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June 04, 2004

Safire Dodges Bullet

Financial Problems Reportedly At An End

Recent reports of financial problems at Safire Aircraft were confirmed yesterday by President and CEO Camilo Salomon. ANN had received several insider reports of a number of financial difficulties that included  missed and late payroll (two periods, accordingt to one report) that cast a pall over the fledgling Bizjet manufacturer. Citing a "slight hiccup in funding," Salomon admitted that they had been through a rough spot, but that the future looked a bit brighter when questioned, late Thursday.

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Agriculture Official Defends Tanker Decision

Promises $66 Million On More Firefighting Aircraft

A top official at the Department of Agriculture said Wednesday "no prudent person" would have continued to fly aging firefighting tankers after the government decided there was no way to guarantee that they're airworthy.

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Congressman Warns Airlines: No More Federal Aid

Says Carriers "Must Be Prepared To Fend For Themselves"

Put your hands back in your pockets, boys. It looks like Congress isn't handing out anymore federal aid to ailing airlines.

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UK ATC Up Again

Computer Glitch Cancels 90 Flights At Seven Airports

It appeared to have been the mother of all computer glitches, shutting down several airports in Britain and grounding more than 90 flights Thursday. It happened during tests on an upgraded computer system.

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On The Road Again

Sport Pilot Rule Back To OMB

The long-awaited Sport Pilot rule has passed a major milestone and has been resubmitted to the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for approval. In March, the FAA temporarily withdrew the proposed rule so that the agency could address questions about the economic cost/benefits raised during the OMB review.

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Tanking With The Thunderbirds

Tyson Does It Again

By ANN Correspondent Tyson Rininger (Every time Tyson Rininger picks up a camera and points it at an aircraft, we at ANN wait with baited breath for the results. This time, he went after the USAF Thunderbirds. Here's what he had to say... and what he shot -- ed.)

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Schweizer and Helicopter Adventures Ink Record Deal

Biggest 300CBi Deal to Date

Schweizer Aircraft says it's signed a deal with Helicopter Adventures Inc. (HAI) for the largest single fleet order of 300CBi helicopters to date. Helicopter Adventures is the largest commercial helicopter flight training school in the world. The order is for twenty-three (23) 300CBi helicopters with options for up to ten additional units.

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If The Shoe (Or Radio) Fits...

Small Radios now Available for Ultralights and Light Aircraft

By ANN Correspondent Jon Thornburgh Becker Avionics has come up with the solution to fitting a radio (or "transceiver," as it's called in aviation) into an instrument panel with limited space, or a small instrument pod that's bolted to the frame of an ultralight. The answer is to separate the control head, which changes the frequencies, from the "body" of the transceiver, which actually processes the electronic radio waves. In other words, the transceiver comes in two parts-the control head and the remote transceiver.

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Kaiser Electroprecision To Provide 7E7 Pilot Controls

Will Be Similar To 777 Control Systems

Boeing Thursday said it has chosen Kaiser Electroprecision, a Rockwell Collins company located in Irvine (CA) to provide the pilot controls for the new super-efficient 7E7 Dreamliner airplane.

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Michigan TFR: 06/04/2004

NOTAM: 4/4945 Issued: 06/03/2004 13:53 Effective: 06/04/2004 16:05 - 06/04/2004 16:55 State: MI Facility: ZAU - CHICAGO (ARTCC),IL. Type: VIP Description: GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN, JUNE 4, 2004.

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Pennsylvania TFR: 06/05/04 - 06/06/04

NOTAM: 4/4907 Issued: 06/02/2004 16:04 Effective: 06/05/2004 16:45 - 06/06/2004 20:30 State: PA Facility: ZNY - NEW YORK (ARTCC),NY. Type: AIR SHOWS/SPORTS Description: READING, PA.

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Chicago TFR: 06/04/2004 - 06/05/2004

NOTAM: 4/4943 Issued: 06/03/2004 13:44 Effective: 06/04/2004 19:00 - 06/05/2004 00:45 State: IL Facility: ZAU - CHICAGO (ARTCC),IL. Type: VIP Description: CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, JUNE 4, 2004.

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Georgia TFR: 06/07/2004 - 06/11/2004

NOTAM: 4/4931 Issued: 06/02/2004 20:19 Effective: 06/07/2004 00:00 - 06/11/2004 19:00 State: GA Facility: ZJX - JACKSONVILLE (ARTCC),FL. Type: VIP Description: ST. SIMONS ISLAND, GA.

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Georgia TFR: 06/08/2004 - 06/11/2004

NOTAM: 4/4925 Issued: 06/02/2004 19:00 Effective: 06/08/2004 11:00 - 06/11/2004 19:00 State: GA Facility: ZJX - JACKSONVILLE (ARTCC),FL. Type: VIP Description: SAVANNAH, GA.

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New Mexico TFR: TFN

NOTAM: 4/4917 Issued: 06/02/2004 17:41 Effective: Immediately - Until Further Notice State: NM Facility: ZAB - ALBUQUERQUE (ARTCC),NM. Type: HAZARDS Description: CAPITAN,NM.

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Arizona TFR: TFN

NOTAM: 4/4924 Issued: 06/02/2004 18:35 Effective: Immediately - Until Further Notice State: AZ Facility: ZAB - ALBUQUERQUE (ARTCC),NM. Type: HAZARDS Description: 20 SOUTH OF SIERRA VISTA, AZ.

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Aero-News Quote Of The Day (06.04.04)

"I have no doubt that pressure (by the Lake Group) led to this. Absolutely. The lawsuit... was ratcheted up." Source: Unnamed source familiar with a lawsuit filed against LanShe Aerospace by the Lakes Group. LanShe, which purchased the rights to produce Lake amphibian aircraft, shut its doors Thursday, leaving the futures of its staff and its two aircraft lines -- Lake and Micco -- very much up in the air.

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Northrop Grumman To Supply Hawkeyes With Better Vision

"Beyond Flying The Aircraft"

Northrop Grumman Corporation has been competitively selected to provide the integrated tactical cockpit for the US Navy's E-2 Advanced Hawkeye aircraft.

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New Dealerships For New Piper

Dealerships In UK, Spain

New Piper Aircraft Thursday announced it has signed Senate Aviation Limited in Dorset, England to represent the Company in sales and service in territories in the United Kingdom and Spain.

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Mother Nature Teaches DFW A Lesson

DFW Quickly Returns to Normal Operations After Two Days of Heavy Storms

It wasn't just trouble -- it was double trouble... On Wednesday, June 2, 2004, DFW International Airport experienced a severe weather event for the second successive evening. Based on National Weather Service warnings, the Airport Operations Center (AOC) began preparing for the incoming storms at about 6pm.

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Flying With Daschle

AOPA's Boyer Flies Left Seat With South Dakota Senator

The leader of the Democratic Party in the US Senate, Tom Daschle (D-SD), joined AOPA President Phil Boyer in the cockpit this week. During a three-hour flight, the two discussed a wide range of issues important to general aviation pilots, such as privatization of the air traffic control system, post-9/11 security restrictions like the Baltimore-Washington Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) and the "rolling" TFRs (temporary flight restrictions) that cover Presidential campaign swings, and GA's own efforts to make local airports more secure.

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LanShe Aerospace Shuts Down

Lake Founder Going To Court To Retrieve Assets

LanShe Aerospace, manufacturer of the Lake series of amphibian aircraft, as well as Micco aerobats, shut its doors Thursday, locking out employees -- apparently for good.

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