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Over 60% of voters recently polled oppose privatizing the operations of the air traffic control system by “taking it from the FAA and turning it over to a non-profit corporation,” according to a recent telephone survey.

The survey was conducted by Global Strategy Group of 800 registered voters nationwide between January 30th -February 5th, 2017. The sampling margin of error on the survey is +/-3.5% at the 95% confidence level.

The poll found that over 60% oppose privatizing the air traffic control (ATC) functions of the FAA. Fully 62% oppose privatizing the ATC functions of the FAA “by taking it from the FAA and turning it over to a non-profit corporation,” while 26% support it.

The FAA is well-regarded and is seen as doing a good job managing the air traffic control system. Nearly three in four voters (74%) give the FAA a positive job rating overall, while only 10% say it does a not-so-good or poor job. When asked more specifically to rate the job the FAA does operating the nation’s air traffic control system, 88% of voters say the FAA does an excellent or good job and only 8% rate the FAA negatively. Voters are currently very pleased with the performance of the FAA and see no reason to privatize it.

Opposition is consistent across all key demographics, including age, gender, education, region of the country and party affiliation. Opposition to privatization is at 60% among men, 63% among women, 61% among those under 55 and 64% among voters 55 and older. Privatization of the ATC is opposed by 75% of self-identified Democrats, 54% of independents, and 51% of Republicans.

Among those who reported voting for Hillary Clinton in the last election, 76% oppose it, with 17% supporting privatization, and Trump voters oppose by 49%, with 39% who support it. It is opposed by 65% of those who travel frequently and by 61% of those who fly rarely or not at all.

(Source: AAAA news release)

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