alamo, Texas. The commercial pilot was not injured. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 137 aerial application flight.

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ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (04.16.21)

Aero Linx: Alaska Airmen Association Protecting, Preserving, and Promoting General Aviation since 1951... With more licensed pilots per capita than any state in the union, the Airmen includes over 2,000 members, one of the largest General Aviation communities in the country. Our mission is to promote aviation, enhance safety and support initiatives that benefit pilots and our growing aviation community. Whether you're a veteran pilot or just discovered a passion for aviation, the Alaska Airmen Association is proud to welcome new members who share the wonders of flight in the Last Frontier!

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ANN's Daily Aero-Term (04.16.21): Radar Flight Following

Radar Flight Following The observation of the progress of radar-identified aircraft, whose primary navigation is being provided by the  pilot, wherein the controller retains and correlates the aircraft identity with the appropriate target or target symbol displayed on the radar scope.

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